To my Coursemates by @DatTallDude

Took me a while to pen down a disclaimer for this post so I didn’t border trying :d.
It really doesn’t need one because it speaks for itself.
I do hope the people to which its addressed feel the same way because I might have cried if it concerned me.
Anyway, Do Read, Cry, Laugh but never forget one thing, True Friendship Lasts Forever


So I left school yesterday and as I moved my luggage out of the room for the last time, I was on one hand happy because it was indeed the very last time, at least I didn’t have to clean up after my roommate SOLOMON anymore and teach him how to arrange his locker, but I was sad at the same time, as I looked at OSATO on my bed and realized I might not see my little black boy again till October. My heart sunk and a slow song playing in the background might have made me cry like CHIDINMA and TOYIN did on that day :). I could feel my heartbeat in my mouth as I shook TONY and DONALD for the last time before I entered the cab that was to take me home. I had never felt as lonely as I did on my way home that evening.
I started recounting all the moments I would miss and now cherish more than ever. The long gist with the guys and the jokes that brought my 6-pack rearing their heads out of my shirt with laughter, the insults we rained on people and one another that brought mantles on people’s heads, ONYEMAECHI‘s laugh that made everyone laugh again… I recounted everything as the cab drove away from the comforting walls of CU. I realized that life was going to be more difficult without these wonderful people in my life. Not because things were going to be done easier and faster, but because we always found and find a way to laugh in every situation. Always!!!

But I loved every moment throughout the four years, every damn moment. From the days when boys and girls had separate sitting sections and no-one miraculously crossed the other’s part, to the day when TOYIN tore the attendance sheet and no boy was courageous or well-built enough to confront her, all walking away grumbling like the men that wanted to stone the prostitute in d bible. I’ll miss everything. From the girls I never spoke to, to the one I sometimes spent up to 10hrs of my day with. Yeah, y’all know that one -__- .I’ll miss UCHE OKOYE, my over-able course rep; I salute your courage, your outspokenness and your will ma’am. CHIOMA OKAFOR, the Egyptian queen. How the sound of my voice made you understand what you were reading better is the best thing anyone has said about my voice (and I hope you were not whining me sha 🙂 ). They say we look good together. Well, you never know, I might just get my shit together quickly enough to steal you from your father’s house before all these rich, beautiful-ladies-thirsty men do -___- .And AKINDELE TOYIN, my friend for ages! Your confidence weakens me; your ability to relate with everyone wows me also. I hope we get to finish up our New Horizon business so I could get to see you smile more times. And while we are there, there’s one thing I will always keep out of your reach… My ass! -___- . To Mrs Dilz, my gangster friend, never knew you could shed tears … EVER!!! But you did and showed that you had a heart asides the one with which you love that Asaba boy! That side of you, I like. The gangster side, I love :D.

To my baby ONI IKEKHUAH (hope I got the spelling sha 🙂 ) I’ll miss the motherly attitude on the inside of you my dear. Will never forget you depriving me of biscuits and cookies till a certain time determined by only you during TTG -___- , and I hope I get to see you again so I can toss you up in the air one more time :). KUPONIYI OLUWADARASIMI!!! Kupsy Dee of life! What can I say about this adorable, smart daughter of mama Kupsy huh? You brought out a side of ABRAHAM that I thought we would never see and made AYO look like a good comedian -__- . Keep laughing Kupsy, it’s never too much. And to ADELABU KEMI the Samsung ambassador, you better tell me when the Indian guy arrives so we’ll come for the introduction :). Haha! DAMILOLA IDOWU! le smallie of life!!! your cute handbags left me wishing I had a girlfriend I could get one of those for. Don’t worry, will contact you when I have one (and I hope it’s soon sha 🙂 ). TOYOSI ANDE! you cute little black beauty! will miss our ‘not-that-high fives’, so happy you hit that first class. You deserved it! And to AJAKAIYE UNIQUE my realest G, keep being real sis, and stop dreaming cos you’ll never be as tall as I am even if you stand on the chair in chapel! -__- . And to ONIMOE ANN (Tony), a cast in one of the blockbuster movies made during our stay, my own Kim K, I’ll miss your hug dear, every boy that has hugged you before will miss your hug :). To SUZZIE, my TTG partner, better tell PH boy that I’m here if he messes up. I respect your courage and ability to stand for what is right dear and I’ll keep bugging you when I need an advice :p. OPARA CHIBUZOR my nigga! always acting all tough but I know there’s a soft spot in there, even softer than we imagine. Keep being you my G! 🙂 . And to DUNNI KASALI my name sake (@dattallbabe). You are everybody’s friend for a reason… your smile brings them closer. I’ll miss you dear.

Haha!!! ODUTOLA MAE my bride, saw you on my first day of resumption in CU. We were all pursuing registration in the chapel when your file fell and your papers scattered all over the floor. I quickly stored the surname from one of the papers as I beheld d beauty, don’t know if you remember this, but I do. I’ll miss you Mae, I’ll miss my bride :D. And to ADIGUN OLAMIDE, my family friend that has left a single nigga like me alone because she now has a boyfriend, God will find a babe for me. Will miss you Hun :). Yes! TARE MAJOROH, I see you when you pray and errrm… I see the spirit move. Thank you for that MIS shirt once again, for the initiative and its success. And to KELE-NZEH PRINCESS, some say we are dating, others say we will date, I say we know what we are. I’ll miss you and you know it, just making sure you don’t blow my head off for not stating it here :). And to those I have not mentioned, I’ll miss you too cos whether you like me or hate me (LAIDE -___-), you have been a spectacular part of my journey through CU. I’ll miss you all deeply :’).

Wherever you are, reading this, please give a minute silence to the memory of Mrs. YEJIDE AJAKAIYE, it’s more important than everything I’ve been writing since. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

Adekanbi Adedipo David. (@dattalldude on twitter)
Graduate of Management Information Systems, Covenant University.
Class of 2013.

Sons of a Father 3

Sourced From Google

Sourced From Google

Welcome to the 3rd Episode of Sons of a Father.

If this is the first episode you’re reading, I adjure you to read the first two episodes, otherwise you might(would) get confused;

Sons of a Father 1

Sons of a Father 2

Touching story, I would say… Please don’t cry. 🙂

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I crash to the floor in a heap.

Damn!… That hurt…….

I try to stand but I can’t, at least not fully and I watch in horror as blood gushes out of the wound.


Jeff! My God!

And they all scamper to where I had fallen.
Tunde to my right and Mr Olawale over me, I can’t quite turn my neck but I hear his mum crying and mouthing inaudible words.

Jeff! Jeff!
Someone please, do something!
Tunde screamed out
First Aid, Ambulance, call 911 Dad!

I cough as I try to laugh, spitting out blood in the process.

911 ke?
I manage to finally say feigning a smile.
In Nigeria?.. Wh..who…would..pi..pick it?

Please, Shut up and stop trying to make this seem less serious. Tunde rebukes
I warned you. I told you to stay away. I didn’t want you here, but you were stubborn. Now see what uve caused.

And then, like a movie, he starts crying.

I’m in shock for a moment but I smile afterwards, this time not faking it.

I warned you… I warned you….

Is that the hospital?! I hear in the background. It’s Mr Olawale’s voice
There is a situation here.


A student just got shot.


Yes… No, not the hostel; the staff quarters.


Zone B, Chalet 6


What do you mean by I should wait, come on, get here now!

For the next five minutes, everywhere was silent. The only noise was coming from Tunde’s soft sobs and his father’s occasional grunts; his mum is still not bold enough to come close.

It stays the same way for a while and I finally break the air.


Yes.. He hurried to my side.

I try to sit upright but stop midway when the pain becomes unbearable.

Don’t try to stand or sit.
His mum finally says gently pushing me back to the floor where I lay.

You don’t have to worry.
I say to Tunde

I have to. Its my fault.

Its not. it was

It is. I pulled the trigger.

No you didn’t. He did.. You were scared, that’s all.

I wasn’t. I meant to. Yea, you did

    45 Minutes Earlier

Jeff! Jeff!


You need to get to the staff quarters now!


Tunde’s mum just called. She said he’s with a gun….; Tunde is about to shoot Mr olawale!

Mr Olawale!
I was scared. I was scared like hell.

So, I wore my slippers and ran as hard as I could. The Bus stop was empty and no cab was in sight; so I just headed to the Staff Quarters on foot.
It took me a while to find them but I did eventually.

The picture wasn’t encouraging then, its still not

Poised with a gun was Tunde which was pointing directly at his father. His mother was standing nearby obviously shocked out of her wits.

Tunde, No!

Jeff? I couldn’t help but notice the surprise in his voice
What is your problem?
What can’t you stay out of my business?!

Please,… I beg you… Don’t do it
He’s still your Dad.

He’s not. He had a muderous sneer and I feared the worst.

Not anymore.
This man abandoned his family when they needed him the most and now he thinks he can just walk in and act like its okay.
Its not! It’ll never be!
You’ll never be my dad!

And he pulled the trigger and that’s when I jumped across………

The shock on his face…. The agony in my eyes…….

Jeff! Jeff!
Oh my God! Mummy! He’s not talking!

Yes… I can barely speak

They all heave a sigh of relief after hearing my voice.

Where are you guys?!
His Father calls again
I said someone has been shot!

Oh… Okay… Hurry up please. He has lost a lot of blood.

I raise my hand which is covered in blood already to confirm his statement.

So this is the end.
I’ve searched far and wide for love, for care, for family, and when I finally do, its snatched away.
How cruel can life be?




Why what?

Why did you do this?

I cough for the umpteen time spitting blood again and look up into the tear laden eyes of my best friend.

So this is how being shot by a best friend feels..

Cos I want you to have what I never had.

I don’t understand.

Your dad. Your mum….. I never had that.

But your mum….

You mean aunty Shade…. I smile….

I don’t understand.

Never mind.
Just promise me these things.

What? Anything.

Promise me you’ll love your parents till they are no more.

I promise.

And that’ll you get a girlfriend and stop being a playboy. We share a laugh, one person obviously in pain.

I promise.

And that’ll you’ll never go to Renegade.

Now, he laughs alone as I manage to keep a straight face.

I promise.

And that you would tell the police it was a suicide.

I pro…. suicide?…. No… I can’t

You have to

I can’t…. I deserve any punishment I get

I know but not from the law…. So promise me…

I promise.. He replied reluctantly

The ambulance soon arrives, the siren loud enough to wake the neighbours up.

Jeff, the ambulance is here,
Tunde says happily. You would soon be in a hospital.


Jeff! Answer me!
Jeff!…. Mum! He’s not replying…..
Dad!… Jeff!…. Jeff………………..

His dad tries to pull him away and fails.

Jeff……. Please answer…. Please say yes…. Please………….

The End.

We live in a cruel world,:( but you know that already.
What many don’t know is what the “Jeff”s in our lives feel when we act all “Tunde” on them.

True, 99% of your friends won’t go to the extent of taking a bullet for you, just make sure that in any thing you do, the 1% worth of person(s) never has a reason to consider it.

This story can also likened to our saviour, Jesus Christ who took bullets, whips, spit from smelly mouths, abuses and all other forms or torture because of us but still sacrificed his life in the end.

As for this blog, this is the last post you’ll see in a long while. Planning something serious.

I hope I’ll be missed.

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Dee 4: The Plan

Welcome to the 4th and Final sequel to the Dee series.
The story has taken a really crazy twist but that’s for you to find out. 😉
If this is your first time reading any of the Dee sequels, I implore you to read the first three or else you would get confused. So read them here; just click their names below;

Dee 1
Dee 2
Dee 3

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Enjoy Dee 4! 😉


How dumb can I be!
Why the hell didn’t I see this coming?
I call out to one of my friends standing behind me. The other one just remains quiet with his head bowed down.

Mae’s gone!

Dammy, I know.
Let’s go.

He tries to pull me away but I wriggle myself free and fall back at the base ot the headstone. My body shaking like a leaf threatened to be torn down by the wind.

Dammy, Silas calls out, pain diluted with regret in his voice.
You need to be a man about this.
She’s gone, forever.

Not Mae,
Not my Mae.

After several replays of this scenario, I reluctantly agree to follow them. Amidst the sobbing, I take one last glance at the headstone, can’t clearly see it because of my short sightedness but I know what’s clearly written on it.


    Born: Sep 19, 1988
    Died: Jul, 23, 2012

    She loved the Lord
    And she’s gone to meet him

Don’t feel sorry for me. Don’t.
What you should be feeling now should be hatred because I threw away my most priced possession, my jewel, but you wouldn’t understand. Let me make you.

It all started two months ago.
Actually, it started one year ago.
The day she walked into my office and asked for help. She looked so fragile, so sweet.
If only I knew there was a devil lurking behind that smile,

Shortly after Dee’s declaration of her love for me, I chose to keep my distance. It wasn’t easy as first, but I got better at it. Remember it started with this call;


We have to stop this,

Stop what?
Dammy, what’s wrong?



We need to stop talking. We need to stop chatting. Your last consultation is the last I’ll ever grant you cos I need you out of my life.

Dammy.. She sounded desperate
You shouldn’t be. Let’s talk this like adults.

You should have considered that before you tried to ruin my life.

Dammy, this is not fair. I was in love… No… Am in love with you. How is confessing my love a crime?
I could hear her crying already.

Not considering who I was with when you made the statement is your crime.
Dee, I mean, Tola, I can’t even consider calling you Dee anymore, not that it matters at all,
This is goodbye from me.

And that was the end.
I never heard from Dee again;
No calls, no messages, nothing.

And I got back to Mae, or Feyi if you don’t mind, Mae was the nickname I gave her.
We got closer, loved more, played more and all seemed well. It even got better when I proposed to her. We were supposed to marry this coming saturday.
So, we got our marriage preparations underway quickly. Both our families were delighted. Even Feyi’s sister started to like me.

Everything looked so perfect;
The wedding preparations were on point, friends and families showed their love and total support, there were no hitches, no issues, and most importantly no Dee.
But this perfect picture was about to go totally wrong.

2 weeks to the wedding, Mae told me about her friend coming from America that were going to stay over at our house. She said it was just for the wedding period. I shouldn’t have accepted but I said yes.
Soon, the friend arrived and I was reading in the study when they stepped in.

Mae called out.
Are you home? I brought my friend o!

Coming! I replied as I smiled, removed my reading glasses and went to the sitting room.
I entered the sitting room and was rooted to the spot when I saw the lady my bride to be called her friend;

I stuttered as I tried to recover from the shock.
What are you doing here?

Dammy! Mae exclaimed
Is that how you treat a guest?
And who’s this Dee you keep talking about?

She came over and pecked me on the cheek before she introduced me to the lady that was to ruin her life.

Meet my best friend in high school, Tola.

Hey Dammy. The devil grinned.
You didn’t tell me he was a stunner, Feyi.

Stop it jor! Mae replied already blushing.
At least, don’t say it in his front, he’ll not let me rest now. She giggled
You should have even met him before, I gave you his contact when you wanted to get over your hatred for boys, why didn’t you give him a call?

Oh! That.. She threw a glance that looked like a threat at me and I shivered in fear as to what she might have been thinking.
It dosent matter, I’ve gotten over it. was her final reply.

Oh! Good.

I still didn’t move a muscle. My imagination played out different ways in which this whole situation could turn out and none were good for Mae.
Dee was back and under the same roof too.
I could already smell trouble.

Soon enough, she showed what her intention for coming was. Dee hadn’t come to rejoice with us, she had come to break us apart.
Days on end, she tried seducing me.
And one after the other, I rejected her advances. A couple of times, she ended up with a swollen face. It was so funny when she was explaining to Mae the allergies she had to a particular insect that caused the swelling. I always tried hard not to laugh at this point and many times I lost and left Mae puzzled as to what might be fascinating me about CNN.

Three nights to the wedding and my biggest test from Dee was yet to come. Mae had to stay over at her aunt’s place and called to tell me that I was gonna be alone with the devil herself. Stepping into the house was scary on its own and I wasn’t disappointed when I did. There, in the center of my sitting room was my last test and it was wearing a sexy black lingerie.

Damn, you’re sexy. I muttered under my breath and I suddenly remembered how to pray as she advanced towards me, slowly but surely.

Don’t fight it. She said before she planted a kiss on my lips. She knew what was on my mind and she smiled in triumph.

I know you want me. You always have. She knelt down and as she unzipped my trousers, I saw a portrait of Mae and I in the far corner. We looked so happy. She looked so happy. I smiled and said;



Stop it. Still shocked, I walked away from her as calm as I could to my room leaving her speechless where she knelt. As I was about to shut the door; I congratulated her on an almost successful mission.

Good try, Dee
But I aint losing Mae for just that.

And I quickly shut the door and threw the key somewhere I wouldn’t find it easily before my already hardened (you know what) made me pay for my pride and trust me, I prayed till the next morning.

The night before the wedding soon came and I had to work late to put things in order before I left for my honeymoon with the love of my life. After all the tests, last night, I had stayed strong.
I had won and Dee had lost.

As I packed to leave for home, my phone rang. The caller, Silas and he broke the news that broke my will.

Hello. I still remember the urgency in his voice.

Silas, what’s wrong? I asked, already fearing the worst.

Its Feyi….. Feyi’s dying….

Where are you?

I’m at the Island Hospital, that one you use.
Get here now!

I’m on my way

I left all I was doing and rushed to the hospital and saw my bride almost lifeless, foaming and shivering violently. My Mae was dying and all I could do was watch and cry.
The nurses pulled me out of the theatre and I had one last glimpse of my Mae fighting for her life.
Autopsy read heart failure due to food poisoning and it was all my fault.
Night after the operation, I called Silas,

Are you okay? Dammy

Yea… Just make sure things go according to plan. My guess is that Dee’s still around to make sure Mae’s dead.

No P, man. I’ll do just that. I called the marble guys and also the wood carvers. They should be ready tomorrow.

Make sure they are.
The burial must hold immediately.
And Silas…


We’re moving somewhere else.


America, Australia, anywhere. As long as I don’t remember all what has happened.

Its alright man, I understand you….
Before I forget, the doctor called.
She’s recuperating well.

Alright, just make sure no one knows about this.

The police searched for Dee after this but she was nowhere to be found. My guess is that she went back to where she came from.


I’m on my way to the airport. I’ve chosen to move to australia and start a new life, can’t stick around to remember this pain.
I just stopped by Silas’s home to say goodbye.
He was really helpful in making this plan work.
He’s truly a friend.

Dammy, we did it.
The bitch is gone.

I know. I replied still smiling at the fact that I wasn’t going to see my second best friend again.
She won’t be troubling us anymore.

Yeah! He exclaimed.
We have to drink to that!

Drink ko.
Omuti oshi! I have to go now jor. My bride’s waiting for me.

Lover boy, he teased.
Go get her. You deserve it. I’ll try and keep in touch.

You do just that.
I do hope you’ll drop by one day.

I hugged him one last time and exited his apartment.

Silas; a true friend indeed.
Who thought we would pull this off.
Make Dee believe she succeeded.
Kudos to the doctor for trying his best. My Mae could have been dead now.

I smile now as I recall the fake burial,
the fake newspaper adverts,
the headstone,
my resignation letter,
the carved wood rotting in the casket six feet under,
Dee returning abroad after a supposed job “well done.”
My wailing. Thank God I took those acting classes in school.
And Silas, he was wonderful.
Our plan did work!

I soon get to the airport and I search for her.
And then, I see her.
Basking in the sunlight, her beauty as tantalizing as ever was;
My bride;
My best friend;
My Mae.

The End.


And that’s the end to the Dee series.
Whew, its been a hell of a journey but I hope it was worth it.

As much as I want to stop here, I just have to add that the Dee sequel is just an eye opener into what happens in our society today.
Betrayal, lack of trust, disloyalty; all of this have become rampant and most times we can do nothing to avoid it. What we can do though is to avoid flowing with the tide and being unique.
Stand out and fight for your Mae.
Life may not smile on you the way it smiled on Dammy but there’s always a silver lining in every dark cloud. That silver lining is what you should look out for.
Love, Trust, be Loyal and most importantly, never give up on him or her.

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My wonderful childhood memories

I don’t think I’ve named this post correctly. “No childhood memories” would have been better. Obviously, I have childhood memories, but the fun and important ones are very few.
My childhood was a very boring one. I’ll ascribe the blame for it to my parents and I. They’ll take most of it sha and I will only agree to take part of it because my bro has had the same experiences and he took advantage of it way better than I did.
The story I’m about to share is a pitiful story, some might shed a tear and some might wail. Its simply a short story of my memory-less childhood. The part of shedding tears and wailing is a joke though and you should check yourself if you do cry.
Here goes;
My parents are the protective type, too protective infact. I never got to do what other kids did. I never got to learn how to ride a bicycle; I have no idea on how to swim. I don’t know the directions to the amusement park, even the one at Apapa, Lagos because I was never taken there neither do I know how a zoo looks.
I was never allowed to go on excursions from school except on one occasion in primary school where we visited the beach, and trust me, mumsy freaked out about it and I knew that was gonna be my last. I also got my trip to olumo rock later in secondary school cancelled at the last minute by mumsy.
I hardly got toys as presents on my birthdays or any other type of holiday whatsoever. The ones visitors gave me were confiscated and kept till I outgrew them. Attending birthday parties of friends was also out of it, except on very few occasions.
With years passing by, I gradually lost the enthusiasm a kid should have normally and since my father loved reading, he would make sure I followed suit. So days on end, even during holidays, I was reading one book after another. It got so bad/good that I’ll read out loud every poster, billboard or name I see on any building during any journey.
As expected, I was always coming out top in every class in my primary school. At the end of Primary 4, my mates were preparing for the holiday , but ME? Nah! I was studying for the common entrance. So I was ushered into secondary school from primary 4 at 8 years old. Tragic!
One part of my childhood that didn’t die though was my stubborness and skill in annoying people. I call it a skill cos I was so good at it, I took a letter of warning back home after my first week in nursery school. And I’m serious, it really happened. 😀
So I carried this trait into secondary school. There, I met kids from different backgrounds and fitting in wasn’t easy at first, but with my skill, I did fit in later on. I however used to get lost when other kids discussed about toys or consoles they had. Since I had none, I had to listen in awe to their conversations and started wondering what kind of parents I had.
Soon enough, I got distracted and started trying to catch up on the childhood memories I never had and my grades started dropping like crazy. SS1 came and I happened to get a FIFA 04 game cd. I spent a whole lot of time playing and I got promoted on trial to SS2; that’s when my eyes opened. So, I quit searching for the memories and accepted my fate and I’ve been doing that ever since.
Today, I’m a teenager with very few childood memories that include fun in them. Fun to me now is chatting with my friends, playing video games or doing what I’m doing now. My life revolves around books, books and books.
One good revolution in my life though is the caliber of friends I have now. They have succeeded in giving me those memories I craved for in the past. The likes of Bankole Lanre, Ajayi Moji, Moyo Juyi, Babatunde Mayowa, Oyelola Tobi, Olorode Bimbo, Comfort Samuel, Tola n Tade, Osem, Sowole Jesse, Odukoya Ife, Mide Deju, Ayobolaand a whole lot of others. What would I be without you guys? Special thanks also to Oyekanmi Seun for proof reading and editing this post.
Back to my story, I quit the stubborness some years back but I still enjoy annoying people. I’m still in love with FIFA and I would love to learn how to swim. Writing is also something I really really love doing. I never used to show anybody what I had written but after I read Funto’s blog “”, I got the inspiration to start this one you are on. You should read it too. It might just inspire you the way it inspired me.
Finally, I have you. Yes, you reading this right now. The fact that you read and comment on this blog gives me much joy and “Ginger” to do more and better. Thank You very much.
With all these in place, I might have missed out on childhood memories but I aint gonna miss out on teenage or any kind of memories left! ;).


Thanks for Reading
Please take time to drop your comments.
By the way, I hope nobody cried. 🙂