Rat Race

On your marks, Set, Go!

Learn to walk then run… Learn to Talk… Go to School… Graduate and Make Money… Build a House… Find a Spouse and Marry Him/Her… Raise a Family… Constantly give to the poor… Go to Church every Sunday… Hold more devotions than the neighbours… Try as much as possible to avoid sin… Grow Old… Die… Make Heaven…

Wow! What a successful life path. Many would eagerly settle for it whilst a lot more plan to live their lives exactly like it pans out. Their main aim is making Heaven and avoiding that dreaded eternal abyss otherwise known as Hell. It would be easy to give much acclaim to one that lives his life exactly like this and not notice the flaws inept in each action and decision. It’s never noticeable at first glance but after much study, you’ll realize the immense act of self-righteousness which in my opinion is no righteousness.

The world as we see it today has accepted Jesus and tossed out every other thing meant to follow forgetting they are meant to go hand in hand. Top of this list is Purpose. Making Heaven is their top priority and though there is nothing wrong in wanting to enjoy eternal bliss but it becomes wrong when you ignore why you’re here in the first place. Surely when you walk and work with purpose, you’ll surely make Heaven but the life path described earlier doesn’t guarantee you that, so the quote ‘The end justifies the means’ might just not provide you the protection you so crave.

Let’s assume God deemed it that you run your race of life while helping a particular fellow in need and in your craze to not miss heaven, you burst past the person which in this scenario is your purpose and head for what you think is the finish line. A futile race at the end in my opinion, another rat race run just like the foolish bridesmaids in Matthew 25 that didn’t bring extra oil and got locked out.

Life is not a Rat Race to see who makes it to Heaven.

Going back a few years to my fresher days in Covenant University; in the first classes of a particular university course; Total Man Concept (TMC 111), we were taught a brief lesson about purpose. How metaphorically, every man is sent to earth with a sealed envelope. The contents of this envelope are the purpose of our existence, why we were sent here in the first place cos frankly if the earth didn’t have a need for us, God could easily have created us and left us in heaven rather than send us on an ‘exaggerated, useless’ journey that could result in some of us falling by the wayside. You see the logic now?

Until we get that envelope open, we will just be like rats in a giant maze. That envelope needs to be opened, studied and acted upon.

“Unless Purpose is realized, Abuse is inevitable.” Myles Munroe


Don’t leave God clasping his head in his hands as he watches us gallivant and run around like fools.
He deserves better. We deserve better.

Action: Get some work done and find out what your purpose is. It’s never too late to discover it. Moses was still a lost cause at 80! Today, he is regarded as the greatest prophet that ever lived. Take a cue from that.

* * * * *

I will be detailing ways in which you could discover your purpose soon.
Also, A big thank you to Damilare (@dami_maverick) for the above graphic art rendition of my tweet yesterday and Miss Tosin for her constant badgering that I pick my pen again and write. God bless you both.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance
Mike Dammy

7 thoughts on “Rat Race

  1. Spot on! We often times lose sight of what is needful in a bid to get to the finish line. And really, life isn’t a race. It’s a journey, whose path must be trod with such diligence, care, patience, steadfastness and purpose as to reach the final destination.

    It’s why we must open our minds to learn everyday, so that we see where we fall short, know what we lack, appreciate what we possess and do what we must to live a fulfilled life!

    Thanks for the tag. 🙂


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