He Found Him

Inspired by Casting Crown’s ‘The Altar and the Door’
Word out
I am reckless
I’ve been found time and again but yet I fail

Lord this time…

I’ll make it right
Here at the altar I’ll lay my life
And this time I’ll stick through
Through thick and thin
In bliss and travails
I stood solemn and battered
My voice cracked under the pressures of the world
Why won’t I falter?
When the king of kings had no hold on me
Why won’t I fail?
When the one that holds the keys to success knew me not
How do I live in affluence?
When the God of riches knew my voice naught
I tried hard
Yea, I tried so hard
I searched high and low
But obviously not high enough
I tried before singlehandedly
Figured the world could be conquered by me
But alas I stand at the altar now
Devoid of a smile or a tiny grin
My body aches under its own weight
My expression screams loneliness
My soul creeps frail in the darkness
Searching for light
Wondering where the abode of the Messiah lay
I had lived a dunce
Believing in my might and power
Strong headed to the words of the Holy spirit
Oblivious of his kind actions
And living in the false glare of the world’s glamour
Fame caught my eyes
Wealth held me by my groins…
Yet He laboured
Still He called out
Time after time he protected me
Watched me while I lay asleep in the dark
Now I’m back to you Lord
I’ve heard your call
And I’ll saunter back like the prodigal son that I am
Accept me father
Lord this time
I’ll make it right
Here at this altar I’ll lay my life
I’ll cry this time and I’ll mean it
I’ll confess and I’ll be assured of my words
And I’ll stay strong
Venture from the grace laden altar to the door confident
A man blessed by the only God
A king bestowed by the one true King
A friend to the best friend there is
*It’s a true life story
Mike Dammy

Rat Race

On your marks, Set, Go!

Learn to walk then run… Learn to Talk… Go to School… Graduate and Make Money… Build a House… Find a Spouse and Marry Him/Her… Raise a Family… Constantly give to the poor… Go to Church every Sunday… Hold more devotions than the neighbours… Try as much as possible to avoid sin… Grow Old… Die… Make Heaven…

Wow! What a successful life path. Many would eagerly settle for it whilst a lot more plan to live their lives exactly like it pans out. Their main aim is making Heaven and avoiding that dreaded eternal abyss otherwise known as Hell. It would be easy to give much acclaim to one that lives his life exactly like this and not notice the flaws inept in each action and decision. It’s never noticeable at first glance but after much study, you’ll realize the immense act of self-righteousness which in my opinion is no righteousness.

The world as we see it today has accepted Jesus and tossed out every other thing meant to follow forgetting they are meant to go hand in hand. Top of this list is Purpose. Making Heaven is their top priority and though there is nothing wrong in wanting to enjoy eternal bliss but it becomes wrong when you ignore why you’re here in the first place. Surely when you walk and work with purpose, you’ll surely make Heaven but the life path described earlier doesn’t guarantee you that, so the quote ‘The end justifies the means’ might just not provide you the protection you so crave.

Let’s assume God deemed it that you run your race of life while helping a particular fellow in need and in your craze to not miss heaven, you burst past the person which in this scenario is your purpose and head for what you think is the finish line. A futile race at the end in my opinion, another rat race run just like the foolish bridesmaids in Matthew 25 that didn’t bring extra oil and got locked out.

Life is not a Rat Race to see who makes it to Heaven.

Going back a few years to my fresher days in Covenant University; in the first classes of a particular university course; Total Man Concept (TMC 111), we were taught a brief lesson about purpose. How metaphorically, every man is sent to earth with a sealed envelope. The contents of this envelope are the purpose of our existence, why we were sent here in the first place cos frankly if the earth didn’t have a need for us, God could easily have created us and left us in heaven rather than send us on an ‘exaggerated, useless’ journey that could result in some of us falling by the wayside. You see the logic now?

Until we get that envelope open, we will just be like rats in a giant maze. That envelope needs to be opened, studied and acted upon.

“Unless Purpose is realized, Abuse is inevitable.” Myles Munroe


Don’t leave God clasping his head in his hands as he watches us gallivant and run around like fools.
He deserves better. We deserve better.

Action: Get some work done and find out what your purpose is. It’s never too late to discover it. Moses was still a lost cause at 80! Today, he is regarded as the greatest prophet that ever lived. Take a cue from that.

* * * * *

I will be detailing ways in which you could discover your purpose soon.
Also, A big thank you to Damilare (@dami_maverick) for the above graphic art rendition of my tweet yesterday and Miss Tosin for her constant badgering that I pick my pen again and write. God bless you both.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance
Mike Dammy

Yes, She exists

She claims my memoirs are real..
And not some fictional nonsense
That did make me laugh and think…
How many leave traces of their acts for laymen to pick on and devastate?

Who is stupid to let the world see the steps he takes towards freedom?
who throws his tricks and hint all over a blog?
Who would let himself be scrutinised on  purpose?
No sane man definitely.

Who relieves a top gun of his position when 20 billion dollars vanish into thin air?
Who leaves traces of a missing aircraft if indeed he didn’t want It to be found?
Do you tell your loud mouthed friend you’re robing tonight when you don’t want to be caught?
Did Christ give his disciples premonitions all so they could stop his graceful steps to Calvary?

Hell No.

We might deny.
We might refute your claims.
We might burst out in high pitched laughter and say you’re talking crap.
But We are all connected.
Our motives. Our acts. Our falsified ‘deception’.
They are connected.

We live because We want to.
We take measured steps so you could watch us.
We give you the privilege to nab us, accuse us… but in the end, there’s always something up our sleeves.
We won’t jump the rope without protection.
We never do anything just for doing sake.
If it works out, We’ll tell you it was us all along.
If however it blows up in our face, we’ll deny it at point blank range.

So Yes, Taiwo.
There is a She.
Why else would I be mushy all over again?
I hate being known for that anyways.

Food For Thought

Good morning…
I’m sorry for not making it yesterday… I sincerely don’t have a valid excuse so I’ll just say nothing… or rather; I’m sorry.

Anyways, I was going through my archives this morning and I came across something I wrote a while ago.
I’m not sure if I posted it but it still made much sense and provided a different perspective to life… at least to me.
I hope it does the same to you too.

Enjoy and be inspired…

* * * *

How many worlds do you live in?
How many lives have you got?
Don’t mind the cat, he’s just bluffing.
He really ain’t got that much time.
The Almighty has a say in everything
And you’ll be called up when its time.

To err is human, to forgive is God.
It ain’t your right to become God.
Mr. /Mrs. “I don’t forgive or forget”
Your fate’s gonna be like Nebu
And God help you..,
You don’t eat grass for seven years.

“I’ve got my life to live!”
She had hers to live too
She could have forfeited all the pain and wails
But nahh, you’re here today
And still, you forget how cheap adoption or pills are
Cherish your mum Bro; She’s why you’ve got that life.

“Well, I can say whatever I want to say!”
Your mouth is on a constant recoil
The good, the bad, the ugly
Have all had a taste of your weapon of destruction
Do repent soon Lad
Before the Almighty puts “His” to use on you

“You only live once!”
True, but you also only die once
So get your head straight,
And put your life in order.
You came to this world with a purpose
Don’t let youthful exuberance ruin it for you.

“Who the hell are they mehn?!
How dare they ground me?
For f**king sake, I’m 21!”
True… but there are still your parents
So, remember in all you do,
The only commandment with a promise.

“I’m the boss of all bosses.
I have it all and I run the show.”
True, you might be a boss after all.
True, your might be feared and respected.
True, folks might look up to you,
But remember, Your fantasy is someone’s shit.

“I’m gonna be rich and popular!
I’ll own islands and estates!”
A big amen to your declaration
But remember, it comes with a price
Nobody became successful overnight
Don’t expect the rules to change for you.

“Well, it’s my picture not yours
My nudes, my body, my dignity!”
Well, for now it is.
But wait till you’re a mother…
And we’ll see if it’s still your dignity
When your son’s surfing through your pics online.

“Jesus is real and Satan is the devil”
They’ve suddenly become nursery rhymes to you
is there a second chance after death and judgment?
So far, no living being knows.
So use your only chance well
And don’t turn out like the old man
Learning from experience then won’t pay you.

* * * *

Have an awesome day!

Mike Dammy

‘not’ To who it may concern

I miss you.
I miss you like crazy.
I want to hug and kiss you but It’s beyond my jurisdiction now.
I wish I could say sweet words in your ears, cuddle you while you sleep and smell the amazing fragrance of your hair.
I wish I could do all of this and more.
But I can’t.

I’ve told myself It’s for the best but Why don’t my emotions understand?
Why do I long to grab you every time I see you and tell you I love you?
Why am I even writing this?

I’ve been told change is not easy.
That is a freaking understatement!
Cos this is not just ‘not easy’, It’s draining me.

Still, I hope you don’t see this but Who am I kidding?

The Letters | Konga @xoxolemony

Dear Konga,

I have decided to write a letter to you since you  have refused to pick my calls to your customer service, I have called so much that I am sure the people working in the customer care department have been able to memorize my number.

I ordered something about a month ago and when i called to make sure my order was placed, I was promised that my package would arrive in 5 days…. I was excited. sometimes when I went to bed, I dreamt of how I would receive this package but on the the 5th day, my dreams were crushed as I waited all day just to be disappointed. Even at that, I chose not to give up on you.

I called again and I was re-assured that my order was being processed, and in another 5 days I would receive my long-awaited package. I waited again, and again on the 5th day my heart was broken when at 7pm, you still had not showed up.

Like a girl whose boyfriend has stood her up far too many times, I was hurt.

I called again and after so many tries, my call was picked most likely only because the person that picked was a new comer and hadn’t been warned not to pick my calls yet. I explained my ordeal to this new comer and finally the truth came out; the item I ordered was….. out of stock!!

At that moment, my heart broke into several pieces, I had been lied to, deceived and lead on for so long.I called again asking for a re-fund and no body seemed to speak English again, I asked the person on the line for your address and she began to stammer as if I was coming to set the place ablaze. I no longer want to do business with you o!

All I ask is that you pick my call so I can give you my account number and collect my money and go and purchase my package by my self.

yours heartbroken(ly)


The Letters | NEPA

Like I said earlier;

Myself and a couple of awesome writers would be posting Letters. Short Letters addressed to anybody. Anybody in the sense that you can see a letter to Beyonce, Batman or maybe a pet cat.

Expect hilarious letters.
Expect crazy secrets to be blown open.
Expect stupendous statements.
Expect the unexpected.

All between now and the new year.

And you can get in on the fun.
Write a letter to anybody. A crush perhaps, a family member… Maybe your evil chemistry lecturer.
Make sure it has a bit of fun and makes sense too and send it to my email; damstylee@yahoo.com

If its awesome good, we’ll post it today or tomorrow.

I continue with a letter to the beautiful ladies out there.

If you missed the letter addressed to Nollywood; you can read it Here.


* * *

Hello NEPA.

Good day big folks.
First, let me state that my address was titled perfectly. I still cannot address you as PHCN. There’s no real issue there. Its just that myself and several millions of Nigerians grew up chanting “Up NEPA!”
A phrase that could easily have passed as the most spoken phrase on Nigerian soil since Flora Shaw. Many times it was a false alarm ignited by a glint of light or a plot to deceive a family member or friend. A few times its actually been a phrase to depict restoration of power.

Our enthusiasm in exclaiming how ‘elevated’ we think you are means only one thing; most times you were ‘down’. So basically, we rendered positive chants for you in the hope that one day you would actually stay up. And then switching to “Up PHCN” would have been a brilliant scenario of we getting beaten first time and not learning our lesson.

I’ve been a Nigerian for some decades now and I still would never understand why you find so much solace in interrupting power. Especially at night! I mean, you freaking made ‘Tales by Moonlight’ a hit. At least we were sure the moon wasn’t going to suddenly go dim on us. Something you should learn from.

I’ve watched your dealings and I’m pretty sure I’m confused in what your real duty is; Generating power or Keeping it and you and I know the one you excel at. In very short years, you have grown to be our greatest villain. I mean the Joker has nothing on you. The ability to make thousands of people groan at the same time, or the power to make us curse out in anger after one of your escapades. That’s pure genius!

I’m sure you’ve heard stories that our dear president is the most cursed recipient in the country. I’m also sure you know that’s a lie.

I’ve tried to be mild in this letter in case it actually gets through to you. Just so you know, I stay in Ikorodu and we don’t have currently have light. Not that that means anything. I’m  just throwing it out there. Be smart for once for see the short prayer I’ve embedded in the statement.

I wait in anticipation of your favourable response. Please don’t let me down the 144,786th time. Just kidding, its that number multiplied by 100,000. 😀

Mike Dammy

Can’t Sleep

Disclaimer: This is a rant and a draft. I apologize for any typos or grammatical errors.

* * * * *


This is probably my first ever rant on here. Its a blog ain’t it?

So the story is I can’t sleep.

Why’s that? You might ask… Or maybe you don’t. 😦

Well, I really don’t know.
I’m stuck on my bed right now, John Legend’s “All of me” flows gently into my ears through my ear phones and I really wonder why its not putting me to sleep.

I dare say I’m lonely.

I also have to admit that I hate change; good or bad. I’ve had to change friends, environments, schools and everything that’s worth changing over the years.
None of them have left me happy, or let me make it more subtle; elated.

I loved moving out of our rented apartment in Ketu, Lagos to Ikorodu some years back. It was fun because family was around cos of the holiday but immediately they left, it dawned on me that I just left friends, companionship and a life behind. Took me a while to get over them but I guess I have now. That’s just one drastic change out of many.

The latest one is graduating from Covenant University.

A lot of folks claim the school is crappy and I disagree with you on all fronts. CU is one if the best things that ever happened to me. I had friends, I had colleagues, I had a life, I had a family. Then I graduated and all that went down the drain. I saw a couple of people cry on the big day and I laughed. Not because I didn’t feel bad but because I knew my body prides itself so much, it never shows emotions immediately. It was handing itself the joker card and my soul was left to suffer for that.

“We might never see again.”

That was one phrase that pierced my heart. Why do we make friends to just move on? Why do I build a family and then leave them? Why do I have to play this card every single time I change, every time I move on?

I’m a strong person alright. I’ve heard a lot say that. Unfortunately, I don’t even know if I am. I live in fear of tomorrow.
What if my best friend slumped and died now? Do I just move on?

Why can’t 20 friends play for 20 years?

Why aren’t all fingers equal?

Why must there be a Gates, Jobs, Hitler and bum in every family?

Why do my parents have to leave me one day?

Why is there an heaven and an hell?

What if a friend doesn’t make it?

Okay, I think I’m gonna stop here and just continue with these;

Love is awesome.
Family is awesome.
Friends are awesome.
Children are awesome.
Giving is awesome.

Don’t lose what you have before you know its value.
Love that boy.
Cherish that girl.
Adore that mother.
Respect that father.
Give to that bum.
Hug that orphan.
Live your life.
Have fun.
And worship that God.

I don’t know how I’m gonna end this so I’ll just say Goodnight.

Mike Dammy

Merry Christmas!

You all know the saying; pictures speak louder than words… A thousand word = one picture actually.

Well, I’m keying into that belief right now. I would have loved to write something but things are tight and the celebration is still ongoing. So I’m leaving you with a picture that I hope speaks thousands of words to your subconscious.

Thank you for reading this blog.
Thank you for sharing and leaving comments.
Thank you for sitting through even during our shortcomings.
Its been an awesome year and I’m sure 2014 would be ‘awesomer!’.

My name is Michael Dammy and I wish you a;




I’m Sorry | I’m back?

Hey there… *dodges stone*


. Here goes nothing.

Its been a while I’ve written anything and like I noticed yesterday , unlike maby writers that suffer the dreaded “writer’s block”, I faced a writer’s wall and no, that was not meant to be funny.

So, amidst school work, life and its travails, extra curricular activities and sleep, I found little or no time to engage in my favourite past time. Unfortunately, it coincided with the period I was running the series “Joshua Fela” and I bet it hurts you more than it hurts me that I couldn’t continue.

For weeks, I fought with the ‘spirit of not  completing stuff’ and this is not the first time its happening. Remember the series “Seven”, my JAMB exam and a host of other important  activities I left undone. To myself and anybody that got affected by my shortcomings, I’m deeply sorry.

This is not an effort to try and make excuses… No, far from it. I’m just here to say I’m sorry. No more running, no more hiding, you’re free to kill me or mete out any punishment you deem fit.

Still, I’m still grateful I have you guys… I really am.

* * *

By the way… I stumbled on Instagram a while back and as much as I told myself that I was in it for the fun, it was a very big lie. Like most people, I was in for the “likes”. I mean, who doesn’t like being admired or loved?
So it was a lil bit sad when I post a picture and then see a total of likes after 1 month… 9!!!…. Damn, that’s sad. Anyhow Sha, my handle is “damstylee”… Just saying. -_-

Well, that’s that.
Would I say I’m back? Errr… I don’t know… But let’s see how things turn out in the following days.

Mike Dammy