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You all know the saying; pictures speak louder than words… A thousand word = one picture actually.

Well, I’m keying into that belief right now. I would have loved to write something but things are tight and the celebration is still ongoing. So I’m leaving you with a picture that I hope speaks thousands of words to your subconscious.

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The Fulcrum

Great minds think alike. trust me, they really do. And when they are namesakes, the combo is awesome. I’m just saying sha.

Anyways, today’s post is written by one Man/Leader I really respect. I doubt he is as old as I’m making him seem, but you should know him already.

So permit me to welcome Damilare (@dami_maverick) as he opens you’re eyes to another secret, rather another rhema you might never have caught. You can visit his blog here

I leave you to Mr Dami now. Be Inspired.



The Fulcrum (1)

Ful•crum /ˈfo͝olkrəm/

1.         The point on which a lever rests or is supported.

2.         A thing that plays a central or essential role in an activity, event, or situation

At certain points in a man’s journey in life there are tiny pockets of opportunity I like to call pivots. These are critical issues, key situations on which the balance of destiny is hinged. To the untrained eye they are seemingly mundane occurrences which bear no signification. You could regard them as seasons of judgment that requires an importunate move from the individual.

First let us start with the pivot of Salvation.

Time circles round and grinds to a halt. Before you are two gardens, separated in time but connected by one single thread that runs through all of eternity – Adam. There are two of them, they stand face to face. Two Adams – one a living soul, the other a life-giving spirit 1 Corinthians 15:44-46. This is the fulcrum. The pivot on which humanity’s tragic tale revolves. Let us look into the last hours of the second Adam to gain a clearer picture.

As the clock spiraled down to the hour of blood, the son of Elyon knelt amidst the scattered shrubs and hedgerows of the garden of Gethsemane Matthew 26:35-37 and had a long talk with his Dad. This was no trivial chat, the bell was tolling, and the hangman’s noose was beckoning. The savior’s knees pressed hard against the craggy garden soil with his face bloodied from sweat mingled with blood and his knuckles tensed. It was as though the agony of millennia were being funneled into the mortal, kitschy frame of this carpenter from Nazareth.

One singular act of high treason had brought him to this point. The Man in Eden had opened up a box of insatiable appetite, a hunger, no a lust for the forbidden fruit. He had given his title deed over to the king of demons. Humanity’s will was now subject to the whims and caprices of the deceiver. That was why he was here (1 John 3:8). That was why he knelt on the stony, moss-ridden path hidden from sight. He, Christ, was here to correct the wrong perpetuated in that garden.

This was a critical moment. He could either grab the bull by the horns or whimper back to the safety of his mother. He could either go toe-to-toe with the horde of hell or hide in shame. He decided. He would lay down his own life; no one could dare take it from him. His voice sending tremors through the realm of spirits, he spoke to the hearing of the angelic audience and demagogue of demons … “thy will be done

Everything hinges on Christ – the one who surrendered all to the will of the Father. What clearer picture can be painted, what better tale could be spun? The Christ walked to the cross and in that moment set in motion the ultimate prison break. It was his choice – he wasn’t murdered or assassinated. He laid down his life as a sacrifice John 10:15. For us our personal perspective and the level of priority we place on this act of ‘insane’ LOVE is our own PIVOT. How will you respond to such a show of audacious affection?

Consider now the current state of your life. Are you bedazzled by the wanton wealth of men? Are you caught in a web of seduction, lies and despicable deceit? Is your life riddled by emptiness and vanishing vanities? There is a wide road paved with the gaudy trinkets of man’s lusts, it appears to lead home but at the end of the street is the citadel of destruction.

The most critical decision you can ever make in your life is to TRUST in the death and resurrection of Elyon’s Son. This is the fulcrum! It shifts the balance of power in our favor. No guilt in life, no fear in death – this is the power of Christ in me. The Risen Lord resident in you is the hope of glory. Making this decision strips you of the old Adamic nature and clothes in the Robe of Righteousness sewn by the blood of the Lamb. Every other decision of Faith stems from this reality – that it is no longer you who live but Christ (the Second Adam).

What say you? How will you judge this matter? Is this to you the idle rambling of a fanatical writer? Or will you allow these words speak to you? Accepting and surrendering to the absolute Lordship of Christ and His work of redemption is the only decision worth making in this life.

The hour of blood is coming …



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Scrap Common Sense!

Who says you have to follow the rules?_ Sourced from Googlr

Who says you have the rules?_ Sourced from Googlr

Let me start with saying that the concept behind Common sense is a whole fusion of nonsense!

Am I pissed? Hell Yea!

• • •

That said, now am gonna try and make this as practical as possible so I don’t get targeted or accused of blasphemy or some sort of desecration. By the way, I don’t mean “Common Sense as a general perception of something” but “Common Sense as a general acceptance of situations or ill luck”

Majority of folks live with the mind set that some rules in life are impossible to overturn or some situations are as permanent as death. In this state, Yorubas are quick to say “A gba fun Olorun”. A sign of resignation, or more exclusively; a lack of hope or faith and then they put it all on God for righteousness sake so at least God won’t say you never told me. Most times, they never expect something good to come out of those situations and their belief always makes sure nothing good happens.
The ability of Lazarus to rise up was not because of his faith in miracles, or that of his sisters or anybody whatsoever, his resurrection was based solely on the faith Jesus had and that belief was strong enough to wake him from four days of slumber in the clutches of death.

Einstein, Newton, Shakespeare are not famous because they stuck to the norms, its cuz they dreamt more and pushed more than a normal human thereby discovering things the lay man would consider out of this world. We owe our comfort today to these people and everybody who cared to have uncommon sense and we also owe them an obligation that we’ll stick to continuing the legacy they left off, unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Now, this is where I focus on Africa; the continent that has refused to grow. Our beliefs, culture, tradition which in actual sense were meant to ginger development in us have suddenly been considered as stumbling blocks to our progress as a people. Our skill in picking out the worst in any situation is second to none, no wonder we are second to none in developing allergies to innovation. We claim the whites are super smart and God has favored them greatly and all this done to just hide the fact that we are scared of exploring the unknown. If everybody was like us, we’ll still be taking the occasional trek from Ethiopia to Gabon because nobody would have invented cars and the Wright brothers would have died popular bicycle repairers; popular on their street alone! If man was scared, America would still be a fallow unexplored land and Columbus would have died a man who had a phobia for water, Imagine!

What am saying here, is that the world is a large expanse of norms and common sense and majority of its inhabitants are blinded by these and nothing is being done to change this. Instead some parents deceive themselves and send their kids to school, you’ll be a great scientist or physicist they’ll tell him in elementary school. when he is in secondary school, they force him to study science, he goes to the university and studies a professional course, comes out and works everyday of his life trying to make ends meet and finally dies a man whose obituary would claim lived a fruitful life! Garbage! Pure rubbish!

A wise man or woman once said;

    The graveyard is the richest place on earth.

because it contains ideas and potentials that men have let die with them all in the name of playing safe and living a coded life. Back track to bible days, King Solomon wrote in Proverbs 2:6 that “”God is a mine of Common sense”. In other words, just like the purity of fuel becomes better with depth, so does the depth of your common sense increase when you till this mine. some fellows would barely scratch the surface; some like Jesus would as deep as they can get and end up having their name stamped in the sands of time while some fools in the end would not even carry an axe talk less of attempting to explore the mine. that’s why some folks would forever consider a 7 course meal a once in a lifetime luxury and some others take it a brisk breakfast.

It’s high time we Africans wake up to the fact that the norms don’t govern the world anymore; common sense doesn’t make sense anymore. It’s time we learn that what great men would term normal to them is what we might see as the actions of a demigod.

    It’s time to think outside the box.

    It’s time to explore the unknown.

    It’s time to take those “no turning back risks”.

    Push yourself to the limits because in actual sense, there are no limits in life.

God is called the ageless, change less and limitless God and trust me, those names are not some sort of fallacy, they are all perfect descriptions of his person. Therefore, if we can take to him, his qualities would rub off on us. Remember anything started without God is running with a self destruct timer. So if you can think like you would expect him to, take risks that you think Jesus would take, take that gigantic step that you’ve imagined Shakespeare taking and watch your life soar out of obscurity and get stamped in History.

For Your Info
Shakespeare started thinking out of the box at a very tender age. At the time when boys stealing apples from orchards of the well to do was considered the most mischievous thing a child could do, Shakespeare was caught stealing a sheep!
I’m not telling you to go steal but you get my drift, don’t wait till your 40 to explore the unknown, it might just be too late.

I hope you’ve been inspired.


• • •

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