I’ll take it back

Sometimes we are stuck in that valley; dead center in the midst of towering mountains, lost, cold and devoid of inspiration. Every man has this moment of tribulation where it seems like his peril is just a step away.
I know I’m pretty much exaggerating my situation but yes, I was stuck and devoid of inspiration.

Until someone agreed to share her write ups with me and like a light bulb, a pretty slow one.. Still took me a while before I picked up my pen but she did inspire me even though I never quite appreciated her for it.

So miss Mimi Oriame, thank you for your indirect surge of inspiration.
Do have a Happy Birthday and I pray you have a super-awesome day inspiring tons of people like you did me. To think it all started with me meeting you cos I was hyper as a result of my injections. Lol. 🙂

Congrats again and Have a wonderful day..!

P.s.. I know I suck at poetry but thats the only genre I’ve been able to write anything on for now. I won’t say I dedicate it to you but you sure helped me in picking my pen again. Thanks.


I get blinded by very little
I could boast of that
But so much has changed of late
The tingling has ceased
The sparks that littered the air non-existent
Her smiles don’t keep me in awe anymore
And slowly, a monster beckons in me
Threatening to engulf what makes me
What’s left of me

* * *

Things were awesome yesterday
Now life runs in a cycle of grey
As the colors fade out of my view
Leaving me to this mist of nothingness
The gust strikes my heart time and time again
Yet, I feel no chill
But emptiness
A void of blankness
I miss what makes me
I miss the warmth that accompanies her stares
The glee in her eyes when they look into mine
The shivers in my legs when I feel her touch

* * *

I fear I’m broken
Loneliness continues to bite at my insides
Tearing me up bit by bit
And I cannot but hope for a remedy
A miracle
Else I’ll reside in this abyss that is loneliness
Devoid of colors and stars
Missing her warming touch and tender kisses
The world I’ve grown to love
I miss it all.
I want it all back.

Mike Dammy

I’m still a learner shey?

2 Decades…

Hmmm… How do I start?

Well, what can I say; it’s been 19 years now. I’ve been battered and smothered by life in different areas of my life but yet I stand. I’m staring at my laptop’s screen now and I’m typing with such resolve that never possessed me before.

Is it because I’ve matured or cos of my bad guy status?

No… It’s because HE has helped me grow. HIS loving hands and tender mercies endure forever and I’m one of the reasons there is a “forever” in that statement.

12 or 13 years ago, I got a visit from cerebral malaria and trust me, visits from malaria and typhoid were very frequent.. I have no idea if I was cool with it, maybe I was; maybe I wasn’t but all I know that it chose not to go until HE intervened and commanded it out. True, if you ask the doctor, he would tell you “I did a good job”. Only HE and many others who have come under his grace understand that the doctor had no say in it. To HIM, I barely paid the doctor’s house or car bills and that of his staff; the doctor only cared, HE healed me.

Today, I stand writing this and I can rightly say, “Malaria, you don’t have any hold over me, I’m the Boss of you and not you of me” and that has taken me almost two decades to figure out.

19 years, too long to figure out a truth like that you might say, but go ask the people that died via cerebral malaria and those that have suffered the symptoms; loss of memory, migraine and so on. They will tell you not everybody emerges a “Boss of it” except you have the bigger Boss in you. They’ll tell you that I wasn’t lucky and I was simply privileged and this instance is but one of billions of times that He has cared for me.

Come Tuesday, the bells would roll out; birthday hats and suits would flood the terrain but one thing would keep my attention amidst this and it’s HIS love.

20 short years and I’ve survived several assassinations from the camp of the enemy.

20 years and I’ve walked over a billion death traps and mines set by the people of the underworld.

20 years and HIS love for me hasn’t waned one bit.

20 years and I’ll never regret meeting HIM.

Writing this wasn’t something that had me thinking or rummaging through my dictionary. No… I’ve understood in my stay here on earth that “when you love someone, you don’t need protocol to show it. It just flows.” If HE doesn’t hesitate to supply the air, food, water, shelter, school fees, clothes, friends and opportunities I need to have a wonderful life, why should it be a big deal for me to show mine? Why should I be a big deal for you?

So, I’m proud to say that I would add another year come Tuesday, the 14th of May, 2013 and God would be 20 on this earth via my body, soul and I thank HIM for the privilege. I boast in HIM and I stand forever for him and of all the times I’ve stopped to think or say, I can rightly say;

Thank You Father for the Gift of Life


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Thank you for Reading.

Mike Dammy


The Baby has grown

Long long ago in a hospital in Maryland, lagos, Nigeria a young beautiful woman conceived her first of two sons. So handsome was he that his tears and wails couldn’t stop the nurses from tripping.

Day by day, he grew in wisdom and knowledge, overcoming every obstacle he came across and challenging for greater heights.

When he was a  little over 11, his goals could have made an influential business man insecure.

Primary, secondary school education passed and his ambitions and dreams remained intact.

Quite shy you could call him, he could barely face the girl of his dreams. He would write, draw, paint, read and buy all in a bid to impress an already impressed admirer. Little did he know that he was also the boy of her dreams but he didn’t care because after a while, he got over his infatuation for her and jumped right  into another crush.

Promiscuity wasn’t his virtue but he couldn’t help exhibit little symptoms of it and who could blame him when his charms knew where exactly to hit in the heart of the ladies, not that he could stop it.

Today is the 14th of may, 2012, his birthday, he’s still as ambitious as ever, his goals and dreams still boldly imprinted in his minds.

How I wish I could interact with him though, its just that it’ll be stupid to start talking to myself, or don’t you think so.

Anyways, readers, I’ve come to a new chapter in my life. A more prosperous one by God’s grace.

To everyone that has wished me a happy birthday, I love you. If you haven’t, I still love you but you can still make use of the comment box sha.


Thanks for reading again.

Happy Birthday to Micheal Damilola Awonowo!


I remain Damstylee