Lazy- A*s Writer

I’m a lazy-a*s writer

The laziest there is

I revel in my laziness

Aware of the writer’s code that refutes the use of the same words in succession

Like – lazy

But I don’t care

I’m too lazy to care


However, this only concerns writing

I’m an excellent sage

Some have even compared me to Ghandi

Thinking about it now, I sense it was all fallacy

And a bid to make me pick my pen again

And inspire people

And inspire I did

But for a short while

Until laziness struck. Again

And I dropped the pen for the umpteenth time


The world clamours for hard-working fellows

Work-crazy, rest-loathing, gruesome fellows

It also embraces abortion

Supports wars

And maims kids in their classrooms

Safe to say the world is psycho

So, I’ll ditch it’s expectations

And sulk on my couch further

Because I’m lazy


I’m lazy enough to watch TV all night

And see lifeless children litter the streets of Syria

Lazy enough to see hungry refugees lay half-dead on train tracks in Austria

Lazy enough to see that young girl across the street struggle to support the weight of the bulge in her tummy

Whilst the culprit; ‘Uncle’ saunters around town without remorse

And yet, at the corner of my eye, I watch the hard working folks scamper around town

Caught in the hustle and bustle of life

Oblivious of the pain

Ignorant of the chaos


They say life is a race

And everyone is running to win

Lazy me is confused

Win what?

But I’ve never quite figured it out

Perhaps because I’m too lazy to think it through


Seeing as I’ve digressed into territories I didn’t plan for

I think I’ll retreat a bit

And take back a few of my words

Perhaps I’ve exaggerated a bit

In my bid to kick start my almost dormant writing career

Yes, I’m a lazy writer

But no, I’m not a lazy person

But that’s what the world sees me as

The one that has so much time to be bothered about other’s worries


I’m a compassionate being

Sometimes to a fault

And although I’ll like to fly a plane and dump food all over Sudan

Or breeze into the minds of the soldiers in the middle east and whisper peace into their souls

I can’t do any of that

I can’t climb on a podium like Martin Luther King Jr and inspire

Or take hunger strikes like Ghandi

Hence, I can’t but feel helpless

And watch as the world goes knee deep in pain and suffering

So I’ll hold up my pen

And hide miles away from enemy lines

Furiously scribbling in my notepad words and more words

Words that I hope can make a greater impact than they would

For this reason, I consider myself lazy

A ‘lazy-a*s’ writer


Mike Dammy




Ode To Sadness by @Jessesole

Deep within darkness I fell

Scraping at the very surface of what remained of my soul

As the light in my eyes faded in shadows

I descend into depths of grey and nothingness

A world of no sides nor tangibles

The little light left gasping within travels to and fro

As I watch colours fade as I fall beneath the surface, into unknown depths

I was helpless

Sounds won’t be made in this world

For there was no air yet I wasn’t choking

Just nothingness

And I was encased within it

And before my fall into despair, the little hope left in me prayed to be saved and delivered

For what plagued me I had no strength to overcome.

Slowly consciousness faded

And my mind seemed to fall into a deep sleep,

Soon my thoughts faded into whispers and I

You remember as I do

The days you encompassed me

Engulfed my very being as I fell deep beneath the surface into your engulfing grey scheme

You took me and reminded me of my sorrows

Washed me over until I felt alone and neglected

Within your world were no colours but grey

No feelings but emptiness

No will but helplessness

Your shades taking away the light in my eyes

As I threw so gallantly fake smiles at my fellow men

And alone by you, with myself alone with you

You seized me till I wept, wept silly

You were my companion in those times

When no one watched

When no one was around

I would find my corner and drown myself in you

Soon I had Self-pity; a friend of yours pay me homage

And by and by you were the only feeling I could define

The only feeling I could remember

Soon I was addicted to the way you made me feel

And it was all I wanted to feel, even when you had nothing on me

Though having you around condemned me to Depression; your other friend

That once a while my heart would ache within me

Still I cultured you into my mind’s view of normalcy

And whatever else was a once a while treat

And if I ever was asked “are you fine”,

Me replying yes was my truth and I truly with you been there was fine

I wouldn’t lie; I can say I have missed you

But what we had is over

I was with you for so long that I could manage you, bend you and thrive within you

but been without you has had me live

And even now writing about you has me feeling only you

I do remember you

I loved you

I felt safe in your cozy grey

I remember when with you my distaste of happiness

Its bright colours that seemed to light up the environs

But now I have someone even better within me

Someone like the sun itself.

Hmph, thank you for been there

Because coming out of you though then I was an unwilling captive, made me stronger

I won’t forget you because I know you loved me as I loved you

Though it wasn’t good love

In case you wonder about me, I am in a blessed place

A place I could not even perceive when with you

Joy brought me here, the one I said is even better than Happiness

Yes, the same fellow you dreaded

Thank you Greysoul

The name I later came to give the union of you and me

And concerning tomorrow by the grace of God, I will work to never been with you

* * * * *

I behold light, break forth from the surface to reach me beneath

As it breaks the shackles off me, causing me free

I realize now that I slept all along

Though within that sleep I knew not that I slept

So refreshing it is, that my soul fumbles in words and expressions

Like wings have been given me to fly

I am glad, I am happy, I am joyful…

When Life Hands You Lemons


When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade…

I’ve had this quote on my mind for a while now. It’s pretty easy to recite and use like I’ve seen tons of people do over time but I’m pretty sure many don’t know the context in which it is used. They say quotes have a deeper meaning and this one does too but I’m going to try and address it from a different angle unlike the theory we are used to. I intend to share my findings with you now.



Once you sense I’ve started thinking too much or getting philosophical, stop me… if you can.


Moving on… last time I checked; to create lemonades you require lemons, water and sugar. So if life is giving you just lemons how do you end up at lemonade without the other ingredients? Hmmm…Oro nla.

Like I said earlier, I’m going to try and give this a literal meaning different from the one you’re probably accustomed to.



Lemons in this context are talents. I don’t mean the money they spent in the bible days, I’m talking about the gift you were born with, that thing you’re extremely good at for no reason without little or no practice. Those are the lemons life has bestowed you with. Some people are blessed with fat lemons, some juicy while some others stale and small. Whatever type of lemon life has given you it’s your duty to create something out of it. That something being chilled lemonade.

So first, to make lemonade, you need a couple of ingredients aside lemons.


The first of them being Water.

Note, life didn’t hand you water like it did with the lemons so you have to discover it yourself. Water in this context is Diligence, Determination and The strive to be better at what you do. It’s a known fact that water helps plants grow, so let’s assume the ‘water’ here helps your talents develop. Many lose it at this stage. They never come by adequate water or the nerve to harness it out of the earth. So they end up with lemons still and continually look over the horizon to the finish line where their peers and life-mates turn in their lemonade for assessment. In other words, our group has fallen short of a couple of people. That’s how life is; some people never make it past the first stage and they have to endure the mediocrity that trails them throughout their existence.


Next on the list is Sugar.

Adding sugar to the mixture of lemons and water you have already is simply infusing Creativity into your talent that has been diligently developed. Like water, sugar has to be found as it’s not a free gift from life. Creativity runs the world these days. Hi5 went into depression immediately Facebook was released with its unique features. The keyword there is ‘unique’. Spain and Barcelona were blown away in the World cup and Champions league respectively because their Tiki Taka style of play had become obsolete. Opponents knew what to expect because no form of creativity whatsoever was brought into play. That’s what happens when your lemonade lacks sugar.

Dig deep into your subconscious, understand your surroundings, study your predecessors and emerge with something unique. That’s the trick. Nobody cared to listen to our old local artistes after Wizkid landed with his unique touch to hip hop as we know it. The result of his hard work is there for all to see… you can say he spoilt market for the lacklustre ones. That’s the advantage sugar gives you.

Now we have our lemonade but we don’t have a final product yet. You don’t possess a means of distributing it and nobody; I mean nobody wants to drink lukewarm lemonade. This brings us to the second phase of adding ingredients.


The first of them is a Fridge or Freezer if you will.

Nobody likes warm or hot lemonade. Everybody loves it ice cold and chilled. The fridge here is Branding. Now that your talent has been developed and garnished with creativity, you need a proper concept with which you would release it to the world. Engage in proper branding, create the perfect website, buy the perfect costume and rent the perfect offices and workplaces. Accomplish this and you have a well developed and defined talent waiting to be displayed to the world. After you’ve accomplished this, you need one last ingredient.


Jars and Cups.

The last but definitely not the least of the ingredients. You need a jar in which to share the lemonade and cups and bottles to serve with. We definitely don’t want to all drink from the bowl you mixed your lemonade in. That’s unhygienic. Everybody wants to take their lemonade to their offices and to their homes. They want to be able to put in the cup holder in their cars and take little sips when the traffic is unbearable. That my brother/sister is Having a Platform, which can mean Advertising; Social Networking to be precise. People hardly read billboards these days. They would rather view your adverts on their phones and laptops. The world has gone digital, make sure your refined talent can too. Provide a means in which we can carry your lemonade around and in that way publicise you further.


That’s the last of the ingredients in making one-of-a-kind lemonades… simply, Lemons, Water, Sugar, A Fridge and Jars and cups. Lemons never give you lemonade right away, neither would your raw talents give fulfillment or put food on your table. You need the other ingredients in the right proportions.

So, dear readers; when life does hand you lemons, make lemonade and make sure you make it just right… damn, lots of ‘make’ in that sentence… 🙂


Have a lovely day.

I remain Mike Dammy


* * *

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Love, Abuse & Common Sense

Posted this a while back… Just felt I should share it again.

Do drop a comment and Share when you’re done.

Bless 🙂

* * *


I will never quite understand the logic behind sticking to a spouse in an abusive relationship, I mean, how do you remain with a guy that pummels you daily and call it Love?! Some like my mentor would say would claim it’s his nature, “He can’t help it, he gets angry easily” they’ll say. So you’re the chosen one to get beaten and battered shey? That’s really sad.

I’ve been in relationships so I’m not tackling this issue like a novice; two relationships to be precise. The first one was a result of youthful exuberance so that doesn’t count but the second one was more like it. Sort of fulfilling, I would describe it even though we had to go our separate ways. Many would say I was confused and naive but I wasn’t as naive as to the point where I would raise my hand to hit her. Insulting her was impossible and yabbing her would take all the meanness in me; but then I loved her and my fist was not my medium of showing it.

They say behind every successful man is a woman and I believe many have misinterpreted that statement. That the quote said “behind” doesn’t mean she behind’s you or you are some sort of master over her; it only means you’re partners and in that particular situation, you’re the one in the spotlight or undergoing the task, the statement can easily mean “behind every successful woman is a man” so we men shouldn’t blow up our ego beyond proportion;.

A relationship is a partnership; between two people living in love and equality; the key word there being “Equality”. The moment any one starts bossing the other one around, it ceases to be a relationship and becomes some sort of Master-Servant relationship and that’s not right no matter how you put it.

Now, focusing on the ladies in abusive relationships

What is wrong with you?

Why did you become so naive?

As much as guys claim to be the better humans, we aren’t in fact better. That you were formed from his rib doesn’t give him any right to lay his hands on you. The earlier you understand this, the better for you. There is no form of Eros love that connotes long suffering except when both of you (together) are suffering together; like say saving for your marriage or abstaining from sex till marriage but when one of you suffers at the expense of the other, it aint a relationship anymore, so wake up and open your eyes to this!

There is no form of love without wisdom and common sense attached to it. If you believe love is all about the feeling; then maybe you should stick to being single and go on a journey of self discovery. Every successful love story (Ignore those Bollywood flicks) have some form of common sense in twined in it. You won’t marry an armed robber even if the feeling is strong; common sense says its wrong. You also don’t let yourself get harassed by some guy in the name of love, common sense also says its wrong. Until your mind is in tune with your feelings, you are not in love, and if you aren’t in love, you should stay away from any relationship cos that’s where all forms of molestation would come into play and he won’t think twice about indulging in them because all he has are feelings and he has nothing to lose.

If he beats you, then acts all sober after a while and ask you to forgive him when you’re all bruised up, the best way you can show love there is to break the relationship and help him sort himself out; as a friend.

If he beats or molests you because he likes it, I really shouldn’t be telling you what to do. Like my father would say’ Cant you use your number six?! (I still don’t know what that means)

Moving to the ‘gentle’men that molest women, the lord is your strength. You’re not a very smart bunch and it’s your kind that evolve into rapists and sexual molesters. You have no right whatsoever to touch a lady, no matter how much you enjoy it. Beating a lady is an act of cowardice and not some form of manhood spectacle. Except she’s your creation(which she aint), you have no right to teach her. She’s meant to be your partner not your punching bag and you’re meant to respect her.

If you do have a temper, see a therapist and get yourself checked out. Nobody has to suffer for your shortcomings.

If however, you’re a man and your girlfriend or spouse harasses you, I really do not know what to say. Except she’s blackmailing you, yours is an unforgivable case and I just pray God helps you and your self-esteem.

All in all, nobody has the right to hurt his/her partner. The reason you said yes to him/her is cos you felt it was right, so don’t push yourself to doing something contrary. If however you were forced into the relationship, see an elder or report to the police.

Finally, for any relationship to work, God is a definite constant. Remove him from the equation and it’ll never work…. Never!

That said, Stay blessed and happy in your relationships. If you’re single like I am, it’s cool. Enjoy it while it lasts. 😉


Have a wonderful weekend!

Mike Dammy  @damstylee 



The World Has Gone Mad!

I woke with hope yesterday. Hope that the world had somewhat regained its sanity over the course of the night. It has been awkward for a while. Women dressing like men and men looking more and more like their female counterparts. Animals suddenly had the balls to walk on all fours and humans are standing upright. The world is mad I tell you. It has gone bananas and I thought I was its only survivor.


I had stepped down from my throne like bed like a king. Veins of plants and fungi cropped the stony background of their illustrious resting place like the amazons and a mighty ingenious grey roof sheltered me from the abomination that came from above. I took the leftover bread from yesterday beside the bed, took a bite and dabbed the rest into a magical liquid in the ground that made the meal more delicious. I felt the raisins in my mouth and shuddered in ecstasy. That was life. If only the world was there to enjoy it with me.


I went into the open after my morning rituals. A woman was engaged in some sort of ritual at the back of the houses. I moved in closer and watched as she poured a clear liquid on her body. Tragic I tell you. A sane person would know that the body must be protected from such filth. She poured the last bit of it on her face, saw me and screamed. I smiled and only stopped when I felt a jab of pain on my nose. Quickly, I fled from the scene. It was getting boring anyway. I decided to hit the market square.


I burst into the market square later in my full regalia and took in the applause that was the noise of market women advertising their goods. Surely, they had to be hailing me in disguise. No sane person should make such noise. But then, they weren’t sane. A dog walking on all its limbs like a human came by and tried to have a sniff at my crotch. I swung my foot at it so hard it rolled over a dozen times on the red earth. A mad woman cursed at me as the dog rolled into her stall. I poked my tongue at her and walked away majestically. People threw glances at me as I strolled across muttering the words of the gods to the spirits around. That was as good as it got.


That’s where it all changed.


It started with the scream of the bathing woman.


That’s him! She said. The mad man that was peeping at me as I bathed.


I laughed and turned in her direction. If she was sane, she would know it was impossible to find a mad man in a multitude of many. That’s when I realized she was pointing at me. Half a dozen clothed mad men headed in my direction and I fled. I fled my brother. When you see mad men coming in your direction,you run. Sadly, there was no other to rescue me. Half a yard later, I was bound hands and feet.


You are all mad. I yelled but nobody seemed to care. They bundled me into a despicable van and next thing I knew, I’m in this bed tied down with chains in Yabaleft or whatever they call this place. I’m still in awe that we’re still many. Maybe there is still hope for us.


Wait… where are you going? Fellow sane men, stay with me! I can’t fight this war alone!



General Ghadaffi Idi-Amin!



Who dares to speak my name?



The voice from behind the steel door.



Whose voice?



The voice of the gods.



Speak your gracious. Your humble servant beckons.



Shut your mouth or I’ll come in there with a taser!


Mike Dammy



Life In Retrospect

It’s funny…
I’ve always wanted to start a personal blog and No, I’m not kidding. I really have. But every time I’ve tried, I’ve failed horribly. Emphasis on the word ‘Horribly.’

I mean, who would blame you readers, why would you want to be bored by my monotonous life stories?
I don’t live lavishly like a Kardashian or a Hilton. I can’t promise you pictures of different hotspots around the globe in one day or show you slideshows of the fantastic designer items I buy everyday but i know someone who can; Kim Kardashian and you know why. Kim probably has a private jet, and even if she doesn’t, she’ll possess visas to the most exciting countries and yea, Kanye’s money. How do I compete with that?
Simple. I can’t. At least not yet. Just wait till my bestseller debuts on New York Times Bestsellers list and we’ll see.

So for now, I’ll stick to my inspirational posts about some of my life episodes, your life episodes and insulting Shina Rambo… Kabish! (whatever that means -___-).

Moving on…
I had a run-in with a friend yesterday, exciting ordeal I tell you. I figured all he said concerned me as much as it concerns you and I decided to share what I learnt.

Simply put; this young man explained to me why the awards you’ve imagined yourself receiving for releasing that amazing single haven’t come yet, why some of you are still stuck up in those miserable jobs of yours, and why you’re still earning peanuts while your classmate from school saunters towards his next big promotion.
His reason was simple and straightforward; Fear.
Too simple right? That’s what I thought too.
Me?  Scared? Hell No!

I argued with him initially explaining how I wasn’t scared. How I was a bad guy. How I had six packs 😉 . How why I hadn’t finished or rather even started my book was because I was busy and not cos I was scared. But slowly and surely, he made me see reason and my job here right now is to make u see it too.

Here goes…

To be direct, I’m an Architect in the making, an amateur writer, a speaker, an annoying machine and a Ninja (True Story).
Architecture however is my first choice. My first love. Or so I thought.
I’ve designed buildings for about four years now and trust me, some have been really cool but I’ve never felt fulfillment from any of my designs as much as I felt yesterday when I posted Fire in our Bellies and saw the feedback from y’all. I mean, I was literally crazy with excitement. And then my friend showed up.

I’m awesome at initiating arguments and better at making them last for hours until my voice is hoarse. So when, my friend started, I smiled at my impending victory. This would be a walk in the park I thought. Minutes passed and it dawned on me that I was gonna lose. This my friend convinced me of what was actually wrong. I was truly scared. Scared of failure.

It’s known in Architecture that nobody’s opinion matters except that of your client and the national approval body. So the height of your shame is between a maximum of three to five persons. And even with that, you get to amend your corrections. That to me is not shame at all. So I understood that that was why Architecture was my first love. Cos failure was almost impossible. Unlike writing.

As a writer, you’re appealing to a group of people. Your readers, passers-by, critics, haters, those sharp mouthed, quick-to-crucify-folks on twitter and a host of other people. If you release an article of substandard quality, you can be murdered; literally, mentally, financially and physically.
Simply put; If you F**k up, you might lose your life!
I kid you not because I’ve been a victim. Once, I posted an article about Evolution on this blog and one white man from God knows where commented. Mehn, that guy took it P. Called me all sorts of names and finished me literally.  As a sharp guy, I formed moderator and deleted the comment but a part of my resolve died that day. It’s safe to say I encountered fear that day.
The fear of failure. The fear of rejection. And so, I shifted my attention to Architecture; my supposed love. But dare I say, I missed writing. Well, I’m back now. Let’s hope the white dude is not reading this but that’s by the way.

Stuff like this happens everyday in our society. In every office, every workplace, there is an unhappy fellow stuck to a desk because he’s scared of what people would say If they hear him sing or read his write ups like my case. With that thought in his mind, he has resolved to render what he’s excellent at a mere hobby. Something he indulges in when No one is watching. A secret the world mustn’t find out.

If that’s your case, banish that fear or you might regret it later in life.
I’m not writing this because I’m perfect, No.  Neither would I say I excel in all my endeavours but I understand one fact about life now. It won’t hold up a signboard telling you which direction to go or which career path to follow. It’ll leave you to put yourself on the your right path.

So, my advice…
Ditch that sorry good for nothing lazy ass attitude.
Sing If you want to. Dance If you feel like. Write If that’s what you’re good at. Don’t be bothered by how much your parents paid for your education (Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have good grades though ). You won’t be a Bill Gates Or Mark Zuckerberg by sitting at a desk when you know you don’t belong there.
There are many Beyonces out there… Countless Denzels, probably a few Bill Gates but We might never meet them If you’re scared of what happens next.

I’ll leave you to the rendered image of a church I designed in school recently. I look at it and I understand one thing; I do love Architecture but Writing is my true love.


My Design for a Remodelling of TREM Headquaters, Gbagada.

Have a lovely day.

Mike Dammy

Seizing Opportunities 101

Morning folks.

Straight to the point then…

Disclaimer: I came across today’s post on Dayo Daini’s wall on Facebook last night. The originality got me stupefied (to an extent sha -___-) and immediately I was done, I knew I didn’t have to write anything today.
I hope that was a smart move though.

Still, Enjoy and do drop a comment.

* * * *

During a robbery , the bank robber shouted to everyone in the bank: “Don’t move. The money belongs to the State. Your life belongs to you.” Everyone in the bank laid down quietly.

This is called …”Mind Changing Concept
Changing the conventional way of thinking.

When a lady lay on the table provocatively, the robber shouted at her: “Please be civilized! This is a robbery and not a rape!”

This is called “Being Professional
Focus only on what you are trained to do!

When the bank robbers returned home, the younger robber (MBA-trained) told the older robber (who has only completed Year 6 in primary school): “Big brother, let’s count how much we got.” The older robber rebutted and said: “You are very stupid. There is so much money it will take us a long time to count. Tonight, the TV news will tell us how much we robbed from the bank!”

This is called “Experience.”
Nowadays, experience is more important than paper qualifications!

After the robbers had left, the bank manager told the bank supervisor to call the police quickly. But the supervisor said to him: “Wait! Let us take out $10 million from the bank for ourselves and add it to the $70 million that we have previously embezzled from the bank”.

This is called “Swim with the tide.” Converting an unfavorable situation to your advantage!

The supervisor says: “It will be good if there is a robbery every month.”

This is called “Killing Boredom.”
Personal Happiness is more important than your job.

The next day, the TV news reported that $100 million was taken from the bank. The robbers counted and counted and
counted, but they could only count $20 million. The robbers were very angry and complained: “We risked our lives and only took $20 million. The bank manager took $80 million with a snap of his fingers. It looks like it is better to be educated than to be a thief!”

This is called “Knowledge is worth as much as gold!”

The bank manager was smiling and happy because his losses in the share market are now covered by this

This is called “Seizing the opportunity.” Daring to take risks!

Who are the real robbers here then?

* * * *

This article made me laugh the first time I read it.
I dare not say the bank manager and supervisor are not crooks but damn, they are smart asses.
Life is more about making do with what it throws at you than following a script you created for yourself.
You never know what’s going to come your way tomorrow,  you should however be sure you’ll have an idea of deciphering it.
Opportunities always come knocking but they never linger. So, make sure you’re smart enough to wrestle them down and make do of the benefits they provide.

That said… Do have a lovely day.

Mike Dammy

Memoirs of God with Mae #1

Memoirs of God with Mae

Memoirs of God with Mae

Hello everyone, I am excited today because I have been able to meet up with dami’s deadline (really thought I wouldn’t make it). That said let’s move on to the business of today.


Just recently I stumbled on a book by Kenneth. E. Hagin titled ‘How you can be led by the Spirit of God – Legacy edition’. I decided to read some of the pages of the book and I would like to share with everyone what I found.

Everyone knows this saying, ‘man is a spirit, he has a soul and he lives in a body’ but very few understand it’s true meaning. A friend once told me this, she said when a girl is raped, the reason she can get out of the trauma is because it is only her physical body that was touched or damaged not her spirit and her spirit is who she really is and not her body. So therefore once her mind has that understanding and she accepts that who she is has not been tampered with she does not carry the burden of the rape around, she let’s go off it. I know this might seem difficult to comprehend but I pray God gives you light that you may understand.

Kenneth. E. Hagin mentioned something very particular I would like to share. He referred to Pro20:27 which says, ‘the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of the belly’. He explained that many times people think God is leading them through their physical senses or through their minds but because the bible doesn’t say the body of man is the candle neither does it say the mind of man is the candle, they end up getting into trouble. God can only lead you through your spirit and this is because it is the real you.

The bible in Rom8:10 says if Christ lives in you then although your natural body is dead by reason of sin and guilt, the spirit is alive because of the righteousness that he imputes in you. Have you ever wondered why the bible always refers to our spirit? It is because it’s our means of connection to the heavenlies. God communicates with us through our spirits. That is why the bible clearly says that our spirits should be in charge i.e. Our flesh should always submit to our spirit.

I would like to say to all those who think they are so messed up that they can’t walk with God that it’s only a lie the devil wants them to believe (well that’s his job but I won’t let him succeed at it). Once you give your life to Christ, He begins to work on you. He renews your mind through the Holy Spirit so that the real you which is your spirit comes alive in your body. Never think you are too filthy for God. Come to him in your filth and He will make you clean and bring out the real you and He will take you through life.

There is something the Holy Spirit always told me when I messed up or disobeyed, after I apologise to him, He would say to me that he understands and I am work in progress. This gives me peace but it also makes me understand that it is no room for me to keep messing up but instead it is an avenue for me to learn, grow and keep progressing.

I pray that God through the Holy Ghost would open us up to the truths of who we really are. I would also like to recommend the book by Kenneth. E. Hagin, ‘How you can be led by the spirit of God – Legacy edition’.

Remain blessed…………xx
Ff @ladyingenous on twitter


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Joshua Fela – Episode 1

Well.. Well.. I’m back and so are you.

Welcome. *bows theatrically* 😀

Okay, I know I said yesterday that I was done with blogging and writing, I lied. X_X… Not on purpose though but I don’t think I can stop doing something I love. I’m kinda like Jack in Titanic and I’ll continue dying 2 save Rose if its all I do… (Hmm… That’s not a smart example though).

Anyhow sha… The truth of the matter is I’m not done with writing or blogging and I’m not sure I ever will. A big thank you to the folks that told me I was bluffing yesterday, you guys gave me something to think about.

So, for my comeback party, I’m starting a series. Its not gonna be conventional. Its not gonna be my ‘type of writing’ but its something new and I love challenges.

So, when you’re done. Be kind enough to drop your comments, views and criticism. Also share the post if you like it. Even if you don’t, share it :|.
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That said.

Bye…. :d

Sorry… Enjoy!

    I guess I was bluffing

    I guess I was bluffing



My name is Joshua fela and no, I don’t mean the popular musician/activist Fela. I’m not related to him but my father said our family is as important as his. I have a feeling he was lying now.

So, I’m here to share my story. I could have done so before but I think its much easier when you’re looking at if from a different perspective.

    • I’m happily married but my wife is no more.
    • I am the best father in the world but my kids don’t know me anymore.
    • I have the best friend in the world but he has not come to see me in ages.
    • I’ve got the best family in the world but it seems they are beginning to get over me.
    • I’ll be 25 tomorrow and I can’t get married. Not that I can help it.
    • And finally, I’m dead.

But most importantly, of all the things I’ve listed above, only one is true but I’ll leave you to find out which.

Joshua Fela_ Original photo sourced from Google

Joshua Fela_ Original photo sourced from Google


Red light blinks rhythmically in the distance, the blackberry phone vibrating with each notification. Nath looks away from the Purple Hibiscus he was engrossed in to the phone and after assuring himself it was a Ping and not a call returns his attention to the novel.

“Chimamanda…. You’re good mehn.” he says to himself while trying to not disturb his sleeping roommate. He looks over to Josh and sniffed; the result of getting beaten by the rain.

He had disagreed with Josh’s plan of going over to the school’s sports centre for a swim but got forced by the same. Unfortunately, the rain chose that fateful day to bless the earth’s farmers and now he had a cold to tend to.

“Peer pressure… No brain.” He says in the sleeping boy’s direction.

The door bursts open and a ‘man’ in his early twenties steps into the room.

“Nathaniel!” He barks. “You don see Lekan and Lanre?”

“Yes I have.” Nath replies still reading his book. “They just told me to tell you not to barge into people’s rooms, stupid!”


“Idiot.” Nath mutters under his breath

“Did you just diss me?”

“No o! Diss you ke? How can I? With your 6-perks and chest, you wan make I die?” Nath replies.

Delighted, Tope flexes his abs and puffs out his chest in response to Nath’s sarcastic compliment.
Nath just shakes his head in pity.

“Ehen… So you have not seen them?”

“God! You’re so dumb.” He whispers

“You say?!”

“Nothing.. nothing..” Nath quickly adds.

“Okay.” He looks over to the sleeping teen and smirks;

“Sleep no go kill Josh! Did you guys work all night?”

“No o, we only went swimming yesterday.”

“Swimming?!” Tope’s eyes light up with the news. “With babes?”

“Err… no.” Nath replies embarrassed.

Shaking his head, Tope hisses and turns to leave the room.

“You guys are just gay geeks. Get a life please!”

“Yea Yea… Cool story bro.” Tope replies after him.

Tope just sniffs and walks out muttering something to himself while Nath returns to his former posture, his hand still clutching the book. He struggles to read afterwards but couldn’t as what Tope just said had struck a chord in him and he rummages over it.

“What the Idiot said is true though. When am I ever going to get a babe or better still get laid.” His trousers bulge at the thought of having sex and he attempts to clear the thought off his mind to no avail.

“You see, young man down there,” he says to his slightly erect penis. “Until I get the liver to talk to babes, you are not getting any action… So its either you help me or we remain stuck forever”

“And No,” He responds to his ‘penis’. “Josh cannot help. That nigga is too busy daydreaming about that his stupid crush”

He turns to look at Josh who is smiling in his sleep.

“Ode! I said it! The mumu is dreaming about her again.” He walks towards Josh and jabs him in the leg. Josh jerks up and looked around quickly.

“Dude!” He exclaims. “What the heck? I’ve told you to stop waking me when I’m having my afternoon nap”

“What stupid nap are you talking about? Stay there and be deceiving yourself as if the girl would come and meet you in your dream.”

“What girl?” Josh asks

“Ronke of course!”

“How.. How did you know I was dreaming about Ronke?”

Nath sighs and walks away.

“Answer me now.” Josh calls after him.

“Because you do so every time! You’re so obsessed with this girl and you can’t even walk up to her to say Hi. I bet she doesn’t even know you exist and yet you sit here and waste your whole day dreaming about her.”

Josh shrugs and says, “I don’t see what’s wrong with that”

“Dude!” Nath clasps his head in frustration. “We have been coursemates for almost two years now. She sits three… No two tables away from us and yet common Hi you cannot say. You’re just a stupid coward”

Josh takes a long pause and laughs hysterically. “Why is it paining you? Its not as if you have a girlfriend. You barely even talk to them”

“At least I’ve not had a crush for two years.” Nath snorts.

“See Nath, I know its not easy. Its never gonna be. We are the geeks of this generation and geeks don’t have hot girlfriends in school”

“Says who?” Nath replies. “Bill Gates had a girlfriend, and a hot one too”

“Yea, I know.” Josh replies sarcastically. “I’ve forgotten you guys are pen pals. Please say hi to him for me the next time you guys talk”



“See.. See.. I don’t have time for this. I need to finish this book. Chimamanda has got my heart.

Josh hisses. “Yea right. Boring Writer”

“What do you know? Ordinary GST you failed, common English language and yet you have the guts to criticize a writer. Olodo”

Josh casts a glance at him and hisses. “That is for your pocket. Stay there and enjoy your boring book while I enjoy Fifa.” He walks over to the Playstation console and switches it on.

The game starts running and Josh jeers and makes comments to disturb Nath on purpose. Nath looks over a couple of times as his attention is slowly captivated by the soccer game.

“What kind of boy is this?” He mutters under his breath. “I really need to finish this book.” The words are barely out of his mouth that electricity was interrupted. He looks up at the now blank TV screen and bursts out laughing.

“Now, let me see how you’ll enjoy your Fifa. Nepa! God bless you!” He exclaimed.

Josh doesn’t reply and just returns to his bed to continue his favorite past time.

“Ode! Be dreaming about her there. Don’t go and look for something to do with your life”

“F*ck you!”


The alarm rang through the classroom and everyone looked in the direction it was coming from

“Tope!” The Lecturer bawled.
“How many times have I told you to keep your phone off in my class?”

Tope looked on in ironic shame. A smile played along his lips and it betrayed his attempted apologetic stare.

“I’m sorry sir”

“Don’t sorry me. This is the last time I’m going to condone this. The next time this happens, you will be banned from my class. And I mean that literally.”

Tope looked on in confusion, his mind desperately trying to decipher the ‘big’ word Mr Durojaye just used. He stabs at Josh with his leg and asks’ “Abeg Joshua, what is lite..litera..lly”

“Jesus” Josh gasps while Nath holds himself from bursting out in laughter.

“You don’t know the meaning of literally?” Josh asks.

“If I did, would I ask you?” Tope whispers back.

“Ok o.” Josh sighs. “Literally is used where…” He stops to think. “Nath, how do you define literally?”

Nath chuckles and holds his breath to stop himself from laughing. Then he bends over and whispers; “Literally is a special type of word used to confuse idiots.”

Both of them burst out laughing and attract the attention of the lecturer.

“Nathaniel Bassey! Joshua Fela! Get out of my class.”

“We are sorry sir.” They chorus.

“I said Get out!” He shouts.

They look up to see the blood shot eyes of a visibly angry history teacher and hurriedly pack their stuff.
As they exit the classroom, Josh casts a last glance at Ronke. Her ebony hair slouched over her shoulder and her hand was fiddling with her pen in obvious boredom.
At the last second, she looks in his direction and he quickly looks away.

As they walk along the corridor, they continue their discussion.

“Tope is dumb.” Josh says

“Dumb is an understatement.” Nath replies. “How won’t you know the meaning of literally? Did he skip secondary school?”

“I wonder o! I can bet that alarm would still ring again. He has no sense. I wonder how girls fall for him.”

“Because they are dumb too.” They both laugh.

“Not all girls sha. Ronke is a very…” The sound of the alarm followed by Mr Durojaye’s voice cut him short; “Tope! Get out!”

“Ode!” Nath exclaimed. “There is no hope for him”

“I second that”

They giggle and run off towards their dormitory.

To be Continued next week

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To my Coursemates by @DatTallDude

Took me a while to pen down a disclaimer for this post so I didn’t border trying :d.
It really doesn’t need one because it speaks for itself.
I do hope the people to which its addressed feel the same way because I might have cried if it concerned me.
Anyway, Do Read, Cry, Laugh but never forget one thing, True Friendship Lasts Forever


So I left school yesterday and as I moved my luggage out of the room for the last time, I was on one hand happy because it was indeed the very last time, at least I didn’t have to clean up after my roommate SOLOMON anymore and teach him how to arrange his locker, but I was sad at the same time, as I looked at OSATO on my bed and realized I might not see my little black boy again till October. My heart sunk and a slow song playing in the background might have made me cry like CHIDINMA and TOYIN did on that day :). I could feel my heartbeat in my mouth as I shook TONY and DONALD for the last time before I entered the cab that was to take me home. I had never felt as lonely as I did on my way home that evening.
I started recounting all the moments I would miss and now cherish more than ever. The long gist with the guys and the jokes that brought my 6-pack rearing their heads out of my shirt with laughter, the insults we rained on people and one another that brought mantles on people’s heads, ONYEMAECHI‘s laugh that made everyone laugh again… I recounted everything as the cab drove away from the comforting walls of CU. I realized that life was going to be more difficult without these wonderful people in my life. Not because things were going to be done easier and faster, but because we always found and find a way to laugh in every situation. Always!!!

But I loved every moment throughout the four years, every damn moment. From the days when boys and girls had separate sitting sections and no-one miraculously crossed the other’s part, to the day when TOYIN tore the attendance sheet and no boy was courageous or well-built enough to confront her, all walking away grumbling like the men that wanted to stone the prostitute in d bible. I’ll miss everything. From the girls I never spoke to, to the one I sometimes spent up to 10hrs of my day with. Yeah, y’all know that one -__- .I’ll miss UCHE OKOYE, my over-able course rep; I salute your courage, your outspokenness and your will ma’am. CHIOMA OKAFOR, the Egyptian queen. How the sound of my voice made you understand what you were reading better is the best thing anyone has said about my voice (and I hope you were not whining me sha 🙂 ). They say we look good together. Well, you never know, I might just get my shit together quickly enough to steal you from your father’s house before all these rich, beautiful-ladies-thirsty men do -___- .And AKINDELE TOYIN, my friend for ages! Your confidence weakens me; your ability to relate with everyone wows me also. I hope we get to finish up our New Horizon business so I could get to see you smile more times. And while we are there, there’s one thing I will always keep out of your reach… My ass! -___- . To Mrs Dilz, my gangster friend, never knew you could shed tears … EVER!!! But you did and showed that you had a heart asides the one with which you love that Asaba boy! That side of you, I like. The gangster side, I love :D.

To my baby ONI IKEKHUAH (hope I got the spelling sha 🙂 ) I’ll miss the motherly attitude on the inside of you my dear. Will never forget you depriving me of biscuits and cookies till a certain time determined by only you during TTG -___- , and I hope I get to see you again so I can toss you up in the air one more time :). KUPONIYI OLUWADARASIMI!!! Kupsy Dee of life! What can I say about this adorable, smart daughter of mama Kupsy huh? You brought out a side of ABRAHAM that I thought we would never see and made AYO look like a good comedian -__- . Keep laughing Kupsy, it’s never too much. And to ADELABU KEMI the Samsung ambassador, you better tell me when the Indian guy arrives so we’ll come for the introduction :). Haha! DAMILOLA IDOWU! le smallie of life!!! your cute handbags left me wishing I had a girlfriend I could get one of those for. Don’t worry, will contact you when I have one (and I hope it’s soon sha 🙂 ). TOYOSI ANDE! you cute little black beauty! will miss our ‘not-that-high fives’, so happy you hit that first class. You deserved it! And to AJAKAIYE UNIQUE my realest G, keep being real sis, and stop dreaming cos you’ll never be as tall as I am even if you stand on the chair in chapel! -__- . And to ONIMOE ANN (Tony), a cast in one of the blockbuster movies made during our stay, my own Kim K, I’ll miss your hug dear, every boy that has hugged you before will miss your hug :). To SUZZIE, my TTG partner, better tell PH boy that I’m here if he messes up. I respect your courage and ability to stand for what is right dear and I’ll keep bugging you when I need an advice :p. OPARA CHIBUZOR my nigga! always acting all tough but I know there’s a soft spot in there, even softer than we imagine. Keep being you my G! 🙂 . And to DUNNI KASALI my name sake (@dattallbabe). You are everybody’s friend for a reason… your smile brings them closer. I’ll miss you dear.

Haha!!! ODUTOLA MAE my bride, saw you on my first day of resumption in CU. We were all pursuing registration in the chapel when your file fell and your papers scattered all over the floor. I quickly stored the surname from one of the papers as I beheld d beauty, don’t know if you remember this, but I do. I’ll miss you Mae, I’ll miss my bride :D. And to ADIGUN OLAMIDE, my family friend that has left a single nigga like me alone because she now has a boyfriend, God will find a babe for me. Will miss you Hun :). Yes! TARE MAJOROH, I see you when you pray and errrm… I see the spirit move. Thank you for that MIS shirt once again, for the initiative and its success. And to KELE-NZEH PRINCESS, some say we are dating, others say we will date, I say we know what we are. I’ll miss you and you know it, just making sure you don’t blow my head off for not stating it here :). And to those I have not mentioned, I’ll miss you too cos whether you like me or hate me (LAIDE -___-), you have been a spectacular part of my journey through CU. I’ll miss you all deeply :’).

Wherever you are, reading this, please give a minute silence to the memory of Mrs. YEJIDE AJAKAIYE, it’s more important than everything I’ve been writing since. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

Adekanbi Adedipo David. (@dattalldude on twitter)
Graduate of Management Information Systems, Covenant University.
Class of 2013.