He Found Him

Inspired by Casting Crown’s ‘The Altar and the Door’
Word out
I am reckless
I’ve been found time and again but yet I fail

Lord this time…

I’ll make it right
Here at the altar I’ll lay my life
And this time I’ll stick through
Through thick and thin
In bliss and travails
I stood solemn and battered
My voice cracked under the pressures of the world
Why won’t I falter?
When the king of kings had no hold on me
Why won’t I fail?
When the one that holds the keys to success knew me not
How do I live in affluence?
When the God of riches knew my voice naught
I tried hard
Yea, I tried so hard
I searched high and low
But obviously not high enough
I tried before singlehandedly
Figured the world could be conquered by me
But alas I stand at the altar now
Devoid of a smile or a tiny grin
My body aches under its own weight
My expression screams loneliness
My soul creeps frail in the darkness
Searching for light
Wondering where the abode of the Messiah lay
I had lived a dunce
Believing in my might and power
Strong headed to the words of the Holy spirit
Oblivious of his kind actions
And living in the false glare of the world’s glamour
Fame caught my eyes
Wealth held me by my groins…
Yet He laboured
Still He called out
Time after time he protected me
Watched me while I lay asleep in the dark
Now I’m back to you Lord
I’ve heard your call
And I’ll saunter back like the prodigal son that I am
Accept me father
Lord this time
I’ll make it right
Here at this altar I’ll lay my life
I’ll cry this time and I’ll mean it
I’ll confess and I’ll be assured of my words
And I’ll stay strong
Venture from the grace laden altar to the door confident
A man blessed by the only God
A king bestowed by the one true King
A friend to the best friend there is
*It’s a true life story
Mike Dammy

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