I’ll take it back

Sometimes we are stuck in that valley; dead center in the midst of towering mountains, lost, cold and devoid of inspiration. Every man has this moment of tribulation where it seems like his peril is just a step away.
I know I’m pretty much exaggerating my situation but yes, I was stuck and devoid of inspiration.

Until someone agreed to share her write ups with me and like a light bulb, a pretty slow one.. Still took me a while before I picked up my pen but she did inspire me even though I never quite appreciated her for it.

So miss Mimi Oriame, thank you for your indirect surge of inspiration.
Do have a Happy Birthday and I pray you have a super-awesome day inspiring tons of people like you did me. To think it all started with me meeting you cos I was hyper as a result of my injections. Lol. 🙂

Congrats again and Have a wonderful day..!

P.s.. I know I suck at poetry but thats the only genre I’ve been able to write anything on for now. I won’t say I dedicate it to you but you sure helped me in picking my pen again. Thanks.


I get blinded by very little
I could boast of that
But so much has changed of late
The tingling has ceased
The sparks that littered the air non-existent
Her smiles don’t keep me in awe anymore
And slowly, a monster beckons in me
Threatening to engulf what makes me
What’s left of me

* * *

Things were awesome yesterday
Now life runs in a cycle of grey
As the colors fade out of my view
Leaving me to this mist of nothingness
The gust strikes my heart time and time again
Yet, I feel no chill
But emptiness
A void of blankness
I miss what makes me
I miss the warmth that accompanies her stares
The glee in her eyes when they look into mine
The shivers in my legs when I feel her touch

* * *

I fear I’m broken
Loneliness continues to bite at my insides
Tearing me up bit by bit
And I cannot but hope for a remedy
A miracle
Else I’ll reside in this abyss that is loneliness
Devoid of colors and stars
Missing her warming touch and tender kisses
The world I’ve grown to love
I miss it all.
I want it all back.

Mike Dammy

I’m still a learner shey?



It’s strange

This is directed at you

But I rather you never get to see it

It’s true I get your messages

I also see your DMs pop up on my screen

But like you probably think

I really am avoiding you.

Just like the boogeyman the kids flee from

I’ve taught myself to stay away

Even when I hope to hear your laughter

I can’t help but ignore the urges

Your smile does give me shivers

But its intention scares the shit outta me

I fear to love you in return

I fear to trust you

Cos the world tells me I shouldn’t

Time and time again, you profess your admiration

Acknowledge your liking for me

Still, I cower in fear of you

* * *

The world thinks you’re crazy

It also calls you mad

Community shivers in fear at the announcement of your arrival

Woe to every girl out there, the alarms ring

If truly you love your man, cling unto him

For the one is here

The wh*re has surfaced

Every man to his woman and vice versa

How, do tell me, do I live with that?

How does my frail heart cope with such words?

Truly, you’re beautiful

But the world sees it naught

Yes, you’re amazing

But the world thinks otherwise

* * *

So, I’ll continue to boast of my uniqueness

Rant about my allegiance to solitude

And sing of my affair with purdah

The world never gets to me I’ll say

But this time, it has

Hence, I’ll rather live a quiet life… yes, an unadventurous one

Than be your Romeo and have series of odes written to my name

The one that loved the condemned

And leapt to his doom

* * *

So no, beloved

I’m not around

I’m very busy

And it’ll be that way

Till you fall for someone else

And my name dissipates from your lips

And my face from your mind

Mike Dammy

Ode To Sadness by @Jessesole

Deep within darkness I fell

Scraping at the very surface of what remained of my soul

As the light in my eyes faded in shadows

I descend into depths of grey and nothingness

A world of no sides nor tangibles

The little light left gasping within travels to and fro

As I watch colours fade as I fall beneath the surface, into unknown depths

I was helpless

Sounds won’t be made in this world

For there was no air yet I wasn’t choking

Just nothingness

And I was encased within it

And before my fall into despair, the little hope left in me prayed to be saved and delivered

For what plagued me I had no strength to overcome.

Slowly consciousness faded

And my mind seemed to fall into a deep sleep,

Soon my thoughts faded into whispers and I

You remember as I do

The days you encompassed me

Engulfed my very being as I fell deep beneath the surface into your engulfing grey scheme

You took me and reminded me of my sorrows

Washed me over until I felt alone and neglected

Within your world were no colours but grey

No feelings but emptiness

No will but helplessness

Your shades taking away the light in my eyes

As I threw so gallantly fake smiles at my fellow men

And alone by you, with myself alone with you

You seized me till I wept, wept silly

You were my companion in those times

When no one watched

When no one was around

I would find my corner and drown myself in you

Soon I had Self-pity; a friend of yours pay me homage

And by and by you were the only feeling I could define

The only feeling I could remember

Soon I was addicted to the way you made me feel

And it was all I wanted to feel, even when you had nothing on me

Though having you around condemned me to Depression; your other friend

That once a while my heart would ache within me

Still I cultured you into my mind’s view of normalcy

And whatever else was a once a while treat

And if I ever was asked “are you fine”,

Me replying yes was my truth and I truly with you been there was fine

I wouldn’t lie; I can say I have missed you

But what we had is over

I was with you for so long that I could manage you, bend you and thrive within you

but been without you has had me live

And even now writing about you has me feeling only you

I do remember you

I loved you

I felt safe in your cozy grey

I remember when with you my distaste of happiness

Its bright colours that seemed to light up the environs

But now I have someone even better within me

Someone like the sun itself.

Hmph, thank you for been there

Because coming out of you though then I was an unwilling captive, made me stronger

I won’t forget you because I know you loved me as I loved you

Though it wasn’t good love

In case you wonder about me, I am in a blessed place

A place I could not even perceive when with you

Joy brought me here, the one I said is even better than Happiness

Yes, the same fellow you dreaded

Thank you Greysoul

The name I later came to give the union of you and me

And concerning tomorrow by the grace of God, I will work to never been with you

* * * * *

I behold light, break forth from the surface to reach me beneath

As it breaks the shackles off me, causing me free

I realize now that I slept all along

Though within that sleep I knew not that I slept

So refreshing it is, that my soul fumbles in words and expressions

Like wings have been given me to fly

I am glad, I am happy, I am joyful…

Shooting Star

Close your weary eyes; relaxing them

Count from one to ten; then open them

All these heavy thoughts will try to weigh you down

But not this time

You know why?

Cos we won’t let it__ I won’t let it

The sun might have disappeared in the sky

All might seem lost and distant

Your loved ones may suddenly seem like strangers

Your friends; now distant memories

The haters are barraging on your front door like raging bulls

And you lay crouched in your closet

Your eyes tired from crying

Your sobs now gentle whimpers

It might seem like you’re all alone

No single light on the horizon to keep you company

And your candle slowly burns out; flickering gently like a sail and casting beautiful images of dancing women on the dark wall that is the sky

Right now, it’s you against the world

Everybody is up against your throat; slowly edging you towards the cliff, pushing you towards desperation and sucking the life out of you like grim reapers

Your royalty suddenly feels like a myth

The vast talents you possess now figments of your imagination

Just a blip in your history; a mirage never to be encountered again


This might be your story

Perhaps you feel all of this and more

Just permit me to assure you of one thing

A tiny revelation I encountered recently

Of how greatness can beget from nothing

An awesome moment from sheer blankness

A shooting star on the darkest of nights

Yes, that who you ought to be!


So close your eyes again

Count from one to ten like before

Then open them slowly…

Ignore the pull of gravity and rise above the tension

Fashi the sleeping sun

Be oblivious of the mocking stares and jeers and set yourself on a high

Far beyond what cloud nine can offer

More intoxicating than seven shots of whiskey or a good f*ck

Way above the reach of the drenching rain

To the world where sarcasm is non-existent

Soar beyond the atmosphere

Reach for the heights

Set your mood like its reality

Listen to the thousand beats resounding in your ears

The applause of the millions waiting to be inspired

Anticipating that song

Chilling for that best seller

Savouring that mighty leap that wins you the Olympic gold

Imagining the capabilities of your invention

Arching our hands to click play on your award winning single

Waiting to imitate those dance steps you create

Watch that movie you acted

Receive the goodwill of your donations

All these and more

Set your mind on these

Imagine the glamour

Savour the freedom

Float on the wings of fulfilment

Appreciate the gratitude of the lives you inspired

We wait earnestly in anticipation of your achievements

The princess in you clamouring for promotion

The queen beckons to emerge

Let her out!__ Unleash her!

You’re a star in the making

A spark threatening to explode

A something going somewhere to happen

So, set ablaze the dark night and cast your brilliant light on us

Dash across the universe right before our eyes brighter than we ever envisaged

We wait…

Our eyes fastened on the skies

Our anxiety heightened invariably

So don’t keep us hanging forever

Shine brighter than a shooting star!


This is my message to every woman or girl out there that thinks the world is firmly against them; the ‘damaged’, the raped, the sexually molested teenagers and the society rejects.

Reach beyond the evils of the world, it is your time to shine.

Owl City’s “Shooting star” inspired this. If you know anybody that fits in any of the categories listed above; anybody searching for meaning in this world, why don’t you share this to them and be a blessing.

* * *

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Is Rap Poetry?

Is rap poetry?

This question has been on my mind for a while now. It all started a fortnight ago when a couple of my friends who incidentally were rappers and I engaged in some form of argument/discussion. They were of the opinion that their art was poetry in motion. I begged to differ then but lacked credible evidence to back my claims. I still lack evidence hence this post and I’m hoping someone somewhere could shed some light on the topic at hand.

I would love to ask some basic questions; Mayowa, Lanre and Chris; I hope you’re reading this.

If rap is poetry like you say;

Would you term Eminem a world renowned poet?

Or would you describe our very own M.I.,Olamide and Ice Prince *holds laugh* as poetry masterminds seeing they have mastered the art of rap as regards the Nigerian audience?

Is poetry all about the wordplay or a few ‘deep’ lines or is it much more than that?

I’m of the opinion that poetry is way ‘way’ deeper than rap. So I tried to answer some of the questions myself and scribbled some sort of poetry/rap in my journal. To my understanding, I will just describe it as wordplay. You tell me what you think. Is this poetry or rap?

It’s titled ‘Dear Fiend’;

If it takes you years to decipher simple logic

Months to pinpoint what truly matters

Then maybe I should rethink my steps

And hurry off in the direction of safety

A world of utmost solitude

Protection from you

You probably dont understand

This might seem as mysterious as the sprinkling of his blood

But his Word I truly believe in

Skimmed it from the beginning to his Revelations

And it says I should be wary of vultures like you

And the folks you share a feather with.

Where I’m heading is unknown for now

A descendant of Abraham I’ve suddenly become

All his traits I’m bound to inherit

So I won’t let you poison my lot in life

Least I fall prey to the wrath of Sodom

And my bae becomes but a memory of salt and vinegar.

Rap? Poetry? You tell me!

A Criminal’s Statement by @PsychicOluBukki

A Criminal's statement | Sourced from Google

A Criminal’s statement | Sourced from Google

    The man is my husband
    Well supposed a husband
    His life is a short story
    I threw him out the storey

    You may chain me down
    but If He is raised by Jesus
    I will put him back down
    by the name of Jesus.

    He wooed, he promised
    We vowed, we married
    All over there’s boxers league
    but I became his audition.

    The union’s offspring are spectators
    He’s a beautiful liquid downer
    He mouthwashes with dried leaves in paper
    come evening his dragging feet announces.

    These were not his ways
    Battery medal was not a honour
    Arose shameful sensual torture
    The little ones would sob
    but sure not to cry.

    Money was not a compliment.
    This man became useless
    Perhaps not to the authority
    To me, the union and the children
    He deserves death.

    I hope the survivors know peace
    after my capital punishment.

Julian Ogunleye
Ff @PsychicOluBukki on Twitter


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Exclusive : Deepest Pain

Today, We welcome Ladipo (@ladipoB) as a Guest Writer as he soughts to inspire.

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Tears running down from my cheek
Memories hunt me for my wrong
Its too heavy for me
I can’t take it all in
The suspense, trials all condemned

Dragging my self from this bed
To face reality is hell on earth
An oscar winning award for heartbreaks
Would be given to me

The apocalypse would welcome me
With arms wide open
And say nemesis brought the prodigal son home
Who was I before all this pain
Did I love life in the house of wrongs

The voices in my head torment me for good
He stares at me in disgust
Yet feeds me with hatred
Clothes me with pain
And washes me with deception

I open my eyes and see you
Laying next to me
And ask my self
Where did it all go wrong?

See I Must!

I have been working on some poems recently and i just wanted you to see this.This concept was gotten from the story of Lot’s wife, yea, the one that was turned into a pillar of salt. It is also written in “bible language” if you know what I mean. 😉

Up the hills we went

The warning still ringing in my head

Thou shalt not look back

Or a pillar of salt you will become!

To my left was my husband

In front, our offspring

Fail them, I musn’t

For victory must be ours!

My courage faileth me

Perseverance is far from  me

What is wrong in having a peek at danger?

To satisfy my lust of sight!

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