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Joshua Fela

Joshua Fela | Damstylee_Original picture sourced from Google

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Mike walked into the reception of EKO hospital; a renowned medical clinic in Lagos. He scanned the corridors connected to the reception in view of signages that would direct him before his attention is broken by a waving receptionist. Or was she a nurse, he had no idea and her formal attire gave nothing away.

“Good afternoon.” He greeted after he had advanced on her position.

“Afternoon sir, how may I help you?” She replied. He couldn’t help but notice her cute appearance and the little freckles on her face that made her look younger than he guessed she was.

“I’m Mike Ogu; divisional head police officer of the Akoka branch police station. I would like to see a medical doctor. If possible, the one in charge.”

He saw the look on her face and quickly added; “its for an investigation.”

“I’m sure it is.” She replied and smiled at the realisation that he had tried reading her facial expression and failed. Contrary to what he might have been thinking, she was only surprised at the panache with which he spoke.

“If I’m getting you right sir, you want to see Dr. Yeboah; the medical director in charge but he’s curently on official duties to Namibia”

“Oh…Is there any other doctor I can see?”

“Yes, Dr Ogunsaye. He’s Dr Yeboah’s deputy.”

“Okay, that’ll be fine by me.” Mike replied.

“Good, sit over there for a while…” She gestured to a settee in the reception lobby. “And I’ll get back to you soon.”

“Thank you… Miss?”

“Tamara.” She answered and gently flicked her nametag albeit in an ambiguous manner. He got the hint and punched himself for not seeing it on his way to the settee.


Laughter from an adjoining room cut through the silence in Ronke’s room like a knife. She was seated on an arm chair which was opposite her bed on which Nike was seated.

“Nike…” She said in a rather commanding tone. “Let me see that picture.”

“No.” was the reply she got.


Nike sniffed and rubbed her nose with the back of her palm. Her eyes were red from holding back the tears and it seemed like they could burst out any minute.

“Because I’ve got something going and you want to ruin it for me by telling me its all fake.”

“Not fake Nike.” Ronke corrected.” An illusion. I only want to confirm if Jeff is truly who he claims to be or you’re…” She paused and breathed heavily.

“Say it! You want to say I’m crazy right? Well, I am. I am crazily in love with a living person not the ghost you claim he is.”

“That ghost liked me.” Ronke replied emphasizing the word ‘Liked’.

“And that is it. That’s what this has always been about.” Nike clapped once and looked at the ceiling to prevent the tears from rolling out.

“It’s always been about you. The boy wanted you but you didn’t want him. Now he likes someone else and youre jealous that it’s not working out for you. You want it all for yourself.” She grabbed her bag , walked towards the exit and opened the door.

“You’re so self-centred it stinks.” She added. “Everything must be about you. No one else can be happy but you. The gist and gossip must always be in your favour. And you wonder why only crazies and idiots fall for you.” She stepped out and slammed the door behind her.

Ronke alighted from the chair, paced around the room in no particular pattern as she tried to wrap her head around her current dilemma.

Was she self-centred? Well, yea. But nobody could blame her as to why she was curious about Nike’s boyfriend. He was a carbon copy of the guy that liked her two years ago. The same one that died in a ghastly motor accident.

Was Josh alive? Was Nath normal?

She collapsed in a heap on her bed out of exhaustion and the dizzy effect her zigzag movement around the room had caused. She grabbed her pillows tightly and as she tried to sleep away the pain, her room door swung open.

“I came as soon as I saw your message” Shade said as she stomped into the room. She stooped to remove her sandals, saw the dirt she brought in with her and gasped.

“Don’t worry about that.” An obviously famished Ronke said. “I’ll clean it later.”

Shade rose her head in shock to look at her. The almighty queen of tidyness just refused the opportunity to go all gaga at mud stains on her rug. Something definitely was up.

“What’s wrong dear?” She asked after taking a seat beside Ronke’s bed and nudging her in the side. “Is it Chloe?”

“Nah… I think Nike is right.”

“Right about what?” A confused Shade asked.

“I am a jealous self-centered crazy b**ch…”

“Nike said that?” Shade interjected.

“Not really, but that’s what she meant.”

“When did these all happen?”

“Doesn’t matter but I’m gonna solve it today.”

“Solve what?” Shade asked disgusted. “Stop putting me in the dark. Your message said I should get here fast. I’m here now, what’s the problem?

“Joshua Fela is not dead.” Ronke finally replied. She got up from the bed. Walked over to her mirror and wiped off what was left of the makeup on her face.

“I know that Ronke, I saw him myself.”

“Good. So Josh is not dead…” She repeated. “Nath is not crazy and I know all these because Nike is pregnant for him.”

Shade gasped and covered her open mouth with her hands.

“Nath impregnated Nike?”

“No stupid. Josh did and I believe I…”

“Ronke…” Shade interrupted her. “You know that sounds crazy.” Ronke shot her a blank stare and she hushed.

“Just follow me to the cafeteria and I’ll prove it.” She grabbed her bag and hung it on her shoulder. “I’ll prove to everybody that Josh is Jeff and Jeff is Josh”

“Who’s Jeff?” Shade asked.

“Stop asking questions and just follow me jor.” They shut the door behind them and headed for the cafeteria.


Sir… Sir… Mr Mike? A gentle thud on his wrist woke him from his slumber.

“Er.. Yes?” He stuttered when he saw the receptionist standing over him.

“Mr Ogunsaye is ready to see you.” She said and returned to her desk.

“Oh.. Okay, thank you.” He rose for his seat and went in the direction she pointed.

“First door to your left.” She said after him.

“Okay.” He got to the door with the name tag on it and stopped.

“Tamara.” He called.

“Yes sir?”

“Can I see you later, say Friday?” He asked while trying to be as calm as he could be.

She say back and slouched in her seat.

“See me how?” A slight grin played at the corner of her lips. She wasn’t going to make this easy for him.
As she expected, he broke a sweat and puffed his cheeks.

“What…what… I meant was…” He replied stuttering like he did earlier.

“You mean a date?”

“Yes… I mean no… Actually what I meant was…”

“You know what…” She interrupted him.
“Let me give you my number.” She scribbled her number on a sheet of paper and handed it to him.

“Give me a call and we’ll talk better.”

“Thanks.” He smiled after he realized what she had done.

After a few seconds of awkward silence, she cleared her throat and pointed in the direction of the doctor’s office.

“Oh! Totally forgot about that.” He said and scampered to the office.


The phone vibrated on the wooden table and an ominous hand out of the darkness snatched at it and flipped it open.


“Hello. Is this Muhammed?”

“Yes. I just got the pictures in my mail.”

“Good. I guess that’s all you need.”

“Yes, it is. Their names, pictures and addresses. That’s basically everything. Have you seen my boy?”

“Yes, he just left my house. I gave him a hundred thousand naira.”

“Hundred ke? We agreed on two hundred.”

“I know. You’ll get your balance when the deed is done.”

A deep laughter filled the small room poorly lit by a single clerestory window.

“Trust me, those girls; Nike and Ronke or whatever their names are are as good as dead.”

As soon as he dropped the call, he dialled another number.


“Yes sir.”

“Did you get the complete money?”

“Yes sir. Hundred thousand naira, no kobo less.”

“Good. Meet me in front of Unilag now. Let’s just finish the job sharply.”

“Oshey! I’ll meet you there asap.”

“Good, and don’t forget to bring the van. You know we can’t kill them in plain sight.”

“I know sir, I no be novice. See you in thirty minutes.”


After thirty minutes with the doctor, Mike stepped out of the office, waved Tamara good bye and headed out of the hospital. In the parking lot, he dialled Bayo’s number and surveyed his surroundings as it rang.

“Hello sir.” He heard Bayo say.



“Go back to that school and bring me back that girl.”

“Ronke Gbadamosi?”

“Yes, something is not right here.”

“What can that be Sir?” Bayo asked.

“We’ll discuss later at the station. Just get me the girl now.”

“Okay sir.”

To be continued.


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Joshua Fela – Episode 9

Joshua Fela | Damstylee_Original picture sourced from Google

Joshua Fela | Damstylee_Original picture sourced from Google

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“What do you mean by the suspect we are talking about?”

Mike turned to look at the senator and fought the urge not to reply with a sarcastic tone.

“The one I told you she just mentioned.”

“Oh, ok… good. Let’s go meet her then.” Dare said and headed for the exit.

Mike cleared his throat and the senator halted in his stride.

“I’ll have to talk to him alone sir.”

“Why’s that?”

“This is a murder case and…”

“I know that.” Dare interjected.

“Yes, I know you know. What I was going to add before you interrupted was that since I am the most experienced personnel in police matters in this vicinity, it’s logical I get the statement from the suspect alone.”

“But it was my son that got murdered.” Dare interjected again.

Mike shot the Senator a knowing look and continued. “I know and I promise to get to the bottom of this.”

“You better do.” Dare said. He turned to his personal assistant and called her to the corner.

“Call Sheraton now and a suite and the closest room to it. Tell them it’s urgent and we are on our way there.” He whispered to her.

“Yes sir.” She replied.

He turned to face Mike. “I will be lodged in Sheraton; give me a call when there’s a new development.”

“Yes sir.” Mike said calmly. He held his breath until he heard the door close behind Dare and his entourage and heaved a sigh of relief when it did.

“Good riddance.” He muttered under his breath.

Ronke smiled in her seat and shook her head. She had been here a short while but she didn’t need a soothsayer to know Mike was a good man. Apparently Africa magic had got it all wrong when they portrayed all Nigerian police officers as jerks and extortionists.

“So Nath’s here?” She said to break the air since nobody had said a word since the senator left.

“Yes, he has come to confess.” Bayo was first to answer.

“Yea, I heard clearly the first time the other man said it.” She responded.

Mike detected the rude tone but just ignored it when he noticed Bayo didn’t. He couldn’t blame her too; nobody liked Bayo.

“So what’s going to happen to me?” Her question was directed at Mike this time.

“You’re free to go for now.”

“What?” Bayo bawled. “Why are you letting her go Sir? She is still a suspect.”

“Would you stop me from releasing her?” Mike asked without turning to look at him.

“No sir. I’m sorry.”

A smile lit up Ronke’s face when she saw Bayo’s whitewashed face.

“What happens to Nath now?” She asked Mike again.

“Sincerely, I don’t know.”


Dare was looking at the Ikorodu roadway through the tinted glass of his Lexus jeep. He was seated in the owner’s corner while his personal assistant was seated directly in front of him in the passenger’s seat to the right of the driver.

His phone buzzed beside him and he turned to look at it. The screen read Commissioner Susan and he sighed when he guessed why she was calling.

“Hello.” He said into the mouthpiece of the phone when he had picked the call.

“Hello darling.” He heard her say. “How are you?”

“I’m fine Susan.”

“How was the meeting with the DPO?”

“It was good I guess.”

“And have you finally accepted to take my advice.”

“No.” Dare replied abruptly. He had not even given a thought once.

“Just let it go Dare.”

“And let him win? No.” The driver and his PA just stared at the traffic in front of them. Whatever was happening at the back seats was none of their business.

“Why are you so bent on making someone suffer because of your feud with your son?”

“If you put it like that, I wonder why I told you in the first place.”

“I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to put it that way but please explain all of this to me.”

“Okay; remember when I told you about Tope’s mum?”

“Yea, I do.”

“Well, she died when he was eleven and he never forgave me. She had leukaemia and I was busy on some official business in the UK. When I got back, it was too late and he had watched her die all by himself. I tried mending our already broken relationship but he never agreed and he always reminded….”

“You’ve told me all these Dare…” She interrupted. ” but I still don’t understand how it plays down to Tope committing suicide just to hurt you.”

Dare laughed and bit his bottom lip.

“That’s exactly what he did. That way I don’t get to have him around. And he was tired of life to be honest. I just didn’t expect him to take it this far.”

“Okay, if all you say is true; why do you need someone to suffer for his suicide?”

“So he doesn’t win. I’m not going to accept being the cause for his death. No, I won’t.”



“Please don’t do this, it’s not worth it.”

“Got to go now.” He said and ignored her pleas.

“Okay, talk to you later.”

“You too dear. “

He tossed his phone to the leather seat behind him as his car turned to enter the compound of the Sheraton hotel.


The door creaked open and Mike peeked into his office. He was a little disappointed when he saw a young man in a hoody and a pair of jeans bowed over the plywood table top of his desk. He expected a more macho appearance by the famous ‘Nath’. He tried to read emotions from the calm scene but got nothing. Even the click of the door into its lock didn’t stir up the motionless man.

“Excuse me.” He finally said after clearing his throat also failed to arouse Nath.

Nath rose up his head and Mike frowned when he saw his bloodshot eyes. He hoped it was the effect of sobbing for hours on end that made them so and not the ecstasy that accompanied smoking freshly cut marijuana.

“Nathaniel Bassey?”

“Yes sir.” Nath finally said.

“Good.” Mike strolled to his side of the desk. He felt a small hint of discomfort as Nath stared as him as he walked past him. He finally got to his wheeler chair, sat on it and held out his hands on the table in front of Nath.

“So I hear you have something for me.” Mike started.
Nath hesitated. He hadn’t slept one bit since the incident hence the sore eyeballs and he also hadn’t eaten in that same period of time. He couldn’t make any sense from what had happened or how it had happened and the only bits that fit were the dream and the murder itself. He jerked back to reality when he noticed the DPO waving at him.

“Sorry, what did you ask?”

“When last did you sleep?”

Nath looked puzzled and tried to figure out why the man in front of him was interested in his sleeping patterns. Had he been thinking aloud?

“Two days ago.” He finally answered.

“The day of the murder?”



“Why what?”

“Why haven’t you been sleeping?”

“Why would I sleep? I freaking killed someone. If it were you, would you sleep or eat?”

“No.” Mike replied. “But I sure as hell won’t turn myself in just two days after.”
Nath shrugged his shoulders and looked away.

“I guess I felt guilty.”

“Why did you kill him then?”

“I don’t know.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means I don’t know why I killed him. I don’t even know when I did.”

Mike shook his head slowly. This wasn’t making any sense to him. The boy might be high after all.

“You know you’re not making any sense.” He said. “How don’t you know when you killed him?”

“It’s complicated sir; I had a dream that he was injured in his groin area and when I woke up he was dead and his private part was gone. Everybody said they didn’t see anybody do it so I just put two and two together.”

“Are you nuts?” Mike uttered. He looked stunned and pissed.

“How dare you come here and give me a cock and bull story on how you killed someone in your dream. Do you think we’re playing here? I should lock you up for dissent.”

“I’m sorry sir.”

“Good. Now, get out of my station.” He stood up to walk Nath out.

“But.. but I came to confess.” Nath stammered.

“Are you crazy? I said…”

“Yes I am.” Nath interrupted.

“Excuse me?”

“I know the question was rhetorical but I answered it.” Nath said. He was standing now. “I was diagnosed with the Capgras syndrome two years back and its gets worse every day. I don’t have control over my body or my actions and like I said earlier, I believe I killed Tope.”

“Bayo.” Mike said into the intercom. “Get in here.”

“Yes sir.” Bayo replied.

Minutes later, Nath is escorted to a small cell in the station and Mike was headed out of the station.

“To where Oga?” The sergeant at the counter had asked.

“Eko hospital in Ikeja; I would be back soon.” Mike said and hurried to go get his car.


The key turned in the lock and it snapped open. Ronke stepped into her dorm room with her handbag dragging at her heels. There was a strange phenomenon with the room and even though it disgusted her stomach, she wasn’t in the mood to find out what it was. Barely five minutes after she had settled in, she heard a knock and the door swung open without warning. She cursed for not remembering to lock it behind her and turned to see Nike standing in the doorway. She tried to hide her disgust and collapsed into a chair in a bid to do so.

“Hey Nike.” She said.

“Hi Ronke; I heard you were back and I rushed here to come see you.”

There was a distinctive trait about her attitude and Ronke tried to read it off her face and hand gestures but she got nothing. Nike was not a calm person. Something was definitely wrong.

“What’s wrong with you?”


“You’re lying.” She deciphered.

“I’m not.” Nike replied and sat on Chloe’s bed. Ronke moved to her side and her arm brushed Nike’s as she sought to sit beside her.

“What’s wrong with you?” She asked anxiously and put her palm to Nike’s forehead to find out if she had a fever. “You’re steaming.”

Nike turned away to wipe a tear off her face but Ronke dragged her back in time to see it. She ignored the exhaustion her body felt and knelt in front of Nike.

“Please tell me what happened.”

A teary Nike replied; “I didn’t want to… “

“You didn’t want to want?”

“Ronke… I’m pregnant.”

Ronke gasped and covered her open mouth with her hands.

“Preg-what? Are you sure?”

“Yes.” She held up the pregnancy test strip to show Ronke the two colour bands that had appeared on the strip’s indicator.

“Shit.” Ronke cursed. “What are you going to do? Chill, let me get tissue.” She stood up to go get tissue paper to wipe Nike’s raining face with and stopped dead in her tracks when a thought popped up in her mind.

“Please don’t tell me it’s that guy you just met. What his name again… Je… Jeff…yes, Jeff?”

Nike swung her head to look at her and Ronke didn’t need a word to know her friend had been stupid enough to get impregnated by a guy she just met.

“Nike… Nike… I warned you about this idiot.”

Nike fought back. “He’s not an idiot and he loves me.”

“Bulls**t!” Ronke cried. Nike shrieked and her elbow hit her purse and it fell on the floor spilling out all its content onto the floor.

“I’m sorry”. Ronke apologised and bent over to pack up the items that fell out of the purse. As she did, she picked up a photograph that was faced downwards and froze when she saw what was on the other side of the paper.



“When did you take this picture?” She held the photo in Nike’s face.

“Last week, why?”

“Are you crazy? Did you go to heaven and come back?”

“ I’m saying where did you see Josh to take a picture with?”

“Who’s Josh?” Nike said and snatched the photo from Ronke’s hand. “This is Jeff, my boyfriend.”

“Hell no… that’s not Jeff; that is Joshua Fela.”

To be continued next week


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Joshua Fela – Episode 8

Joshua Fela | Damstylee_Original picture sourced from Google

Joshua Fela | Damstylee_Original picture sourced from Google

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The door opened and a man in his late forties stepped into the room. He spotted a short goatee and adjusted his glasses every now and then to reassure himself of his countenance and youth. The glasses had no recommended lens on them but only he knew that. He had told the doctor it was meant to help him remain young and vibrant in the eyes of the world.

The interrogator seated at the table immediately got to his feet and saluted the DPO of the current branch.

“Morning Sir.” He said after the physical salutation.

“Morning Bayo; is this the girl?” He asked concerning the girl seated at the other end of the desk. Her face was clasped in her palms and her hair was in a mess.

“Yes sir.” Bayo replied.

“Okay, what’s the situation?”

“She has refused to own up sir; still insists she had nothing to do with the murder.”

“She better do or we would have to answer to the senator. No…” he added after thinking. “I would have to answer to the senator.”

He smiled faintly and collected the file of the murder case from the outstretched hand of the interrogator. After rummaging through the documents, he snapped shut the file and looked at the terrified girl.

“Miss Ronke.” He said.

She looked up at this instance and squinted to see the face of her caller through her tear laden eyes.


“Ronke Gbadamosi right?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good, I’m Mike Ogu; the divisional police office of this branch.” He dragged the chair the interrogator stood from to himself creating a screeching sound in the process that made the interrogator flinch. He took off his glasses and put on a reassuring look. He noticed it calmed her down and managed a faint smile.

“So, tell me what happened.”

“Where do I start?” Ronke asked.

“From the beginning.” Mike replied.

Ronke took a deep breath and cleared her throat.
“It all started on Friday. I was gisting with my friends in my room.”

“Which friends?” Mike interjected.

“Nike, Shade and Chloe.” She said. “Chloe is my roommate…” she later added when she saw the look on Mike’s face.

“And these girls can vouch you were with them at this point in time?”

“Yes sir.”

“Carry on.”

She went on to describe her ordeal with Tope; how he called her and asked her to dinner. How the entire female dormitory went wild when the well-dressed driver arrived in the Aston Martin to pick her. How they spent money that rounded up to 56,000 naira during the course of the evening, how Tope asked her up to the suite he had booked and how she had refused.
Mike who had been quiet throughout her account stopped her at this point.

“You refused?”



“I didn’t want to follow him. I only followed him to have an experience of dining and Sheraton and…” she paused and looked away from Mike’s focused gaze.

“And what?” Mike inquired.

“… And to waste his money.” She muttered under her voice but the others in the room heard it clearly. “Don’t get me wrong…” she quickly added. “Tope is a proud person. I only wanted to make him pay and teach him a lesson.”

“Don’t you think killing him was too much of a lesson?” It was Bayo that spoke.

“I didn’t kill him.” She barked in his direction.

“Of course you didn’t. He died in the male hostel and unless you’re in Hollywood, you couldn’t have pulled that stunt. So, who did you employ to do the dirty job for you?”

“I didn’t kill him.” Ronke repeated.

“Then who did?” He banged the metal table in frustration and realised what he had done. His eyes met with that of the Mike who was looking up from his seated position and saw the disappointment in the eyes of his superior.

“I’m sorry sir.”

“You better be. Get out.”

Bayo reluctantly walked out of the room and Ronke heaved a sigh of relief when the door shut.

“Now, tell me what happened after that.” Mike said when the tension had dissipated.

She wiped her nose with the back of her hand and continued talking.

“After dinner, he paid the bill and I stood up to go. He then looked at me and asked me where I was going. I told him I thought we were supposed to head back to school because it was getting late and he laughed and told me we weren’t going back to school that night. When I asked him why, he said he had booked a room and that did I think he had brought me all the way to Sheraton to just have dinner. I got angry and started walking to the door and he dragged me back and threatened to wreck me and my family.”

She wiped a tear from her right eye but Mike stared on without any reaction. She searched his eyes for pity but found none, so she continued.

I tried to pull away and he called security and accused me of being a hooker. The security men threw me out and I found my way back to school.” She made an expression to show she had finished but Mike fixed his gaze on her.

“Did he have enemies?” He asked when he noticed she was getting uncomfortable with all the attention.

“Not that I know of.”

“Even in your class?”

She shook her head in response.
Mike leaned back in his seat and rubbed his sweaty hands against his trousers. His instincts told him she was innocent but the job required him to prove it.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”


“So apart from Tope, there is nobody wooing you?”

“Actually, there are a few but what does it matter?”

“It does matter because one of your numerous suitors could have killed Tope out of jealousy. So, is there any one among them that doesn’t like Tope?”

“Well, there’s Nath.”

“Who’s Nath?”

“Nathaniel Bassey; He was also in my class and he never for once liked Tope.”

“How do you know that?”

“It was obvious; they showed it every day, in class, church, anywhere they found themselves.”



Mike opened the file and scribbled something on an A4 paper.

“Any other thing you think I should know?” He waited for a response and when he didn’t get any, he looked up to see Ronke with her mouth aghast and her gaze fixed on the wall behind him.


“Nath was a cultist in his former school and he threatened me the day Tope died. Actually, the afternoon before he did.”

“Hmm…” was all Mike said. His face was buried in the paper her was jotting in.

“Is it possible Nath killed Tope?”

“Anything is possible dear; anybody can be a murderer; even you.” He put his pen back on the paper again to write and was halted by a knock on the door.

“Yes, come in.”

“DPO…” he heard Bayo say; “the senator is around.”

“Okay.” Mike replied calmly. “Tell him I would be with him soon.”

“In other words, he should keep me waiting.” Senator Dare said as he stepped into the room.

Mike turned back to see the youngest senator this country had ever had in his full regalia. His sky blue agbada screamed affluence and his charisma was one to be admired. A young lady Mike perceived to be his personal assistant stood behind him in a grey suit and two military officers stood behind her.

“I’m sorry sir.” Mike said and stood up in respect.

“Keep your apology to yourself. Has Bello called you?”

“Bello?” Mike asked bemused.

“Your boss.”

“Oh, Inspector Bello. Yes, he has sir.”

“Good. So who is she?” He pointed at Ronke.

“That’s Ronke Gbadamosi. She was brought in for questioning.”

“So, she killed my son?”

“No sir.” Mike answered. “She was only brought in for questioning.” Bayo cast a glance in his direction. How his boss had picked sides early on in the case surprised him.

“So, who did?” Dare asked.

“We don’t know yet sir.”

“What? Are you dumb? What do you mean by you’ve not found who killed my son?”

“I meant investigations are still on-going and no sir, I’m not dumb. You would like to mind your language around here Sir.”

The senator swivelled to face Mike.

“Are you talking to me?”

“I won’t have to if you had spoken well in the first place Sir.” Mike placed emphasis on the sir whenever he addressed arrogant people.

“What’s your name?”

“Mike Ogu Sir.”

“Mike, Mike… I like you Mike but you better watch your manners or I’ll have your ass on the street and I’ll make sure nobody employs you.”

Mike opened his mouth to reply but Bayo tugged at his shirt and he let it go.

“Good, now that we’ve reached an understanding, someone with a little bit of respect in here should brief me on what this investigation has uncovered.”

“Well… Mike started. I’ve interrogated her and we’ve come up with a new suspect.”

“Who?” Senator Dare asked.
A sergeant stepped into the already stuffed room, saluted his bosses and proceeded to speak.

“Sir, one Nathaniel Bassey is waiting for you in your office. He has asked to speak to you.”

“Nathaniel Bassey?” Mike asked.

“Yes sir. He said he has come to confess to one murder case or something.”

“Well, that’s wonderful.”

Senator dare looked on puzzled and Mike put him out of his misery.

“Nathaniel Bassey sir; is the suspect I was talking about.”


“Okay baby, talk to you tomorrow.”

“You too dear.” Jeff replied and cut the call. He flexed his arms and smiled to the ceiling. He really liked the girl after all.

“So, you still talk to that girl.”

Jeff sighed and turned to look at his father who was standing at the entrance of the door.

“I’ve told you I love her.”

“And I’ve told you love doesn’t exist.” He turned to leave the room.

“Yea right.” Jeff muttered under his breath.

“I heard you.” He heard his father’s voice echo in the lobby.

“I know.”

Jeff stood up and put on a pair of jeans. He took another long look at his girlfriend’s picture on the homepage of his phone and smiled.

“Dad.” He said when he got to the living room where his father was already seated.


“You promised to tell me about the accident today.”

“What’s left to know?”

“Don’t pretend now.” Jeff grumbled. “You never told me where I was going to before the accident or where I was even coming from.”

“Well, that’s because you never kept our deal.”

“Which is?” Jeff asked. He moved to the bar and poured himself a glass of wine.

“I thought I told you not to drink.” His father said without looking up from the newspaper he was reading.

“You’re deviating dad.”

“Oh, you mean the deal?”


“We agreed you would never step foot in that school again.”

“I thought we talked about that dad. For some reason, I’m drawn to that Ronke girl.”

“But you’re going out with her friend; you must be really drawn to her.” The father said albeit sarcastically.

“Well, I fell in love with Nike and I don’t regret it.”

“Break up with her, stick to our deal and I promise to tell you.”

“I can’t.”

“Then I’m not telling you.” The father slouched in the settee and shielded his face with the newspaper.

“I didn’t say I won’t. I said I can’t.”


“Meaning she’s pregnant.”

“She’s what?”

To be continued next week Tuesday.


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Joshua Fela – Episode 7

Joshua Fela | Damstylee_Original picture sourced from Google

Joshua Fela | Damstylee_Original picture sourced from Google

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Dare lay naked on the king size bed. The duvet was mussed and it barely covered his phallus after all the tossing and turning during the night. Susan lay beside him and was also deep in sleep. Her hair was packed in a hairnet and her face still had traces of last night’s make up.

The sun came up early and it let itself in through the tiny gap between the drapes. That single ray attacked Dare’s face and he was forced to jump out of bed. He tried going back to sleep after re-directing the light to Susan’s face but sleep wasn’t forthcoming.

Susan woke soon; the light causing her to. She looked in his direction and saw him standing over the bed. He looked like he could burst into laughter anytime and she didn’t need a mind reader to know he had done something mischievous.

“Dare; you did that curtain thing again right?” She asked with a stern look. He turned away and clasped his lips tightly to prevent them from betraying the act.

“You’re just a cow.” She said when he didn’t reply and threw a pillow in his direction. He caught the pillow and smiled.

“And you’re my lovely gecko.” He relied and tossed it right back at her. Those were their pet names. They had coined them during their first night out in London.

“Don’t you think we have taken the word pet too literally?” He had asked that night when she laid in his arms after a few bouts of sex.

“I know right.” She had replied.

She rolled up on the bed and backed the sunlight. The light fell on her hair this time and rendered it a taint brown. He noticed the colour gradient in her hair and smiled. Thoughts of going back to bed crossed his mind but he brushed them off. The alarm clock read 6:26. The time was 6:11 then, he calculated. It was fifteen minutes late. An error incurred by himself on purpose the night they arrived here in Burj al Arab.

He moved to the working closet and spent some minutes jostling on which shorts would be perfect for the day. Today was Tuesday, or was it Wednesday; he had no idea. Work was overbearing and he had no time for dates. Last night’s mini rendezvous with the other senators had left him with a slight headache this morning; the result of taking more than two glasses of tequila than his body could afford. He had learnt that the hard way some years back.

He settled with a pair of lemon coloured beach shorts and rose it up like a trophy. Humming the UEFA Champions League theme in his head, he moved his arms like he saw the conductor do at a live rendition of the Moulin Rouge in Paris last week.

“This is childish, Dare.” He told himself. “You’re forty seven for heaven’s sake.”

He stepped out of the closet and the room into the patio. The gale last night was nowhere to be found and all that was left was a soft breeze that was soothing to his skin. He rubbed his stomach in ecstasy and admired the orange sun. Today was perfect. He undressed and stepped into the suspended pool while clutching between his fore and middle fingers a cigar with his name emblazoned on it. He found his perfect spot in the pool with ease and made himself comfortable.

The shores of Dubai looked scanty this morning and he cursed for forgetting his binoculars inside. He procrastinated however and promised his conscience he would get it later. He couldn’t miss work for today. At least, this was work; spending a week in Dubai’s most extravagant hotel, smoking his customised cigar, resting in the pool all week long and no phone calls or emails. Sleeping with Nigeria’s ambassador to the United Arab Emirates in the most expensive suite in the whole of the Middle East was also an add-on. He couldn’t have wished for better. He didn’t even need to be the president; his earnings as a senator was sufficient for him.

The door leading to the patio opened and out stepped Susan. Looking at her now, he couldn’t quite see the class he noticed the first day they met at the official meeting in London last month. She held his phone and he frowned.

So much for no phone calls.

“You have a call. It’s from Nigeria.”
He grumbled and reluctantly collected the phone from her. Where was his personal assistant when he needed her?

“Hello.” The voice at the other end said.

“Yes, this is Senator Oludare Ibikunle.”

“Good day sir, this is Inspector Bello.”

“Inspector; how are you doing?”

“I’m very fine sir.”

“Good. To what do I owe this honour?”

“I just called to inform you of an urgent matter… or rather issue.”

“Yes, what issue?”

“Sir, I don’t know how to put it but your son was moved to the morgue last night. He had been murdered.”

“What? Where?”

“In his school; we don’t know who the murderer is yet but my boys are working on it.”

“See Inspector, I don’t care what investigations are running now but you must who killed my son. Make sure you’re in charge of the investigation.”

“Definitely sir.”

“I’ll take the next flight to Nigeria. Interrogate anybody you have to; his friends, lecturers, arrest the whole school if you see the need to sef.”

“Yes sir.”

“See you soon.”

“Okay sir. Good day sir.”

“Good day.”

“Dare, what’s wrong?” Susan asked after he dropped the call.

“Tope was killed last night.”

“What?” She held her hands to her mouth in shock.

“Yes. I’m going to Nigeria now.”

He got out of the pool, left his shorts behind and walked towards the penthouse. She watched him walk butt-naked into the house with puddles of water formed at each step he took and hurried after him.


“Are these delusions only caused by injuries or accidents to the head?” a male student asked.

“No.” the aged looking professor replied. His big spectacles adorned his round face and balanced themselves neatly on the crane of his nose. Nath devised he was almost or above seventy because the only black hair he could find on him were little patches on his moustache and he could have sworn the old professor looked like the Penguin; a villain in the Disney Batman series.

“Sometimes, these diseases are hereditary.” The professor’s monotone voice echoed in the classroom.

“Examples are the Huntington and the Gaucher diseases…”

The freshers looked on in awe as the oldest lecturer in the medicine department and current head of department wowed them with his vast knowledge.

“The Huntington is very devastating; it slowly impedes the affected individual’s ability to walk, talk and reason. According to research, it’s hereditary; that means it is passed down from generations to generations and there is no cure for it. One good thing though is that it’s rare in Nigeria. We have had just one case in about fifty years. I guess that is a good ratio right?”

The class nodded in the affirmative.

“At least I shouldn’t be prescribing treatment for any of you for it in my lifetime.”

The whole class laughed at this statement. Nath however stared on stupefied. How the fellow students found that humorous was really strange to him. He had to admit though; the man did have a charm on his students. It must be a departmental thing, he reasoned after Josh yawned for the umpteenth time.

“Other examples are the traumatic brain injury which is predominant in children unfortunately.” The professor continued. He went on to explain how the diseases were diagnosed and whether scientists had found cures to them or not.

Nath slouched on the bench himself and Josh were seated on. Sleep was beginning to creep up on him and he was fighting a losing battle against it. He had come here to learn more about his predicament but it seemed he was going to leave worse.
Josh laughed beside him when he saw the look on his face.

“I told you this was going to be a wasted effort. Now, we have missed our history class.”

Nath ignored him and focused what was left of his attention on the professor. If only he could mention what he wanted to hear. He had stayed up all night buried in thoughts over Tope’s death. It couldn’t have been a coincidence; it all had to be connected.
He checked his wristwatch for the time and knew the class was going to end soon. He had to act now.

“Yes; you at the back”. The professor said. Nath’s hand was up.

“Good afternoon sir.”

“Good afternoon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in this class.” Josh tugged at his trouser but Nath shrugged him off.

“Yes sir, I’m not a student in this department. I’m from the ICT department. I just came to learn a thing or two about a particular brain delusion.”

“Okay, carry on.” The professor urged.

“I have a relative and he’s diagnosed with a brain disease. The doctors called it the Capgras syndrome.”

“Capgras syndrome.” The professor reiterated. “Peculiar brain delusion I would say. What are the symptoms your relative has showed?”

“Well, he claims his dead best friend is still alive and that he actually sees him.”

“Hmm… I would have loved to meet him. Has he showed any form of violence?”

“Not that I know of.” Nath replied.

“Then that’s good. He still has a little time before he finally loses it.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Victims diagnosed with the Capgras syndrome resort to violence after a while. They break stuff or cut themselves. They might even kill someone without knowing they did. That’s when it’s extreme though, but if your relative hasn’t gotten to that stage, good for him or is it her?”


“Good for him then.”
Nath bath his eyelids to prevent tears from pouring out of his eyes and embarrassing himself further, it was bad enough that he was in another department.

“Okay sir, one other thing.”


“My cousin claims he sees the future.”

The professor smiled at this and shook his head slowly. He removed his glasses and wiped them on his blue cotton shirt before putting them back on. The whole class including Nath stared on anxiously.

“There have been claims of Capgras delusion victims seeing the future but there are no facts yet and so many disprove it as a logical notion.”

“What do you mean sir?”

“I mean the dream and premonitions these patients claim to have could just be a figment of their imagination. They are already mentally impaired, who is to say this is not one of the side effects of the delusion? Give me an example of when he claimed to have seen the future.”

Nath racked his memory for a befitting example that would suit his case. Stating anything similar to his case or Tope’s death would just raise suspicion around him.

“One day, a vase was broken in the house and we were wondering who got it broken. Meanwhile, he was sleeping in the room. When we went to ask him, he looked in shock and told us how the vase had broken and which side it had broken without seeing the vase itself. When we asked him how he knew, he said he had seen it in a dream.”

“He broke the vase.” The professor said without warning.

“He did?”

“Yes; the reason why he knew the vase was broken was because he broke it and then taught he saw someone else do it.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Yes. I hope I’ve answered your questions well.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.”

“You’re welcome son. “

The whole class heaved a sigh of relief. What they just experienced in the last hour was mind-blowing. A short boy said aloud that this was why he chose to study medicine and the rest of the class nodded their heads in approval

The professor smiled at their enthusiasm, took a look at his wristwatch and said;

“I guess my time is up.”

“Yes sir.” Some students retorted.

“Good. Class dismissed.”


“You should have seen how he sparked for me. You would have thought I was his girlfriend.”

“Ehn, you don’t mean it?” Nike replied.

They were in Ronke’s room and they were talking about her conversation with Nath the day before. Ronke wore a yellow blouse on bum shorts and was knitting a scarf for herself while Nike was seated in the corner and was chatting on her blackberry. She smiled every other minute and Ronke wondered what was making her so delighted.

“Who or what is making you smile?” She asked.
Nike looked up from her phone and with her expression, you would think she had been caught in a shameful act.

“Who are you chatting with?” Ronke asked again.

“Nobody.” Nike replied and shone her teeth in an attempt to depict ignorance.

“That’s a lie.” She stood up and tried to snatch the phone but Nike hid it behind her.

“Just tell me now. I thought we were best friends.”
A smile lit up Nike’s face as she heard Ronke’s declaration. Being the best friend of the hottest girl in school had always been her dream.

“It’s my boyfriend.” She said reluctantly.

“Your boyfriend?” Ronke reiterated sarcastically.” If you didn’t want to tell me, you could have just said so.”

“I’m serious.” Nike replied with a straight face.

“Really; how long is your relationship?”

“Two months.”

“Hmm… Two months? Prove it.”

“How am I supposed to prove it?” Nike asked.

“You’ve had a boyfriend for two months; prove to me that he’s not some fantasy character you just created to prevent me from knowing what you were actually doing.”

“Well, his name is Jeff, we met on twitter…”

“What?” Ronke interjected.

“You see, that’s why I didn’t want to tell you.”

“Sorry, continue.”

“That’s all. There is nothing else to say”

Ronke thought for a while and asked; “have you slept with him?”


“Wow, you’re stupid.” Ronke exclaimed. “How do you sleep with someone you just met? Do you have his picture?”

“Yes.” She enlarged his display picture and stretched to hand her phone to Ronke when a knock at the door halted her action.

“Hold that thought.” Ronke said and went to get the door.

She opened the door and in stepped the hall porter and two police men clad in their complete official uniforms. The two officers were two different personalities entirely. The first one was short, fair and looked very much like a man from the south of the country. She didn’t need to guess what tribe the taller and darker one was from. His tribal marks said it all.
The shorter officer spoke first.

“Good day ma’am. I suppose you’re Miss Ronke Gbadamosi.”

“Yes, I am.”

“Good. You are under arrest for the master minding the murder of one Mr Temitope Ibikunle.”

“Murder ke? Me?… Wait, Tope is dead. Jesus! I didn’t kill him o”

“We can discuss that at the station. We would like to be on our way immediately.”

“Mo daran (I’m in trouble)… Can I please call my father first?”

“You can do that at the station ma’am. Can we go?”

“Yes, just let me change.”

The taller policeman hadn’t said anything and she cared less about hearing what his voice sounded like. She hurried into the room, changed her shorts to full length corduroy jeans, grabbed her phone and followed them.

“Nike, take care of my room and keep the key for Chloe before she comes back.” She said to Nike as they left the room.

“Okay; take care.” Nike bade her farewell and shut the door behind them. As soon as she was sure they had gone quite a distance, she updated her BBM status.

    Ronke Gbadamosi has been arrested for the murder of “Tope Murano”!!!! :/

To be continued next week Tuesday.


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Seven 7

Episode 7

Episode 7

Welcome to the Seventh and last episode of SEVEN. Sorry for not posting this earlier..
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She shuddered at the sound of the twig that snapped under her weight and paused to look around  for the umpteenth time. Her eyes registered no emotions as her eyes glimmered under the moon light. It that been ages she came here and it still felt the same way.

The silhouette of the tombstones in the distance sent a chill up her spine and she wondered why she never came here in broad daylight. The only time she did, her wailings had halted a nearby procession and the widow of the deceased was visibly shaken. She cast a long glance into the woods while playing the events of that day in her mind and was brought back to reality with the heavy breathing of the Labrador some distance away. She smiled at it and it wagged its tail expectantly. Twelve years she had visited here and all of those days, she had met the stray here. She had grown a liking for him and he obviously felt the same way.

She sticks her hand in her bag and brings out a nylon full of bones and tosses it in the animal’s direction.

There you go boy.. I hope you’ve missed me.

It ignored and resorts to feasting on his new meal. After watching him for about half a minute, she surged forward. She could see his tombstone now and the marble still gave a glossy appearance compared to its surrounding neighbors.

Neighbors in death; she thought. How ironic.

At the foot of his tombstone, she knelt.

Bishop Ayomide Damiel


A man at peace with even his enemies, no wonder the Lord loved him.

She chuckled at the irony of the short description of her Grandpa. No wonder the Lord loved him…  She couldn’t contend that though.


• • •




Light beamed at him from every direction; he uses his right hand to keep out the glare from his eyes while his left hand clutched the microphone tightly.

My last sermon… he thinks… It’s time

After  while, his eyes get accustomed to the light and he beamed a smile which made the fifty thousand congregation cheer. They clap in unison and echo out his name.

A couple of blind men jump up at the uproar and immediately receive their sight. Their screams and amazement attract the attention of the other worshippers in the church to the Healing section of the auditorium.

The spirit is moving.. he finally says. He closes his eyes and lifts his hands to accommodate the move of the comforter. Give him space, he said… and watch him work.

About thirty minutes later, no sound could be heard anywhere in the auditorium , the congregation was seated and the only people standing were the ushers and himself.

Good morning Church.

Good Morning… they reply

He nods his head lightly at their response and continues.

Today, I’m introducing to you; The power in his name, but first, let me tell you a short story.

The congregation focus on him with absolute concentration. He looks over to the Minister’s family corner and sees her. She was staring at him, gingerly mopping every word that came out of his mouth.

Nifemi.. he says under his breath, pay attention, this is where it ends. At that instance, she nods her head like she had heard what he said.


• • •


He stares in amazement as blood drips from his bound wrist to the drawn image below. Everything was blurry now and he could barely see his nemesis. All he could hear were chants that were startlingly understandable to him.

What language is that? he manages to ask.


Your chants, what language is that?

well… the devil answers. he hesitates and his countenance is obviously disturbed.

It’s a mixture of Aramaic, Greek and some kind of supernatural language. something you wouldn’t  expect man to ever understand.

Then why do I understand you?

You do?!

I guess so. It just sounds like my local dialect to m… his statement is interrupted with his coughs and his body aches with the sudden movement against the barb wire.

I don’t know. then he quickly adds, …probably cos your human nature is quickly leaving you and your real form is emerging.

Real form?

Yeah… thought I told you; you weren’t human.

Oh, you mean the Angel gist.

It’s not gist.. it’s true.

Okay. and he stops to think as the devil resumes his chanting.

Wait! what’s the difference?

Between what?! His nemesis visibly irritated with the continuous questioning asks.

My human form and the angel form.

Well… you get more intimate with things of the spirit basically.

Like with other angels and stuff?


With God too?

hmmm… you think I would fall for that again?

You already have.

huh, how? He looks up to see the bound man and watches him mouth some words. His eyes clearly read the instance where Ayomide’s lips say Amen  and he curses as a bright light flashes from nowhere. He covers his eyes with his both his hands to keep out the blinding light and opens it seconds later. The light was gone and there was Ayomide or whatever was left of him standing right in front of him.

His form is different. Flames seemed to ooze out of his skin and his eyes shone. His apparel was a sparkling white robe and his feet seemed like they were made of a precious gem. He stares in amazement as wings emerge from the rear of the quickly forming angel in front of him and they tower at ten feet. He smiles as a memory flashes through his mind and the eyebrows of the creature in front of him rise in enigma.

Why do you smile? His stance is daunting and his charisma heavenly.

Cos I remember what I used to be


• • •


He rounds up the benediction and blesses the congregation.

An Amen said in unison closes the service and people begin to disperse out of the different entrances to the auditorium. She runs to him and he carries her and hugs her. He then holds her face to his and rubs his nose against hers

I hope you were listening.

Yes Grandpa… Is that where the story ends?

No.. We’ll finish it together tonight.

Yaay! she says delighted. I can’t wait.

Me too. He smiles and puts her down.

I’m coming home, father… Ten paces later; he pauses and looks to the heavens through the open airspace in the auditorium.

Don’t tell me you have another plan up your sleeves? He waits for an answer.

Seconds later, when he doesn’t get any reply, he snorts.. In everything, Let your will be done.


As the clock strikes nine, he stands up from the dining table and proceeds to his office. Moments later, Nifemi gets down quietly from her chair and follows in his footsteps.

She meets him staring into space and couldn’t help but notice the tears glistening against his skin courtesy of the fluorescent light directly above his workstation.

Grandpa.. she waits for a response and get none. After calling a few more times, she tugs at his night robe and he shudders. He looks at her and throws her a smile.

Why are you crying, Grandpa?

He rummages his mind for an answer and gets none.

Well.. he finally says. I’m going to see God soon.

Really?! she asks enthusiastically. Can I go with you?

No, dear.. you stay here on earth and fulfill your purpose.


No buts, he interrupts her. You can’t go with me. I’ll still be here so you won’t miss me.


Yes, Nifemi.

Okay Grandpa.

He heaves a sigh of relief. Care to join me finish the story?


Okay. he carries her over to the sofa and sits while carrying her on his right lap. Where were we then?


• • •


Your true self? Ayomide asks puzzled.

Yeah… I used to look like you… actually better. With that, he lifts his hands and utters some incantations.

I really don’t care if you’re an Angel or not, you’re going nowhere today. I’m taking down to the pits of hell tonight.

Ayomide slowly shakes his head and calmly says; You still haven’t learnt.

Learnt what?

That you don’t touch His anointed… Does that ring a bell somewhere? He gestures by putting his fore finger to his head and slightly bending his head to the side.

Where do you get this courage from?

Well, am an Angel in the vast army of angels solely devoted to pleasing God, why won’t I be sure of his protection? In fact, I think your time is up. He stretches his hand forward and a two edged sword appears in his palm.

Off to go to your damned abode!

Slowly, the devil starts vanishing starting from his feet. Quickly he mouths some words under his breath, puts his hand behind him in a sign of submission.

I’ll be back for you… and your children…. and their children….

yeah, yeah…  I’ll be expecting you.


• • •


Spittle dribbles out of the girl’s mouth to his night robe and he cleans it off with a hanky. He stands up while carrying her in his arms and advances to her bedroom. In her bedroom, he places her gently on her bed and drags the blanket over her body. He regulates the air conditioner using its tiny remote and drops it on the side stool beside her bed when he was satisfied with the temperature of the room.

When he returns to his office,  he sits on his rocking chair and picks up his bible. He puts on his reading glasses, opens the book and starts to read.

How long have you been there? He asks without looking up.

Hmm… a couple of hours I guess. Listened to the end of your story, good story telling skills you’ve got there, but I can’t help not notice that you didn’t tell her how you became man again.

She does not need to know that. He looks up to the reaper now. His Spirit would teach her if she needs to know it.

Okay. Without further ado, you know why I am here… any last words?

Ayomide ignores him and flips to the Psalms. He opens to the chapter that had kept him going all these years. He clears his throat for the last time an starts to read…

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

He maketh me lie down in green pastures

He leadeth me beside still waters

He restoreth my soul

He leadeth me in the path of righteousness for his name’s sake

Though I walk  through the shadows of death, I will fear no evil

For thou art with me………..


• • •


The barking of the Labrador jerks her back to reality and she turns back to look at the dog. She sees him facing east of her and notices the hair on its body upright and its tail erect. She quickly searches her bag for a flash light and her glasses case. She hurriedly removes them from their case and puts them on.

She then peered into the woods and sees the finger pointed at her. She takes time and realizes its a fore finger that is being pointed and immediately, she knew……


The End?



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Are you a Learner? Ep 7 : Mr Kanayo’s story

If “IMAGES” have been turned off on the device with which you’re viewing this post, I’ll advice you to turn them bac on to get the full zest in the story.
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Here goes nothing.
• • •

Kanayo was a bad guy.
He was rich and popular. Had estates and villas in every city in nigeria. He was however proud and always walked about in his designer clothes and sun glasses even at 1am.
Another crazy aspect about him was his barrages with women, girls and anything that had skirt on. God save you, you dress like that Nigerian superstar *coughs* with the high heels and he catches you, you’re off. Rumours have it that he did kidnap the superstar though and kept him for some days. What happened is still a mystery to the media but inside sources say the superstar left with a limp sustained from excess sprints on the treadmill (if you believe that story, Are you a learner 8 is definitely going to be about you).

Kanayo had one guy that was his G, Chris. They walked together, clubbed together and did almost everything together. Sources say they were actually never close but who knows, this celebs have a way of keeping their stories confusing to the masses.

Anyways, one day, Kanayo proclaimed on national Tv; CNN, (no offence to NTA) that he was ready to settle down and get married. This news caused a uproar in the country. Thousands and thousands of guys got dumped and Spas became the business of the day.

• • •

Kimberly was a beautiful dashing young lady.
She graced all the red carpet events, even the ones for top talents. Problem was that she had no talent, not even one but her pretty face, stunning body and her penchant love for scandals made her one of the most sought after celebs in the country, but that was for a short while.

One afternoon, when the sun was scorching hot, and village boys relaxed under the mango tree after their escapades with the girls. News filtered everywhere that a video of Kimberly was trending. The video had her in compromising positions with a popular fuji musician whose career was dangling in the balance. Some people say they ate the forbidden fruit too, but owning to our standards, we haven’t been able to watch and confirm if this is true even till this day. So that’s how Kimberly became famous.

Four years later, her fame was beginning to dwindle and she sought for a way to resurrect it.
Alas, she saw Kanayo’s proclamation on Tv and she knew she was home and dry.

• • •

Its been six months since Kanayo’s proclamation swept the media. Kanayo’s now deeply in love and engaged to Miss Kimberly. Last week, she announced that she was pregnant. Many people refused to believe but they later ate their hearts out when they found out labels like Dudu osun, Trebor and Yoyo Bitters were clamoring over each other for her signature in their next advert which was to include a pregnant lady.

• • •

Another scandal broke out this morning as expected.
It took six months but the masses have finally gotten a chance to say “I told you so”. Our sources got information that Kanayo is not the father of Kimberly’s daughter but Chris.
Attempts to get to Mr Kanayo or Miss Kimberly has proved futile. We however did get to Mr Chris and he left us with one statement;

    I don’t know for sure but am sure one of us (talking of himself and Mr Kanayo) has been a Learner at this.
    I’m pretty sure I know how to use a condom..

What the statement means actually is still decisive..

Did he mean Mr Kanayo should have worn contraceptives?
Had he warned Mr Kanayo about Miss Kimberly before?

That statement leaves many questions to be answered, but we’ll leave you to guess how the story will end.

If you really believe the characters; Mr Kanayo, Miss Kimberly and Mr Chris are real, you’re not very literate.
If you believe the story isn’t real, you are definitely a learner.
If you still don’t know what(who) am talking about, it is well with you. Just scroll down.

    Spoilt Milk never gets good overnight.... Note this.

Err….. I think we’re done here….

    “Remember, Spoilt milk never gets good overnight”

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Mike Dammy