I’ll take it back

Sometimes we are stuck in that valley; dead center in the midst of towering mountains, lost, cold and devoid of inspiration. Every man has this moment of tribulation where it seems like his peril is just a step away.
I know I’m pretty much exaggerating my situation but yes, I was stuck and devoid of inspiration.

Until someone agreed to share her write ups with me and like a light bulb, a pretty slow one.. Still took me a while before I picked up my pen but she did inspire me even though I never quite appreciated her for it.

So miss Mimi Oriame, thank you for your indirect surge of inspiration.
Do have a Happy Birthday and I pray you have a super-awesome day inspiring tons of people like you did me. To think it all started with me meeting you cos I was hyper as a result of my injections. Lol. 🙂

Congrats again and Have a wonderful day..!

P.s.. I know I suck at poetry but thats the only genre I’ve been able to write anything on for now. I won’t say I dedicate it to you but you sure helped me in picking my pen again. Thanks.


I get blinded by very little
I could boast of that
But so much has changed of late
The tingling has ceased
The sparks that littered the air non-existent
Her smiles don’t keep me in awe anymore
And slowly, a monster beckons in me
Threatening to engulf what makes me
What’s left of me

* * *

Things were awesome yesterday
Now life runs in a cycle of grey
As the colors fade out of my view
Leaving me to this mist of nothingness
The gust strikes my heart time and time again
Yet, I feel no chill
But emptiness
A void of blankness
I miss what makes me
I miss the warmth that accompanies her stares
The glee in her eyes when they look into mine
The shivers in my legs when I feel her touch

* * *

I fear I’m broken
Loneliness continues to bite at my insides
Tearing me up bit by bit
And I cannot but hope for a remedy
A miracle
Else I’ll reside in this abyss that is loneliness
Devoid of colors and stars
Missing her warming touch and tender kisses
The world I’ve grown to love
I miss it all.
I want it all back.

Mike Dammy

I’m still a learner shey?

A New Dawn Beckons

Gone are the days of being misrepresented. Gone are the moments of laxly traumas and countless overnights in a bid to achieve… vanity.

The character peered up from the words that form his very own existence, eyes fastened on the one that handles the pen; the very device that births him. Yes, Mike Dammy lives as Mike Dammy writes. The latter continues scribbling in the striped journal oblivious of the curiosity in his character’s face. Or perhaps he ignores it. 2014 has been a blessing and a curse. The character wonders which his creator would embrace.

Disclaimer: Henceforth, I’ll be addressing the character as ‘Dammy’ or ‘the character’ and the writer which is Dammy himself as ‘the writer’.

It all started with a single tweet;

Getting married this year… House Warming this year… Acura ZDX this year…

Maybe it was faith; perhaps hope but Dammy remembered not what fueled the inspiration behind the statement. His church, CAC, Mende, Maryland disappeared as they went around a bend; the sanctuary where he breath his first breath of the year and congratulated close by ‘neighbors’ like his pastor would say. The time was 01:05 and the date read January 1st, 2014. The New Year had just arrived.

Slowly, but surely, they meandered through the pot holes and traffic along Ikorodu road down to their humble abode in Ikorodu. His brother still tapping on his Blackberry Torch 1 yawned for the umpteenth time and his mum squinted further as she fought to see the road markings in the misty fog that had enveloped Lagos. This is my year, Dammy said to himself. Fast forward twelve months and the writer wonders if it indeed is his year.

The year zoomed off pretty much after its opening act and only slowed down to permit Dammy end things with M in the month of love. Ironic. The writer focuses as he tries to see into the mind of his character and ascertain the reason for that single act. Was it fate or has there been a situation of poor decision making, he couldn’t tell. Dammy’s face remained stern, a book devoid of words or pictures.

March arrived and the phrase YOLO became more apparent in his doings.

Come on, just a little…

Come on, pop it a little…

Come on, sip it a little…

Come on, rock it a little…

Deceit spoke with the voices of men and a broken Dammy heeded its call. They say the heart of man is wicked and Dammy’s held firm as he broke all borders in two weeks. Forever a black hole in his heart; those two weeks in March. ‘Dammy two weeks’ sounded like a suitable nickname.
But Heaven intervened and Jesus came calling as usual. Salvation beckoned and this time, the nickname dissolved into non-entity. The past roared its fangs like a cobra in an exhibition fish tank but that was all it was; an exhibition. Only to be remembered or forgotten, asides that, the past was useless. Hence, Dammy’s giant steps into the future and boy oh boy, April was one blessed future — the emergence of C… The year was just getting started.

It comes to mind what or who Marc Anthony was thinking about when he penned down his hit song and popular Dettol advert theme song as many know it; I need you. You see, Dammy was a crush-magnet. His admiration for beautiful members of the opposite sex knew no bounds and if Marc felt a quarter of what Dammy felt with C, he was indeed happy for C was an Angel. Her semi-circle smile initiated sparks in his head and her voice always dealt a massive blow to the walls he tried to build but alas all of it was all gone in a flash. Her smile was as much as he got and an electrifying half hour where all but the sunset paused in romantic coalition as much as he managed. The beautiful damsel floated back to Port Harcourt to her true love and Dammy succumbed to depression valley.

True to his ability to fall in and out of crushes, he was quick to meet another… and another… but the smile of C lingered in his mind and all came to null until he met Her.
Now, ‘Her’ brings to mind a beautiful, intelligent lady and yes she was and still is but love was too complicated and Dammy had learnt that firsthand. His walls steadied themselves and anticipated another massive hit. This was early august where the days grew longer and nights invariably shorter.

* * * *

The crunchy escapades of Dammy, his alliance with wisdom and death wish as he plugged away hours upon hours of his life in a bid to create a perfect rendition of a ‘Convention Centre’ like his master’s degree project entailed cannot all be described here as months and months on end would be required of the Writer to create a befitting memoir of a life that is Dammy’s. Life is too short for that hence his quickening steps towards creating a suitable prelude.

* * * *

The character sat still in the settee. His eyes fastened on the eyes of the reader trying to understand what they think of him. Hero perhaps? Probably not. Prude or Inconsequential bastard seems more like it.
But really, he cared not what they thought. As the year grinds to a halt, he is grateful for what he has. He approaches the New Year as a war-hero albeit timid. He has proven himself not to be perfect but to be true and deserving of a tender smile and a good laugh.

Getting married this year… House Warming this year… Acura ZDX this year…

It all seems like a dream now. 

Dammy stood up and walked towards the window. He parted the blinds with one hand and watched as the earth fades in the distance in an almost spherical manner. The trees whistled gently the songs of the wind and homecoming birds adorned the sunset like paint on a canvas. His mind is steady and set because in two days, he departs for 2015 a man loved and a man in love. This was just the beginning; A new Dawn Beckons

The end.

* * * *

2014 was a glorious year in all ramifications. Like the literal art above described it, it had its ups, its downs, upside downs and many more that I cant possibly classify.
At some point, it hurt real bad, some other times my heart felt so light from joy that I feared it would burst. Still, I stand a better person than I was last year, an upgrade on the entity that is me.

One glaring aspect was my utmost dedication to work and school, inversely resulting in my haphazard and alarming blogging methods. I stand here ashamed at the numerous atrocities I committed all year long; ranging from incomplete series to disappearances for months on end.

Do I have an excuse for all of these? No, I choose not to.

A reason, perhaps? School

I can’t say I’m proud of my antics or how all these has turned out but if i had to go over everything again, it will probably run the same way. Such is the manner in which I prioritized my activities.
That hasn’t stopped me from having a wonderful and creative year however. I am not the best blogger around ( Definitely!), I’l leave that to the men; Sirs Walt Shakes, Newnaija, Topazo and Seun Odukoya and co, neither am I the best fiction, motivational or comedy writer around.. Lol… Even a new born baby knows that… One thing I do know is that I have some of the best readers and definitely the best writing colleagues and associates around and I’ll deeply grateful for that.

2015 arrives in but some days and we will soon be ushered into a new year and realm of possibilities amidst cheers and dancing. I can’t promise I will be more consistent but I can promise I will try my best.

I forever remain Mike Dammy and I gloriously march into the new year a man loved and a man in love.
Compliments of the season blessed people and a Happy New Year in advance!

* * * *

As is my tradition, I always post pictures of my studio work after each semester… Last semester was super hectic… Super super hectic! The results were endearing though and I dare say, Worth it… Its was a ‘Convention Center’ design incorporating a monumental tower ( yh, that Eiffel tower look-alike structure), an office tower, a residential tower, pavilion and many many things that probably won’t interest you.

Anyways, the pictures are below… I hope you like them! 😀

p.s…. Don’t ever let your child study Architecture… Its a trap!…Seriously 😐


Overview of the entire site


Residential Tower in the Foreground and the Mixed use complex and Monumental tower in the background.


I noticed it the first time but I wasn’t sure. So I chilled. The instrumentals kept creeping into my ears like beautiful incense and I wondered If most of our local artistes were immune to calm, insightful instrumentals.

The umpteenth time it played, I had confirmed my fears. This was my sub. Omari was subbing me but then I remembered I barely knew him or him me. Said a couple of HI(s) around school but that was about any contact we ever had. He wasn’t subbing me in particular. He was subbing myself myself and a billion other guys out there.

Guys prone to thinking they don’t become Exes. That no matter what, we can’t become leftovers. No, that’s a problem for through ladies. We leave rejuvenated like phoenixes reborn out of our ashes. The ladies could be the ashes for all we know but we don’t care. We just fly off to our next intending target, set the P, send the DMs and start the process all over again. Many walk around with this mentality and I daresay that’s a whole lot of bullshit.

It’s fair to say we are but visitors in this world and one day our souls would jet off to God knows where. So why delay or dilly dally? Since you only live once, live it large. Wreck hearts and leave self esteems destroyed in your paths.

We won’t be the first.
Our forefathers did exactly this.
They relegated their women to the background. Rendered them worthless. Barely worth a half-man. Inconceivable of anything great except It’s a delicious steamy pot of soup. They cast veils upon their faces like they didn’t subscribe for the same life package we had. Or they didn’t all suck identical mammary glands.

True, that situation was appalling.
Today, It’s worse. Balance has shifted slightly. Now we have two general classes of women; the good and the bad. And the bad are triumphing well. Or so they think. If only they understood that this same men would flutter to the sides of the good ones when marriage or anything serious beckons. They’ve failed to see beyond the one night stands and club orgies and rendezvous.

It’s sad to see that morals are considered with a pinch of salt. The crave (and craze) to enjoy life has clouded decent judgements.
Who’s to blame foe this?

I say everybody.

But permit me to remove the log in my eyes before I leave you to yours. I have lost one too many good girls in my short life in my quest to enjoy life just more. I aim high or so I think.  Video vixens, Club trouts and half naked ladies must be exploited and fast.
The struggle is real.
And If you can’t get any of them, you grab the nearest good girl and convert her. Immediately you’re done, you scamper off to your next prey… Promising heaven and earth and love that doesn’t exist. Consequentially, that “good-turned-bad” girl you left joins the lot and goes on rampage herself. Now she understands the concept of YOLO. Sad I tell you.

In conclusion, someone tweeted this this morning;

That She’s a good girl does not mean She’s the right one

True. Very true. Every good girl out there won’t fit in with your temperament. Do yourself and the world world a favour then and leave her to herself and let the right one find her. Don’t further invest in the bad girl’s ever growing reservoir.

“Falling in love is easy, Staying in love is the hard part.”
If you’re not ready, stay away from it.

I could have sugarcoated this but I’m done doing that anymore.

* * *

This post was inspired by a single from revolutionary rapper and poet; Omari ( @AybeeOmari):
Bloom Baby Bloom

You should listen to it. It’s awesome and insightful. Just click the song title above to download it.

Have a wonderful day.

Mike Dammy

The Liebster Award

It’s an honour to have been nominated by Ibukun for this award. I think I had an aww moment sef. Anyways, thanks Ibukun. She blogs here

Honouring the nomination itself is work though, I almost procrastinated and postponed it till forever but am here, so I guess I didn’t listen to Miss Procrastination.

Moving on…

A Liebster is an award given to up and coming bloggers with under 200 WordPress followers, The Liebster Award originated in Germany and Liebster means dearest or beloved, and Liebe is love.”

The Rules

1. Thank the person who nominated you

2. List 11 random facts about yourself

3. Answer the questions they have asked you

4. Nominate 11 other people

5. Ask the nominees 11 questions

6. Last and definitely least, let them know you have nominated them.

Those are the rules so, let’s get started….

11 Random Facts about myself

1.      I am a guy.

2.      I love God and though I might not show it every time, I hope I get the grace to do so more often… in fact every time!

3.      I’m a Mummy’s Boy. I can’t help it; I love that woman to bits. She is my 1st lady. I still love you girls though: D

4.       I’m single right now but am off the market.

5.      FIFA! Do I have to say more?

6.      I still don’t understand why other folks envy Archi Students, especially in CU. We really are just simple, AWESOME people! Sincerely.

7.      Food! Give me a plate of anything and a spoon and you might just become my best friend.

8.      As much as the thrill of graduating soon might be, there’s a little bit of fear as to what the world might hold in store. Just kidding, the Holy Spirit got me covered. hehe

9.      I love girls. Both teenagers and kids. Can’t wait to be a father. Gonna pamper them every time.

10. Never had much luck with dinners. Prom… 😥

11. I am going to be a popular Man of God, Writer and Architect just like my mentor, Bishop David Oyedepo. You heard it here first!

So, That’s that… Next on the list… Time to answer Ibukun’s questions;


1. Art or Science?

Both. Can’t separate them.

2. What’s your motivation for blogging?

Err… Trust me, you won’t understand if I told you. Anyways, my motivation; Girls, rather, girls in molested relationships and ………. its long gist please, some other time.

3. Are you truly happy?

I’m; a son to the best mother, a brother to the best brother, a coursemate to the best coursemates, schooling in the best school, studying the best course and serving the best God. How won’t I be happy?!

4. Is there anything you’d like to ask me?

Yes. Is your sister single?…. just kidding

5. Have you dreamt today?

Yup! I dream every time.

6. Your money or your life?

Sorry, can’t help you with that. They are safe with God.

7. If you had one day off what will you do or where will you go?

I’ll be chilling at God’s feet… literally.

8. Are you a girl or a boy?


9. Have we met?


10. Have you prayed today?


11.  Do you dream of heaven?

Who doesn’t?


My Nominations

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2.      Alariwo http://alariwo.org/

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9.      Ayo Sogunro http://ayosogunro.com/

10. Seun Thomas http://insanityfeedscreativity.com/

11. Deolu Bubble http://deolububble.com/

So, My Questions

1.     Why are you so awesome?

2.      What do/did you study in the Uni?

3.      Is CU the best school in the world?

4.      What inspires you?

5.      What do you love most about blogging?

6.      Is there a special somebody in your life?

7.      Why am I your favourite blogger?

8.      Can Nigeria ever be great?

9.      Love or Sex?

10. What’s your selling point?

11. How many questions did you answer truthfully?

Mike Dammy

In Memoriam of Tayo Fakiyesi

Hey there!

Welcome back to your favorite blog, I guess…..

Well, today we introduce a new writer on the blog; Mr Vi Davies (@schouse) . He introduces himself with a memoriam to a great mentor and teacher; one who he and many other Unilag students have benefited greatly from.

Please endeavor to share your comments and views at the end of the post and subscribe to the blog for updates on future posts.

With that said, I’ll leave you to Mr Davies to be inspired.

Be blessed!

• • •

In Memoriam _ Sourced from Google

In Memoriam _ Sourced from Google

JULY 1, 2011

It was a Friday, the last day of the week, and usually we were billed to have the regular early morning ECN 421 macroeconomics class with our teacher, Professor Tayo Fakiyesi who was also the current head of department at that time. I individually looked forward to this class, as for someone like myself that had been bearing a deep ideological-based grudged against the system of education I met in the University of Lagos; Professor Tayo’s class was a markedly different one from the lot and his intuitively analytical and concentric way of dispensing knowledge, especially given his attitude and persona as someone who wanted to be portrayed as a running stream of intellect that arrived at theories by dialectical discourse incorporating every possible facet of relevant thought, and the privilege to have been taught by the “only one in Lagos”, the secular cliché used by colleagues, students and sundry informed admirers alike to refer to his eminent position as the only professor of economics in all relevant academic institutions within the Lagos jurisdiction was for me a joy unbounded by the continuum of being well grounded in theory on one hand and the combined psychedelic and esoteric attributes of his learned persona on the other.

On this particular Friday, he had in characteristic fashion beat the heavy rains to attend class sooner than the vast majority of us despite the toll on his own health and having found only a few of his usually large audience in turn out, he took attendance and left, and our class representative later without grace passed on to us a replica expression on his face that meant he was angry, disappointed and disillusioned with behavior one wouldn’t have expected from students in the final decisive lap in the race towards obtaining the golden fleece.

But other than possible disciplinary and corrective measures, the day was to have stern, ill-fated and gravely wicked realities for us (am in tears as I remember this). By evening, while an ergodic section of us the male folks of our class held banter and wit in the Biobaku Hall of Residence, Dami Sanni, an executive member of our class came with a grave look bearing the grim, evil news. Before voicing it out in terse and graphic Yoruba “HOD ti sha laisi” (The HOD is dead), my mind had hazarded the worst probabilities and I had come to the same conclusion. In the grave solemnity and derailing effect of that moment, I broke down in shuddered tears as my philosophical faculties tried hard to grasp the fact that I would no more maintain a physical connection with a man whom against all of my own ideological whims of not maintaining a beyond formal relationship with my tutors, I began to take on as a friend, teacher and elder companion in the quest of making sense of this journey called life, although he was not aware of the last line of responsibility I bestowed on him.

So we all accepted the truth, made an offertory prayer for his repose and then I went to the bathroom to sob. So no more Tayo again, no more that man with desire to teach and inculcate only whatever made the UNILAG graduate the best in the world. And for consolation, I tried to provide a reason why fate would do this to me of all people and then the answer came.

Work. Tayo Fakiyesi was a workaholic, he breathed his passion for education both home and abroad, office or class, meeting or relaxation and wherever or whenever an idea held sway in his mindset; he would almost subconsciously pause to think through before continuing with the matter at hand. Here was a man at 64 that wouldn’t delegate his work to junior staff, attended to treating class work at midnight and only had a small bit of exercise each day to keep in shape for the same objective; Work. But he is gone now and it’s a year now. I miss him dearly and am pained by his sudden exit but he’s gone.

But what stamps the pain and grief each time his face crossed my mind remains how his legacy left behind has not been emulated in spirit and meaning by the department he worked so hard to revive, reinvent and redefine. Fakiyesi loved to help the students learn and in the process never condemned anyone as incapable of lofty academic achievement except the person in question formally resigned his or her self to such a fate. But the department over which his tenure has H.O.D saw some remarkable changes of academic and relevant nature has made no commitment individually or collectively, formally or informally, religiously or scientifically as it were to surpass the standards of service he set.

I will not bring the details of that in public light but the Department of Economics has and is still disrespecting the dead by not honoring his life by their far from graceful and benevolent attitude to their business; the providing of concentric type heuristic based approaches as a convergent means to effectively derive leading-edge theories and an organic institutional transmission mechanism between the learned and the learned that encourages the globally adopted trend of the philosophical whole-greater-than-sum  process and its products as being the final ends of the educational process.

Professor Tayo Fakiyesi’s death is a huge blow to the faint hope that I have that a new psyche will be instituted in the mass of Nigerians to be committed to a life of purpose, humanity and selfless love for societal progress. He along with the unfortunate victim of the February 23 storm in Lagos made worse by greed and collective unpatriotic attitude of the entire Nigerian society, Pastor Godspower Ekpenyong of St Gregory’s College who incidentally was another former lecturer of mine I encountered in the secondary arena were rays of light dimmed by the severely depressing and defeating dark consciousness of the rest of Nigerians awakened only to greed, self-recognition, egocentric orientations, corruption, tribalism and a laziness to break the limits of endowed potentials for the success of humanity’s ambition that we have a better world as a place to enjoy this ephemeral journey from uncertainty to uncertainty called life.

As the curtain falls on the day that marks one year since your exit from my life, Tayo, with all due respect and love, I am saddened but have decided to console myself by ensuring that my life is nothing short of the same word and elegies that were and are used to describe yours by those who truly understood, appreciated and most of all shared who you were and are.

Goodbye Professor Oluwatayo Fakiyesi.

• • •

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Thank you for Reading.


#Food For Thought

Food for Thought _ damstylee.wordpress.com

Food for Thought _ damstylee.wordpress.com

Listened to a song of late; #Food for thought by Flow.

Even though it’s a rap song and i could barely understand what he was saying.. even with headphones…. (Rap’s not really my thing.. x_x), it still got me thinking. You should download it though, It’s really good. This link would lead you to the download page –>> http://t.co/xd1Mp3ck2E .

Anyway, I got thinking and lots of things flashed through my mind; things man has found a way of ignoring, things that deserve our Thank You but never get them. So I put my pen to paper and wrote some sort of Rap-Poem-Ode write-up. Call it anything you like but I’ll rather you just see these sentences you’re about to read as lines of wisdom from a grateful mind. Many of the thoughts are abstract but should be easy to understand with a little effort.

Enjoy and be Inspired! 😉


• • •

The wise that acknowledges his wisdom

wishes for his folly.

The warrior that disregards fear…

knows nothing about the art of war.

and the man who lives to serve..

is indeed a Leader.


How many worlds do you live in?

How many lives have you got?

Don’t mind the cat, he’s just bluffing.

He really aint got that much time.

The Almighty has a say in everything

And you’ll be called up when its time.


To err is human, to forgive is God.

It aint your right to become God.

Mr./Mrs. “I don’t forgive or forget”

Your fate’s gonna be like Nebu

And God help you..,

It’s bitter leaf grass you have in your compound.


I’ve got my life to live!

She had hers to live too

She could have forfeited all the pain and wails

but nahh, you’re here today

and still, you forget how cheap adoption or pills are

Cherish your mum Bro, She’s why you’ve got that life.


Well, I can say whatever I want to say!

your mouth is on a constant recoil

The good, the bad , the ugly

Have all had a taste of your weapon of destruction

Do repent soon Lad

before the Almighty puts “His” to use on you


You only live once!”

True, but you also only die once

So get your head straight,

and put your life in order.

you came to this world with a purpose

don’t let youthful exuberance ruin it for you.


Who the hell are they mehn?!

How dare they ground me?

For f**king sake, I’m 21!

True… but there are still your parents

so, remember in all you do,

The only commandment with a promise.


I’m the boss of all bosses!

I have it all and I run the show!

True, you might be a boss after all.

True, your might be feared and respected.

True, folks might look up to you,

but remember, Your fantasy is someone’s shit.


Am gonna be rich and popular!

I’ll own islands and estates!

A big amen to your declaration

but remember, it comes with a price

Nobody became successful overnight

Don’t expect the rules to change for you.


Well, it’s my picture not yours

my nudes, my body, my dignity!”

Well, for now it is.

But wait till you’re a mother…

and we’ll see if it’s still your dignity

when your son’s surfing through your pics online.


Jesus is real and Satan is the devil

they’ve suddenly become nursery rhymes to you

is there a second chance after death and judgment?

So far, no living being knows.

So use your only chance well

and don’t turn out like the old man

Learning from experience then won’t pay you.


I hope a message has been passed across else there wont be a need for this article.

Would also like to give a Happy birthday shout out to the best brother money can’t buy…

Happy Birthday Tomi Awonowo!

Long life and prosperity.

Bless 🙂

• • •

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Mike Dammy

One Year and counting……

Sourced from Google

Sourced from Google

So, its been a year (not exactly though) since I started this blog.
Thought a lot, wrote a lot, inspired a lot, laughed a lot, met a lot and all other types of “a lot”.
All in all, its been a wonderful experience.
So, I asked a couple of people to write what they thought; this is what they said;

P.s. I didn’t edit their reviews, so any Gbagaun dropped was from them.
. 🙂


Damstylee has bn an inspiring and enlightening blog. It is a blog that has successfully mixed life’s experiences and fiction in reaching out to people. I would want to see more inspiring posts in the year ahead. Damstylee has shared some truths in life. It is indeed a blessing. Damstylee is a great blog and I think more people should get to know about it.;)

    Ajayi Moji

Damstylee is a wondaful ryter..I’m nt sayin this cos e is my friend bt e just has this way of rytin a story dat gets my attention..Like I wud want to take a break u no bt I just wudnt stop reading it..it has suddenly turned to an addiction n I can’t control it..So its like this, if I don’t see damstylee article, it feels like something is missing in mi..Thumbs up u..I hop u kip on ryting good stories

    Ayobola (Friend)

I just started ridin his articles.. What got mi interested ws Sons of the fada..the writer just had a way of capturing the mind of the rider..frm part one to part 3 there ws this sweet suspense which ws too intense that the rider cudnt wait fr the nxt part to come out… He had this way of communicating with the rider making it seem like the rider ws part of the story.

    Sola (Friend)

Okay so the first time I read your blog it was Sons of a Father. I usually search for blogs to read and then just read the whole thing and leave. But I came back. Mostly because the Story was intriguing and partly from curiosity but I will just love to say what I saw in a way changed me because I left with a lesson. I would often check back for the follow ups and I wasn’t disappointed. I am pleased when I see young people do spectacular things and touch lives and so I will just say at this point that I was pleased. I am glad that at some point in my life, I came across this blog and it’s great commandeer.

    Ibukun (Friend and Blogger)
    You should read her blog Here


Well, I’ve also added my favourite comments. Some not so positive but they did make me laugh.

Whaooooooo!!! Grt job man….I luv ur raw talent..little typos here and there buh aside dat, dis is really entertaining…cnt wait 2 read d oda episodes…Gud Job again.

    Awy Maria on Sons of a Father

DAMN!! You’re good. Can’t say more. KUDOS,bro!! This is great!

    Orifunke on Dee 4: The Plan

Ya mad!!! This berra be fictional cus I know u’re a foolish boy

    Kolstoppa on Dee 3

Aww… That was extremely nice and hearth warming… Dee 3 seems only fitting… + u should consider writing books too… 😉

    Pearl on Dee 2

Maybe she lied…. But she was indeed your hero. I salute your mom. She’s another, unnamed, uncredited, under-appreciated giant. Good thing you’ve never forgotten her immense contributions to your life. Nice one, Mr. Dami

    Opeowotunmi on Our Silver Linings

I Love this!! I can relate to this! Couldn’t ride a bicycle till my late teen, couldn’t swim till university, no game console as a child, iCant remember any toys sef… But oh well, I’m not missing out on this phase of my life!
Glad iCould inspire bro! God Bless You for reciprocating!

    Obafuntay on My wonderful childhood memories

Dis is so cul n nyc. I totalli love it. It made me laff

    Ajayi Moji on If it aint right, dont take it

whhhaaaaa!!! *this is me crying* not fair… the good people always die. I like Jeff… even though he’s obsessed with having a family… anybody’s. Tunde’s a dramatic pant who will become a great guy b’cos of the sacrifice of his friend (just ignore me… putting a positive spin makes it less hurtful for me.)

    Drunk Archer (@mistyO_O) on Sons of a Father 3

I said it 🙂 Ashewo…
Ermmm wait Dee is in jand nawww… Ode b realistic jor berra stay with ur mae o!!!

    AyoB Alariwo (@ayoB_) on Dee 3

So there you see it.
Its being a wonderful year, a really rewarding one.
My sincere apologies to the people that had to cope with the bcs, messages, twitter mentions and all other forms of notifications in order to bring you here.

My utmost gratitude to Mr Funto (Obafuntay) for the unintentional inspiration to start, and Moji, Moyo, Bimbo and other guys that knew about it from the start.

A special thank you to the people that actually clicked the links to read the articles or out of curiosity. Special Idobale for the people that shared them and commented.

Shout out to Mr AyoB Alariwo for the heartbreaking criticisms :'(, Teekay Bozegha and Umoru Emmanuel for the moral support, Jesse sowole for being a patient roomate x_x and Tomi for being a wonderful brother.

And a special thank you to my heavenly father for the inspiration, wisdom, perseverance and wits.

Finally, special thank you to the three most important women in my life. My mum, Mae and Bimbo.

And, that’s all. 🙂

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Dedication : MOYO JUYI Design samples

To those of you who asked for MOYO JUYI designs, here they are. They are not limited to this though, there is more than enough catch phrases where that came from.

Another plus to the MOYO JUYI designs; You can decide what you want written on the shirts. Pictures, catch phrases, charts, logos, anything, MOYO JUYI would design it for you. You can also contact him through BBM and Twitter. Check the previous post for them. 😉

Had to add this one. ;)

Had to add this one. 😉

Dedication : MOYO JUYI

    This Covenant University based label is one of the freshest I’ve seen.
    He’s an Architecture student (as expected) and his quotes are really crazy. Trust me ;).

    If you want to contact him, order or see samples;

    Contact him on BBM: 283A4B42

    Or follow him on Twitter : @Moyo4_President

    If you don’t like his designs, (just kidding…) Its impossible not to like MOYO JUYI. 😀

    Unlike many other Designers, this particular one: Adejuyigbe Moyosoluwa is a fine boy.

    Unlike many other Designers, this particular one: Adejuyigbe Moyosoluwa is a fine boy.