Life In Retrospect

It’s funny…
I’ve always wanted to start a personal blog and No, I’m not kidding. I really have. But every time I’ve tried, I’ve failed horribly. Emphasis on the word ‘Horribly.’

I mean, who would blame you readers, why would you want to be bored by my monotonous life stories?
I don’t live lavishly like a Kardashian or a Hilton. I can’t promise you pictures of different hotspots around the globe in one day or show you slideshows of the fantastic designer items I buy everyday but i know someone who can; Kim Kardashian and you know why. Kim probably has a private jet, and even if she doesn’t, she’ll possess visas to the most exciting countries and yea, Kanye’s money. How do I compete with that?
Simple. I can’t. At least not yet. Just wait till my bestseller debuts on New York Times Bestsellers list and we’ll see.

So for now, I’ll stick to my inspirational posts about some of my life episodes, your life episodes and insulting Shina Rambo… Kabish! (whatever that means -___-).

Moving on…
I had a run-in with a friend yesterday, exciting ordeal I tell you. I figured all he said concerned me as much as it concerns you and I decided to share what I learnt.

Simply put; this young man explained to me why the awards you’ve imagined yourself receiving for releasing that amazing single haven’t come yet, why some of you are still stuck up in those miserable jobs of yours, and why you’re still earning peanuts while your classmate from school saunters towards his next big promotion.
His reason was simple and straightforward; Fear.
Too simple right? That’s what I thought too.
Me?  Scared? Hell No!

I argued with him initially explaining how I wasn’t scared. How I was a bad guy. How I had six packs 😉 . How why I hadn’t finished or rather even started my book was because I was busy and not cos I was scared. But slowly and surely, he made me see reason and my job here right now is to make u see it too.

Here goes…

To be direct, I’m an Architect in the making, an amateur writer, a speaker, an annoying machine and a Ninja (True Story).
Architecture however is my first choice. My first love. Or so I thought.
I’ve designed buildings for about four years now and trust me, some have been really cool but I’ve never felt fulfillment from any of my designs as much as I felt yesterday when I posted Fire in our Bellies and saw the feedback from y’all. I mean, I was literally crazy with excitement. And then my friend showed up.

I’m awesome at initiating arguments and better at making them last for hours until my voice is hoarse. So when, my friend started, I smiled at my impending victory. This would be a walk in the park I thought. Minutes passed and it dawned on me that I was gonna lose. This my friend convinced me of what was actually wrong. I was truly scared. Scared of failure.

It’s known in Architecture that nobody’s opinion matters except that of your client and the national approval body. So the height of your shame is between a maximum of three to five persons. And even with that, you get to amend your corrections. That to me is not shame at all. So I understood that that was why Architecture was my first love. Cos failure was almost impossible. Unlike writing.

As a writer, you’re appealing to a group of people. Your readers, passers-by, critics, haters, those sharp mouthed, quick-to-crucify-folks on twitter and a host of other people. If you release an article of substandard quality, you can be murdered; literally, mentally, financially and physically.
Simply put; If you F**k up, you might lose your life!
I kid you not because I’ve been a victim. Once, I posted an article about Evolution on this blog and one white man from God knows where commented. Mehn, that guy took it P. Called me all sorts of names and finished me literally.  As a sharp guy, I formed moderator and deleted the comment but a part of my resolve died that day. It’s safe to say I encountered fear that day.
The fear of failure. The fear of rejection. And so, I shifted my attention to Architecture; my supposed love. But dare I say, I missed writing. Well, I’m back now. Let’s hope the white dude is not reading this but that’s by the way.

Stuff like this happens everyday in our society. In every office, every workplace, there is an unhappy fellow stuck to a desk because he’s scared of what people would say If they hear him sing or read his write ups like my case. With that thought in his mind, he has resolved to render what he’s excellent at a mere hobby. Something he indulges in when No one is watching. A secret the world mustn’t find out.

If that’s your case, banish that fear or you might regret it later in life.
I’m not writing this because I’m perfect, No.  Neither would I say I excel in all my endeavours but I understand one fact about life now. It won’t hold up a signboard telling you which direction to go or which career path to follow. It’ll leave you to put yourself on the your right path.

So, my advice…
Ditch that sorry good for nothing lazy ass attitude.
Sing If you want to. Dance If you feel like. Write If that’s what you’re good at. Don’t be bothered by how much your parents paid for your education (Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have good grades though ). You won’t be a Bill Gates Or Mark Zuckerberg by sitting at a desk when you know you don’t belong there.
There are many Beyonces out there… Countless Denzels, probably a few Bill Gates but We might never meet them If you’re scared of what happens next.

I’ll leave you to the rendered image of a church I designed in school recently. I look at it and I understand one thing; I do love Architecture but Writing is my true love.


My Design for a Remodelling of TREM Headquaters, Gbagada.

Have a lovely day.

Mike Dammy


14 thoughts on “Life In Retrospect

    • Truth is you know deep down, you just don’t think It’s true…

      Where you belong is that profession/ act/ place where you’re in your zone, where you know you’re unbeatable and can do No wrong.

      Like someone would say; When you see it, you would know..

      Thanks for stopping by, Francine


  1. wow. i loved this. more grease to your elbow and this painting is really beautiful, i am so showing this to my architect friend, and i sure will try fight my fears too. thanks for this


  2. Yeah. We could be scared of too many things. Unpaid bills, lowering your standard of living cos what you want to do isn’t working out so well. Not to mention the ever present eyes of aproko people. At the end, it just deprives us of excellence.


  3. Very true…takes a lot of courage tho.

    That’s one beautiful church you got there.

    …And I’m an architect too…sorry…student architect.


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  5. Well. Gadderm it your friend is right, my first love is and has always been writing, 2important pple in my life killed that dream with errrm *scratching head* “bad comments” like the white guy you mentioned, forget about how more pple has praised my writing but those two *angry face*. anyways second is Fashion and guess what I just re enrolled to finish what I started 8odd years ago *go seki* dancing skelewu.
    About writing I Might actually send some materials to a friend/friends to post on their blogs *still scared of failing* sigh!
    Will work on it
    Good job


  6. Most of us haven’t really found that niche yet. Still willy-nilly on a couple of things. You see, its easy when someone says to go for what you’re passisonate about. But what if there’s nothing, and you don’t think there’s anything you’re good at?


    • You really think there’s nothing?

      I’ll use a quote from Fela Durotoye: “That issue Or problem that pisses you off the most, that’s where your calling is”.

      So, what annoys you?


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