Is Rap Poetry?

Is rap poetry?

This question has been on my mind for a while now. It all started a fortnight ago when a couple of my friends who incidentally were rappers and I engaged in some form of argument/discussion. They were of the opinion that their art was poetry in motion. I begged to differ then but lacked credible evidence to back my claims. I still lack evidence hence this post and I’m hoping someone somewhere could shed some light on the topic at hand.

I would love to ask some basic questions; Mayowa, Lanre and Chris; I hope you’re reading this.

If rap is poetry like you say;

Would you term Eminem a world renowned poet?

Or would you describe our very own M.I.,Olamide and Ice Prince *holds laugh* as poetry masterminds seeing they have mastered the art of rap as regards the Nigerian audience?

Is poetry all about the wordplay or a few ‘deep’ lines or is it much more than that?

I’m of the opinion that poetry is way ‘way’ deeper than rap. So I tried to answer some of the questions myself and scribbled some sort of poetry/rap in my journal. To my understanding, I will just describe it as wordplay. You tell me what you think. Is this poetry or rap?

It’s titled ‘Dear Fiend’;

If it takes you years to decipher simple logic

Months to pinpoint what truly matters

Then maybe I should rethink my steps

And hurry off in the direction of safety

A world of utmost solitude

Protection from you

You probably dont understand

This might seem as mysterious as the sprinkling of his blood

But his Word I truly believe in

Skimmed it from the beginning to his Revelations

And it says I should be wary of vultures like you

And the folks you share a feather with.

Where I’m heading is unknown for now

A descendant of Abraham I’ve suddenly become

All his traits I’m bound to inherit

So I won’t let you poison my lot in life

Least I fall prey to the wrath of Sodom

And my bae becomes but a memory of salt and vinegar.

Rap? Poetry? You tell me!

Forum #2: Amnesty Offer to Boko Haram.. (Y) OR (N)


So I heard, mind you, I said I heard…. anyways… I heard our president, President Goodluck Jonathan is offering amnesty to the Boko Haram sect.

Good news shey? Just chill and see what he is offering….

  • A house
  • 3 million cash and
  • #100,000 monthly for the next three years.

So my friends and I engaged in a discussion/argument on whether the amnesty offer made any sense at all.

I (my opinion) was with the notion that it was a start. At least a solution had finally been brought up. My friends said i was nuts and that he has just made terrorism a lucrative job. Hilarious right? Not exactly people.

Terrorism is not child’s play.. Christains and families of people who have lost their lives due to it would attest to that, so we at Damstylee have put it up as a forum topic/question;

The Amnesty Offer made to the Boko Haram sect: Are we on the right path or are we still lost?


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Thank you for Reading.

Mike Dammy

Forum #1

You have to marvel at how quick private institutions have developed in the educational sector.

Private Universities, even with their sometimes exorbitant fees are slowly becoming the standard for formal education in Nigeria. Schools like Covenant University, Babcock University have become popular over the years and with the awards they collate on a yearly basis, I reckon that they might just be the future of higher level education in the country.

This is my opinion though and I have my reasons but I would love to know yours.

So, the forum question;

Have Private Universities gotten to or maybe even surpassed the standard set by the federal Universities over the years?

Please share your comments and views below.

This should be a constructive forum though and not an argument so please lets avoid using foul or insulting languages. Thank you.

Mike Dammy