Are you a Learner? Ep 7 : Mr Kanayo’s story

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No need for further introduction, I, myself, Mike Dammy wrote this episode.
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Here goes nothing.
• • •

Kanayo was a bad guy.
He was rich and popular. Had estates and villas in every city in nigeria. He was however proud and always walked about in his designer clothes and sun glasses even at 1am.
Another crazy aspect about him was his barrages with women, girls and anything that had skirt on. God save you, you dress like that Nigerian superstar *coughs* with the high heels and he catches you, you’re off. Rumours have it that he did kidnap the superstar though and kept him for some days. What happened is still a mystery to the media but inside sources say the superstar left with a limp sustained from excess sprints on the treadmill (if you believe that story, Are you a learner 8 is definitely going to be about you).

Kanayo had one guy that was his G, Chris. They walked together, clubbed together and did almost everything together. Sources say they were actually never close but who knows, this celebs have a way of keeping their stories confusing to the masses.

Anyways, one day, Kanayo proclaimed on national Tv; CNN, (no offence to NTA) that he was ready to settle down and get married. This news caused a uproar in the country. Thousands and thousands of guys got dumped and Spas became the business of the day.

• • •

Kimberly was a beautiful dashing young lady.
She graced all the red carpet events, even the ones for top talents. Problem was that she had no talent, not even one but her pretty face, stunning body and her penchant love for scandals made her one of the most sought after celebs in the country, but that was for a short while.

One afternoon, when the sun was scorching hot, and village boys relaxed under the mango tree after their escapades with the girls. News filtered everywhere that a video of Kimberly was trending. The video had her in compromising positions with a popular fuji musician whose career was dangling in the balance. Some people say they ate the forbidden fruit too, but owning to our standards, we haven’t been able to watch and confirm if this is true even till this day. So that’s how Kimberly became famous.

Four years later, her fame was beginning to dwindle and she sought for a way to resurrect it.
Alas, she saw Kanayo’s proclamation on Tv and she knew she was home and dry.

• • •

Its been six months since Kanayo’s proclamation swept the media. Kanayo’s now deeply in love and engaged to Miss Kimberly. Last week, she announced that she was pregnant. Many people refused to believe but they later ate their hearts out when they found out labels like Dudu osun, Trebor and Yoyo Bitters were clamoring over each other for her signature in their next advert which was to include a pregnant lady.

• • •

Another scandal broke out this morning as expected.
It took six months but the masses have finally gotten a chance to say “I told you so”. Our sources got information that Kanayo is not the father of Kimberly’s daughter but Chris.
Attempts to get to Mr Kanayo or Miss Kimberly has proved futile. We however did get to Mr Chris and he left us with one statement;

    I don’t know for sure but am sure one of us (talking of himself and Mr Kanayo) has been a Learner at this.
    I’m pretty sure I know how to use a condom..

What the statement means actually is still decisive..

Did he mean Mr Kanayo should have worn contraceptives?
Had he warned Mr Kanayo about Miss Kimberly before?

That statement leaves many questions to be answered, but we’ll leave you to guess how the story will end.

If you really believe the characters; Mr Kanayo, Miss Kimberly and Mr Chris are real, you’re not very literate.
If you believe the story isn’t real, you are definitely a learner.
If you still don’t know what(who) am talking about, it is well with you. Just scroll down.

    Spoilt Milk never gets good overnight.... Note this.

Err….. I think we’re done here….

    “Remember, Spoilt milk never gets good overnight”

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Mike Dammy

Are You A Learner? Ep 6

Today, I welcome one of our own, Miss Tofunmi (@mystique561) as she tries to dazzle you with her story.

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Three…two…one… BOOM!

Nothing Sir…no signal on the electrocardiogram, the nurse replied (don’t get it twisted, it’s just a device used to record the heart’s activity).

We’ll take it again, the doctor said with a little bit of
tension in his voice. He applied the gel on the defibrillator (Keep calm, its just an electric-shock machine used to correct a critically irregular heartbeat), placed it on her chest again and tried to resuscitate her again.

Three…two…one… BOOM!

She jerked up screaming, Ye! Mo ku! (I’m dead!)

Please! Please! Where’s my father?! He will kill me!

The doctor and nurses tried to calm her down but to no avail. She looks around and suddenly sees Mr. Ajanlekoko, her father, sitting at the far end of the room. She then begins to shout again.

Te mi ti ba mi!(Nemesis has caught up with me) My head oh! My end has come!

Her father who was wearing a striped shirt with a striped green pair of trousers and brown sandals which seemed to have travelled through all the deserts in Africa jumps right up from his sitting position and
barks at her,

Yes Bola! You’ll surely go back to that state of death you were in if you don’t tell me what happened exactly.

Calm down sir, the doctor said.

Do not tell me to calm down oh, if not, the gun which my fore-fathers used in hunting animals in the bush
will be used to bring down that your head filled with medicine junk.

Err…sorry sir, the doctor replied.

Jennifer, Bola’s friend dressed in micro-mini skirt, a boob-tube blouse and boots like those Lady Gaga wore and by all means an ‘aje-butter’ walked in. She had been watching the scene from the door of the room with so much fear and confusion written all over her stepped forward and said,

I thought you said your father… Bola was giving
her some signals with her eyes to prevent her from talking but of course, a naïve ‘aje-butter’ wouldn’t understand her predicament.

Don’t signal me jorh! Let me talk! Jennifer said and continued,

…didn’t you say your father was a multi-billionaire who owns several companies and wears expensive suits ONLY? But from what I can see, she casts a glance on the outraged father, bleh! He’s so not it

At this point, Mr. Ajanlekoko took fast and measured steps towards Bola and planted a heavy slap on her cheeks.

So you went to lie and disguise in school abi? Is that what I sent you to the university to do? I’ll deal with you

Bola starts crying, No Daddy, it’s not like that.

Before she could even continue speaking, her talkative friend interrupts.

Sir, that’s not all she said oh

Bola places both hands on her head as a sign of total surrender to fate. She was damned and she knew this.

Jennifer continued to run her mouth. She said you have six cars including a Porsche and a limousine. Also that you own ten houses in VGC.

Her eyes lightened up like new insight had come upon her.
Haa jeni! O ti pa mi (You have killed me Jeni)

Ehen…so you even speak Yoruba, after feeding us with tales of how you speak English, Italian and Spanish only.

Mr. Ajanlekoko begins to stare in utter amazement, his daughter just watches in fear.

Wait oh! Didn’t you say your name was Kimberly but
Kim for short? Which one is all this ‘Bola’ I’m hearing?

Mr. Ajanlekoko leaped right over Bola and grabs the surgical blade she attempted to use in stabbing herself.

You’re not going to die until I get to the bottom of this matter. When I know the truth, you can dance
with the demons in hell.
He hissed.

The doctor, obviously enjoying the turn of events asks Jennifer to go on. Jennifer drops her hand bag on the floor, eager to continue her tales.

Kim, oh! sorry, Bola said she was the ‘goddess’ of parties in her estate and that she partied every weekend. Since she claimed to be a party goddess, we invited her to the biggest party on campus. We
started suspecting foul play when she couldn’t even move to the ‘azonto’ beat.
Oh! I forgot to say she told us she was no more a ‘virgin’ and she had met over twenty men in bed. Anyway, as I was saying, the head of the black-bird cult on campus was interested in her and he asked his boys to bring her up to his hotel room…

Wait, Wait, the doctor interrupts, what school are we talking about?

ABTI sir. Jennifer replied

Atiku’s school?

Yes sir.

The one in yola, or is it kaduna?

Yola sir.

Haa! The doctor exclaims, take a glance at the Father and beckons her to continue.

As I was saying, she got there and few minutes later we began to hear noises from the room. It was Kim shouting, we knew she was definitely a learner in the business. She was saying stuff like ..’No! No!! I cannot do it oh! I have known no man since I’ve been in my village, there in Ibadan! My father will shoot me!’

The head of the cult and his gang were clearly infuriated and as a result, beat her to pulp and raped her one after the other afterwards.
Thereafter, she passed out. It was until they all came out we knew what had happened in the room…and then, we rushed her here…

• • •

In the doctor’s office, five minutes later…

Mr. Ajanlekoko: So, Oga dokita, what you think we can do for my daughter who has chosen to disgrace me in public?
Doctor: I’ll say we run some tests and ensure she’s psychologically stable, as well as free of diseases, HIV in particular.
Mr. Ajanlekoko: Tank you very mush dokita. Is that all?
Doctor: Yes sir. But sir, how much is her school fees?
Mr. Ajanlekoko: About two million o!
Doctor: ehn! No offence o, how did you manage to pay her school fees?
Mr. Ajanlekoko: Na lotto I win.
Doctor: How much did you win?
Mr. Ajanlekoko: About six million naira
Doctor: How much is remaining?
Mr. Ajanlekoko: Nothing o! It has finished!
Doctor: How do you intend to pay for her three more years in school?
Mr. Ajanlekoko: Err… She was supposed to get a sch… Scho… Sche…
Doctor: Scholarship?
Mr. Ajanlekoko: Yes! That’s it.
Doctor: How smart
Mr. Ajanlekoko: You say?
Doctor: Nothing sir…. Never mind.. Sir, I must add that, your daughter is a CERTIFIED LEARNER for lying and portraying a false image of herself knowing fully well that she was by no means an expert in such. She and every other youth must know what they stand for and should also be contented with who or what they are and have. But you sir, your actions have not been wise at all. I’m holding my guts not to call you a fool. Who wins a lottery and sends his child to the most expensive school without planning ahead? Are you a Learner?
Mr. Ajanlekoko: I did not know nau… But, what is it you mean by a ‘learner’?
Doctor: (laughs). You can ask your daughter’s friend outside, she should be able to explain further.


    “Illiteracy is never the problem, Ignorance is”

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Are You A Learner? Ep 5

LOL… Haven’t stopped laughing since I read this particular episode… You can call it our new year special.

The Culprit: Yemi Johnson (@yemijohnson) and he blogs Here

If your doctor has said you have the tendency to go crazy if pushed to much or deep down, you know you can, don’t read this… Cos you’ll definitely cross over…
And Damstylee won’t account for any bill at Yabaleft or Igbobi..

That said… Continue… At your own risk…

Passin the mic to Mr Johnson then…



Honestly, I told Dami I didn’t know what to write, so I decided to share some LEARNER stories with you all.

2 days ago, I was talking to my 4 year old nephew who has never disputed the fact that he’s a learner.
Last week, he put super glue in his eye.
He thought it was the mascara his mother used *sigh* We caught him on time and were able to save him from becoming a one eyed pirate; apparently that’s what he wants to become in future.
Not a doctor or scientist or even a father (being a father is a career also, that’s why there’s father day, equivalent of worker’s day).

Anyway, the boy asks me if I’m a learner. I feel insulted because I know what the smart little thing is driving at, so I respond

Me: Yes, I’m a learner. I’m still in school?
Nephew: Uncle Yemi, but why did you bash my mummy’s car against the house?
Me: Ehn! it was the house that hit me, very naughty house, that’s why Santa didn’t come to our house to drop gifts.

Luckily, he believes in Santa and the toothfairy courtesy of his mother. And certainly there will be a talking house in some of the cartoons he watches after all, I have seen talking trains, talking cars even talking bed sheets. It would be a total surprise if there’s no talking house. Hopefully he believed me, my rhetoric seemed pretty convincing.



Whatever I say from here on is completely fictional, if you ever think this story is true then may Jesus be a source of common sense.

• • •

Just yesterday, I was about taking a shower, infact I had stepped into the bath when I remembered that I forgot to lock the front door after my mum left. So I stepped out all nude and what not and without a care in the world. I walked towards the anteroom passing the parlor on the way. I locked the door and by the time I turned back, magic happened, I thought I was in a movie. Apparently my mum’s tailor remained behind because I was meant to give her money which I totally forgot. Anyway, I leave the rest of the awkwardness to your imagination.

• • •

That brings us to today’s post – Igbo boy and the PVR decoder.

*Somewhere in a remote village in Anambra*

Mum: Ugo, now that you are on holidays, you will go and leave with your aunty in the big city tomorrow.

Ugo: Is it the one in Abuja with the DSTV just like our neighbor?

Mum: Yes, the last time I was there, she had more stations than our neighbor, she said they pay #1,500 and her she pays #9800. She has even bought an AC. Those people in the city are rich; very soon, you too will become a big man in the city

Ugo is very excited and cannot stop grinning from ear to ear.

*Sometime later… Somewhere in the outskirts of Abuja*

Aunty Ngozi: I don’t want you going over to my neighbour’s beer parlor. If I smell alcohol on your body…. I will kill you.

She gives him #200 to buy food for himself and teaches him how to use the PVR decoder. She gives him the remote to see if he understands.

Aunty Ngozi: Good, you are a smart boy sha!…. Also, I’m sharing payment for the DSTV with my neighbor, so you can view what he’s watching but most times it will be on a sports station because of the men that come to drink at the beer parlor. Ok then, bye-bye!

Ugo: Thank you aunty! bye-bye!

Ugo buys a loaf of agege bread, sachet blueband margarine and a sachet water for breakfast and keeps the remaining #100.
#100 seemed like a lot of money; before now, the highest currency note in his possession was #50. He was sure that if he was given #200 each day and he saved #100 for the 2 months he was staying with his aunt he would almost be as rich as his mum that traded bad farm produce at the market and raked in as much as #50 profit on a good day.

Maybe I will buy my own house and marry Amaka with her fine breast and nyash; she knows I like her and my thing always stands up each time she passes. Poor Ugo thought in his 15 years old mind. He has never gotten anything higher than an F in math’s since he entered school despite he was repeating Js 3 for the third time.

Ugo perused through the channels; unfortunately there’s no Afmag Igbo, so he settles for the regular Afmag but then again English has never been his favorite language and so he changes it to Afmag Yoruba because Yoruba people are very cool and every igbo person secretly wishes he/she were Yoruba.

After 3 hours of enjoying Yoruba movies, Ugo decides to peruse other stations again and then he sees something.
“Ha! Ashon movie!” He exclaims.
After 5 minutes of the best fight scene he has ever seen in his life, something even more critical happened. He saw something very unusual on tv for the first time in his life. Something he thought people only did in secret like his father and his neighbor’s daughter, the same thing he has always wanted to do to Amaka since he realized the pleasures his right hand could make him feel.

With his newly acquired knowledge of the DSTV PVR decode, he rewound, paused, fast forwarded, slow mo’d and played the sex scene over and over and over again, infact an infinite amount of over agains.

Meanwhile or maybe unfortunately, the tv at the beer parlor was viewing the same thing as Aunty Ngozi’s decoder and it really got the drunks turned on and they ended up raping the 2 female waitresses.

Aunty Ngozi got word of what happened and in a bout of massive anger, she calls out to Ugo and says
“Are you as stupid as your mother that doesn’t know your father is cheating

    I guess we all know who the true learner is here, who gives a village boy that much space?

That was crazy… I bet you feel the same way…
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    Happy New Year From Us At again!

    God bless your hustle this new year!


Are you a Learner? Ep 3

Today, I introduce another bad guy.
You probably know him as @Achi_va but he’s now @TheBawdyPaet and he blogs Here

To all of you that missed the first and second episodes, you can read them by clicking their links below;

Episode 1
Episode 2

And that’s that…
Passing the Mic over….


It was a bright sunny day and all was right with the world. That was a big fat lie. You could tell right? If all of you can tell that I’m lying does that mean I’m overly dumb or all of you are smart? Hhmm…..don’t answer that. You just did right? You called me dumb *sigh* See why I dislike you humans? I’m getting really bad at telling lies these days, means I’m getting nearer to heaven’s gates. I can feel it sister, hell is not my portion. I just wasted some seconds of your life right? Yeah I’m that awesome. Now pay attention.

• • • •

It wasn’t a bright sunny morning and all was definitely not well with the world. There I was chilling on my own, minding my own business and trying not to look any ‘agbero’ in the eyes. You can never be too careful with these people. I hear they smoke all kinds of things, one minute they’re smiling at you, and the next? Well……find out for yourself.

I had just finished a class in school and was on my way home. I was feeling awesome and all, maintaining my “fine boy no pimple” persona and waiting for a ‘not too full’ bus that was going my way. I couldn’t rush for a bus even if my life depended on it, fine boys like me don’t do that…No…No. We leave struggles like that to you normal people. I can smell your hate already, not cool, did I create myself?

There were many other people there at the bus-stop, people of all shapes and sizes. I particularly noticed this extremely skinny man and a fat woman standing in front of me. If you stack like four of the man together, I doubt if you’ll get half the body mass of the woman. She could easily have passed for his mother; this was till I saw them exchange giggles and all. I was so shocked I almost lost my footing. I didn’t notice when this young man made it to my side. The first thing he said was:

Uncle ejo e help me (Uncle please help me)

I pretended not to hear, there was no way he was talking to me.

Uncle se e fe so pe, e gbo mi ni?(Do you want to pretend you cannot hear me?)

I kept pretending not to hear him, I started to walk away and he followed.

Uncle please can you help me. I just need money to get home, see my ID card. I am a student from Onitsha, I came here to see my brother in Lagos. You see, when I got to his house I found out he had packed out

My first reaction was utter disgust; I really needed to leave this place.

I don’t have anything to give you, leave me alone

He kept at it. I kept walking not even minding where I was going.
Ah Uncle, please I have nowhere to go

I was getting scared; he was already making a scene. A fine boy like me was not made to deal with all this drama, I needed to get rid of this nigga, and fast too.

Broda, even if na only, 20 naira, anything you have

I brought out my wallet and scavenged for N20 amongst all the N500 notes that were available. I could feel his surging eyes. This was my biggest mistake of the night; it was the beginning of the end. I ended up giving him N50. Did you really think I’d find N20 in my wallet? Woe unto ye…unbeliever.

At this point I discovered I was the only one standing at that part of the road and we were no longer at the bus-stop. And oh did I forget to mention it was about 8pm at night? I left that out.
I was screwed and I knew it, when he saw the reaction on my face, he smiled. I began to sweat, my only option now was turn around and run. As I turned to run, I saw three hefty looking men staring at me. Oh this was it, it is finished.
The biggest one among them called out:

Moshood wan bi (Moshood come here).

I spaced out; a dirty slap brought me back to the reality of the situation. It was from the one that had been begging me for a while now.

No be you dem dey follow talk? Abi your ear no dey work again?

Tunde fi le the biggest one said.
I immediately went to the one that called me. As I got to him, he fixed another slap perfectly on my left cheek. I fell to the ground, and no I was not seeing stars, I was seeing my ex laughing at my weak ass.
Get up now He howled.
The others just stood silently, watching and waiting for my great escape.

Next time I call your name you reply ‘yes sir’ Moshood wan bi’ ‘Yes sir’ ‘Moshood wan bi’ ‘Yes sir’ you hear?

Yes sir

Oya go back

I went back to where I was standing initially.
Moshood wan bi

Yessir I replied and walked up to him. I tried to maintain calm, composure was everything at this point.

Empty that your bag

I keep forgetting things; a fine boy like me should not be this dumb. I was carrying my newly acquired dell XPS. I could not run now, it was at this point I felt a certain type of warmth trickle down my legs. I was wearing a pair of really skinny jeans, so it was impossible to hide. I have never felt so ashamed in my life.

Ah o ti to sara sha (Ah he has wet himself) They exclaimed

The biggest one replied: Ode ma leleyi (This one is a fool)
They ordered me to remove my pants. I did so without hesitation and handed it to them. I emptied all that was in the bag, mostly books and the laptop.
They took everything. I didn’t know area boys liked to read or maybe they didn’t, that wasn’t the point now. They had taken everything I had on me, my wallet, bag, everything except my inner shirt and boxers.
You don’t want to know how I got to my house that day.

Policeman: So you fit tell us say you piss for body?
Me: But you said I should tell you everything.
Policeman: Is that all that happened?
Me: Yes sir.
Policeman: dem lap you inside bus come lagos?
Me: sir?
Policeman: Are you a learner?
Me: ……………

If you believe this story really happened, you are definitely a learner….

Took me a while to get a lesson out of it but here goes;

    Do not talk to a stranger…..
    Except She’s super hot or Me :d


Are you a Learner? Ep 2

Welcome to ”

I’m sure Y’all read the first episode yesterday; for all the lastmas, you can still read it. Just click the link below;
Episode 1

Today, I introduce you to a Boss, a man I respect so much and that respect grew further when he agreed to write in this series; He’s none other then Mr Seun Thomas and you can read his blog here Here.

To all you story predicting experts, try your hands at this. If you get where the story is headed from the first 10 lines, I promise you… Err… Anything you want!

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My story’s getting too much shey, please Enjoy!


Not this year! Never.. Musa bellowed

Tie his hands! He commanded as he made his way to the hole the other light was coming from.

How? Anu asked as frightened as ever.

Use your mouth jhor! Michael from the other side of the wall replied instantly.
Today na today, we must survive he chanted.

This is a fat one o, Anu thought to herself as she tried to tie him.

She didn’t know why she got stuck with tying duty but she couldn’t complain. Seeing her sisters lifeless body on the table, glistening, stabbed and burnt made her sick .. She couldn’t really complain, this was their chance and they were taking it.

Wetin una dey do like this?! A scream came from the left.

Everyone was startled, they never expected any unknown company. The stranger looked at them expressionless with its bulging eyes.

Hurry! Musa said. We don’t have much time.

He looked at the rat with distrusting eyes, he wasn’t sure why he was joining them in this prison break, the rat caught musa’s stare and quickly looked away. This guy is too stingy mehhnn, he thought.

After a while, the rat said, You no see as all of dem fat! Nothing! He threw his hands in abandon.
Nothing at all dey fall for ground!
For dustbin sef, na so so nylon. I bin dey reason escape before sef, buh I bin no get d liver, and as I see una like this I just believe again.

Here. michael said, dropping something for the rat to eat.
Eat that, we all have, you’ll see clearer.

Earlier, one of the fat people left a sizeable amount of strange grass beside musa as all the people left the house before sunrise, Musa had been skeptical about eating it but Anu ate first. She was hungry and none of them had been fed. Her courage gave him courage, she was only a chicken buh she was braver than a lion and she ate the strange grass too so she was extra pumped ..

Musa was sort of the leader, he was a ram and he was the biggest obviously. his size was influential in knocking down the first human that they encountered. This strange grass they had eaten was incredible and he loved it.

They had all been kept in the backyard, dreading the day they would be visited. Anu’s sister had been visited first and she lay glistening on the table, dead.

This new strange grass they had eaten was working wonders, Musa thought. It made him feel an undeniable resolve to live, he did not want to die, to be cut down, skinned or eaten, yuck!

All gutted rams all over the world had known to fear this evil period known as Christmas, for many years he had watched his brothers go and never return and when the stick bearing man pointed to him that faithful day he knew his time had come and felt his insides melt.

Today he felt differently, everything was brighter, clearer, sharper, he saw an opportunity to escape so he rallied Anu along. Over time Micheal, the turkey from across the fence had become a friend, he too ate out of grass and was now escaping with them, it was a ram, a chicken, a turkey and they met a rat along the way; this was George Orwell’s Animal Farm all over again.

So a ram, chicken, turkey and a rat were escaping to freedom on christmas eve.

What the hell are you doing? The rat screamed at Micheal , he was agitated but still felt an atom of bravery somewhere in him.

Micheal had waited behind and was fiddling with an apple, desperately trying to stuff it in the fat man’s mouth,

You like that? .. Huh fatso? He said.

He had seen it on the box with the other people(TV) once through the window (yes turkeys know what windows are), and he was going to replicate it on his now former oppressor.

He later joined them and they left the compound and made their way accross the giant road, they didn’t know what life held for them, but one thing they knew for sure was that they weren’t going to be eaten today.

• • • •

There was sweat dripping down olamide’s face, he knew he had messed up really bad.

Ehem…. The leader coughed deliberately, a wry smile forming on his face.

Mr Bondito, As he was called, was the crime lord in this area, he was behind every vice in that area. One of his vices, the most popular and most commercial, was dealing weed. He had retail men, and this man kneeling in front of him was one of them.

So Olamide, Mr Bondito’s right hand man started, are telling me He paused … With a smile laced wth hatred and disgust, …you are telling Mr Bondito that a ram ate his biggest stash of weed, tied ur driver and ran away with your chicken and your neighbor’s turkey?
Is that what ur telling me?… Sir…. Olamide stammered.

SHUTTUP! Mr bondito screamed in anger.
YOU FOOL! He followed up,
I’m not concerned with your petty lie about the farm animals but how would you leave something resembling grass beside grass eating farm animals and expect them not to eat it?!


Never saw this coming aite? Told ya!
One question to the Readers though, who are the true Learners in this story?

Thanks for Reading Again.

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