OMG! Have you been infected with the disease too?!

Procrastination_Sourced from Google

Procrastination_Sourced from Google

Hello! A very good day (or good evening, as the case may be) to everyone reading this post.

Woah! I’ve missed this place! I, Oluwatofunmi refuse to blame my absence on my exams (speaking of which, I’m glad to be done with the ‘bestest’ result I’ve ever had), school’s not-so-good internet, academic work or any other excuse you might want to help me out with.

My absence is based solely on one reason- PROCRASTINATION.
Really, every time I think about the root cause of issues and problems I’ve faced in the past, I feel dumber and dumber; because, all my reminiscences point to the fact that I’ve been a master PROCRASTINATOR. I know this, but I still keep procrastinating. It’s so frustrating! (FYI, procrastination made this post come late *shrugs 🙂

Procrastination is the thief of time_Sourced from Google

Procrastination is the thief of time_Sourced from Google

I sat myself down to think a few days ago. I was wondering if I had a special disease or something because I just always put things off! I’ve lost so many opportunities in my young life due to this evil, procrastination. So many times, I feel like Apostle Paul in the Bible who knew the right thing to do but his flesh just won’t let him do it. I mean, what else could be the explanation for this challenge?! Trust me, it’s NOT normal. I do have the perfect person to blame for it- the devil. Procrastination is his tool.

In my quest for finding a solution to this problem, the Holy Spirit (the inspiration behind all my write-ups) helped me come up with some points that I’m sure would help you since I know you’re also in this fight against your flesh with me. 😉

-Understand that you have many other counterparts in the world fighting this tool of the devil, so don’t ever get to that place where you think you have a special disease.
-If you take a very close look at your life, you’ll notice that you didn’t start procrastinating in one day. It was a continuous process, thus causing it to become a habit. Now, since habits are not formed in one day, therefore, stopping the habit won’t take you one day. Make the conscious, continuous effort not to procrastinate. The only remedy to procrastination is not procrastinating. As soon as you’re given a task, or it drops in your heart do something, do it immediately. That way, you’ll show the devil and his tool that you have the control.

Now not Later_ Sourced from Google
Now not Later_ Sourced from Google

-I was reading a book by Gloria Copeland- Hearing from Heaven (You should get the book, its super-cool) and she said something about procrastination that stuck to me and I doubt will ever leave me- just like the way my nose is stuck to my face. She said and I quote “Procrastination is a tool of the devil. Be as persistent to succeed as he is to make you fail.” this statement has been my driving force in my fight against procrastination. I admonish you to be persistent to do all you have to do on time. Procrastination is just a tool to lure you into failure.
-The funny thing I just discovered about procrastination is that you’re the one walking yourself into failure. Nobody else is helping you fail. You’re simply doing it yourself; by every act of procrastination. Can you see why I feel dumb every time I procrastinate? I’m sure you do.
-Finally, an assignment for us. You might have heard of the saying that if you successfully do something for 21 days, it’ll become a habit. Let’s make ‘not-procrastinating’ a habit. So, the assignment is simple, for the next 21 days-starting from when you read this post- do EVERY thing you need to do promptly. At the end of the 21 days, procrastination would have a stench you won’t be able to stand. 😀

WARNING: The process may not be easy, but always remember you’re not in it alone. I, for one, am definitely in it with you. 😀

Tofunmi Onaolapo.


P.S. I wonder what’s with me and smileys these days. Anyway, feel free to drop your comments concerning the progress of your assignment and any other thing you would like to share.
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Live • Laugh • Love

Live, Laugh, Love _ Sourced from Google

Live, Laugh, Love _ Sourced from Google

I happened to be in one of the not-so-‘tush’ parts of Lagos-Agege, Oshodi to pick up some stuff recently. I’m not saying if you reside in any of those places you aren’t ‘tush’ but you know, there are different levels of ‘tushness’, compared to them VGC and Banana Island peeps.

Anyway, as I was observing my environment (as I always do), I couldn’t help but notice some guys and girls on their uniform black shirts with all sorts of inscriptions on them, printed in rainbow colors. You know what I’m talking about, unless if you want to pretend…

Okay, for all of you that’ll like to form ‘tush’ and pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Remember those shirts with stuff like ‘MY MONEY GROWS LIKE GRASS’, ‘I FACE-BOOKED YOUR MUM’?… I’m guessing this is the part you’ll say ‘Oh! I know those razz shirts’ to yourself.

In all honesty, I always wonder why they wear those shirts, it just makes me sad. But at the same time, those shirts could be what they can afford so they shouldn’t be judged.

Back to where this article is heading.

There was this particular guy that just stood out despite the fact that he was on the uniform too. There was something about him that kept me staring at him.

Okay, hold your thoughts right there! I wasn’t staring cos he was good-looking of ‘hot’ like those guys on TV with very well tended hair, muscles and thick packs; Far from it folks, far from it. It was the inscription on his shirt that caught my attention.

I kept staring and pondering on what the shirt read. I can almost bet the poor guy thought I had a crush on him or something, because judging from the way he started to stroke his chin and  the very nasty winks he threw in my direction, that was what must have been in his mind. Reality slapped me on the face and I began to walk. Really, action was needed, and very fast at that. I mean, the guy would have walked up to me to start feeding me with lame lines.

I kept walking, meditating on what I had seen on the guy’s shirt but the market women pushing my slim physique from side to side won’t just let me concentrate on my meditation. Making matters worse were all the hausa and ibo market men tugging at my sleeves. In my bid to try to free myself from the grip of those ibo sellers compelling me to buy their ‘okrika’ shoes and bags (hian!), I hit a lady. The first thing I said to her was ‘RISE ABOVE HATE’

She looked like she was about to beat me to pulp with the stern look she gave me.

‘Excuse me?! What do you mean?’ She barked in Yoruba.

‘Oh! I’m so sorry‘ I replied as I continued my trek.



That was what was written on the guy’s shirt. The phrase just got me thinking and in my opinion, everybody in the world needs to know this. We all need to rise way above hate.

It absolutely pisses me off when someone wakes up one morning and decides to hate a fellow human for no just cause, in fact, there is no just cause to hate anyone, seriously! We were created by love. We live and exist by love- God’s unending love, therefore, who are we not to love?!

Love is the only way we can successfully live life. Agape love- that sacrificial love that sees everyone with respect, that treats everybody right. That love that is ever-willing to give and keep giving without restraint.

Rise above hate; Stand on the high platform of love, walk in love and see everybody above their flaws, as though they were perfect. Love everybody perfectly (at least almost perfectly). That’s how God wants us to be. We are in the world to express His love to mankind.

This love doesn’t envy, doesn’t say ‘me first’. It over-looks offenses (I know some people can be very annoying, but love them still…. Love is joyful.

See beauty in everyone and treat people like you would want to be treated. Take note that I said see the beauty INSIDE not outside only.

The funny thing about hate is, it’s the hater that keeps getting hurt. The hated just keeps living life, especially if he/she knows nothing about the other’s hatred towards him.

How to love everybody is a topic for another day as its another lengthy issue but live with the mindset that anything you’re doing to anybody, the same would be done to you, with the same manner, thoughts, gusto or disgust.

So Folks, rise above the mediocrity of hate and live in the excellence of love, because it’s true love that makes you excellent!


Live • LaughLove 

• • •

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Tofunmi Onaolapo



Bravery: Helping


Before I start, just a little note:

I honestly don’t want to be seen as an Aprokoor ‘Ameboafter this post. I’m a writer nau…I’ve got to write what I see…okay almost all I see 🙂

Now to our question for the day;

Do you think you’re brave?

Keep your answer in mind; you might want to change it after this…


• • •

Be Brave_Sourced from Google
Be Brave_Sourced from Google


It happened one fateful night when hunger and fatigue hit me square in the head after a long day. I dragged myself to a joint where edibles are sold in my school (We call the joint ‘BUTTERY’). Anyway, on getting there, the moment the aroma of my favorite toast came in contact with my nostrils, the hunger was sent deep into my soul (I mean it, I could feel the hunger in there). The imagination of the taste and succulence of the toast left me unaware of my surroundings. In my process of imagination, I bumped into a guy who was apparently more tired and hungry that I was. ‘Oh! I’m so sorry’ I said while I got myself back to reality. ‘Never mind, you’ll be alright’ he said and smiled. ‘Why was he so nice?’ I wondered.

We entered into the buttery and bought the last two toasts left standing. While we were settling our change issue with the attendant, two ladies walked in chatting away and talking about how hungry they were and blah. The moment they noticed the empty counter, the disappointment on their faces said it all. The taller and the prettier of the two girls was so close to tears, in fact, I could see the tears well up in her eyes (I really did see it). I guess her situation was worse than that of the guy and I put together. I felt for her but I was by no means interested in sharing my dinner, not with anyone. While my musings were going on in my head, I noticed from the corner of my eye the guy stretch his pack of toast towards the taller lady. I had to turn my whole body to watch the scene.

What was going on here? I asked myself. He handed the toast to her and told her she could have it. She was first of all forming chic but she took it anyway.

I was dumbfounded. I mean, why in the world would He do that? I just came to the conclusion that there were different possible reasons behind his action. He probably had a crush on her, or cos she was pretty or he probably wasn’t that hungry after all.

Like he knew what was going on in my head, as I turned to leave the place, he called me back and said,

“Just so you know it’s not because I have a crush on that pretty lady or because I’m not hungry I gave out my dinner. But because there’s an 80% percent chance I saved a life by this little act. (He calls the act little, really?!). Saving a life is not just by taking a bullet for someone or doing something spectacular, it’s in the littlest acts of kindness. Think on this”

I got back to my room and actually sat down to think about this (that was after my meal though) and then, it dawned on me that the guy had a very big point.

Many of us are more concerned about ourselves than the welfare of others. We’re just usually boxed in and blinded by our situations. We don’t take the time out to look out for a neighbor, a friend. We hold on to everything, even to our care. If only God could open our eyes to see all the frowns and sorrow hidden behind all the fake smiles, the make-up, the finely tailored suits, we would be astonished.

I think its bravery for you to let go of something you love or want so dearly for someone else who needs it more than you do. So if you think you’re brave by only doing something spectacular in danger, you should consider revising your dictionary.

The author of life says ‘freely you have received, freely give’. Freely give care, kindness, goodness and impress joy upon someone’s life. Put a real smile on someone’s face.

Let’s be brave.I was a first-hand witness of bravery and it has a good feeling (from what I saw on the guy’s expression).

Are you ready to be brave?  Are you ready to take the time to ask about someone’s welfare and not just throw a casual ‘hello’ in the person’s face. Are you ready to give out your last resource to see someone smile, a real smile? Are you ready to leave an indelible mark on someone’s heart? Are you ready to break the walls around somebody’s heart?

I’m ready to be brave. You should be too.

I’ll leave you with what the guy I met the other day left with me;

Think on these things


• • •

So we’ll like you to share your comments and opinions.

Honestly, if you were in the shoes of the ‘nice guy’, would you really share, give out your meal or something dear to you?


Thank you for Reading.

Tofunmi Onaolapo


Are You A Learner? Ep 6

Today, I welcome one of our own, Miss Tofunmi (@mystique561) as she tries to dazzle you with her story.

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Three…two…one… BOOM!

Nothing Sir…no signal on the electrocardiogram, the nurse replied (don’t get it twisted, it’s just a device used to record the heart’s activity).

We’ll take it again, the doctor said with a little bit of
tension in his voice. He applied the gel on the defibrillator (Keep calm, its just an electric-shock machine used to correct a critically irregular heartbeat), placed it on her chest again and tried to resuscitate her again.

Three…two…one… BOOM!

She jerked up screaming, Ye! Mo ku! (I’m dead!)

Please! Please! Where’s my father?! He will kill me!

The doctor and nurses tried to calm her down but to no avail. She looks around and suddenly sees Mr. Ajanlekoko, her father, sitting at the far end of the room. She then begins to shout again.

Te mi ti ba mi!(Nemesis has caught up with me) My head oh! My end has come!

Her father who was wearing a striped shirt with a striped green pair of trousers and brown sandals which seemed to have travelled through all the deserts in Africa jumps right up from his sitting position and
barks at her,

Yes Bola! You’ll surely go back to that state of death you were in if you don’t tell me what happened exactly.

Calm down sir, the doctor said.

Do not tell me to calm down oh, if not, the gun which my fore-fathers used in hunting animals in the bush
will be used to bring down that your head filled with medicine junk.

Err…sorry sir, the doctor replied.

Jennifer, Bola’s friend dressed in micro-mini skirt, a boob-tube blouse and boots like those Lady Gaga wore and by all means an ‘aje-butter’ walked in. She had been watching the scene from the door of the room with so much fear and confusion written all over her stepped forward and said,

I thought you said your father… Bola was giving
her some signals with her eyes to prevent her from talking but of course, a naïve ‘aje-butter’ wouldn’t understand her predicament.

Don’t signal me jorh! Let me talk! Jennifer said and continued,

…didn’t you say your father was a multi-billionaire who owns several companies and wears expensive suits ONLY? But from what I can see, she casts a glance on the outraged father, bleh! He’s so not it

At this point, Mr. Ajanlekoko took fast and measured steps towards Bola and planted a heavy slap on her cheeks.

So you went to lie and disguise in school abi? Is that what I sent you to the university to do? I’ll deal with you

Bola starts crying, No Daddy, it’s not like that.

Before she could even continue speaking, her talkative friend interrupts.

Sir, that’s not all she said oh

Bola places both hands on her head as a sign of total surrender to fate. She was damned and she knew this.

Jennifer continued to run her mouth. She said you have six cars including a Porsche and a limousine. Also that you own ten houses in VGC.

Her eyes lightened up like new insight had come upon her.
Haa jeni! O ti pa mi (You have killed me Jeni)

Ehen…so you even speak Yoruba, after feeding us with tales of how you speak English, Italian and Spanish only.

Mr. Ajanlekoko begins to stare in utter amazement, his daughter just watches in fear.

Wait oh! Didn’t you say your name was Kimberly but
Kim for short? Which one is all this ‘Bola’ I’m hearing?

Mr. Ajanlekoko leaped right over Bola and grabs the surgical blade she attempted to use in stabbing herself.

You’re not going to die until I get to the bottom of this matter. When I know the truth, you can dance
with the demons in hell.
He hissed.

The doctor, obviously enjoying the turn of events asks Jennifer to go on. Jennifer drops her hand bag on the floor, eager to continue her tales.

Kim, oh! sorry, Bola said she was the ‘goddess’ of parties in her estate and that she partied every weekend. Since she claimed to be a party goddess, we invited her to the biggest party on campus. We
started suspecting foul play when she couldn’t even move to the ‘azonto’ beat.
Oh! I forgot to say she told us she was no more a ‘virgin’ and she had met over twenty men in bed. Anyway, as I was saying, the head of the black-bird cult on campus was interested in her and he asked his boys to bring her up to his hotel room…

Wait, Wait, the doctor interrupts, what school are we talking about?

ABTI sir. Jennifer replied

Atiku’s school?

Yes sir.

The one in yola, or is it kaduna?

Yola sir.

Haa! The doctor exclaims, take a glance at the Father and beckons her to continue.

As I was saying, she got there and few minutes later we began to hear noises from the room. It was Kim shouting, we knew she was definitely a learner in the business. She was saying stuff like ..’No! No!! I cannot do it oh! I have known no man since I’ve been in my village, there in Ibadan! My father will shoot me!’

The head of the cult and his gang were clearly infuriated and as a result, beat her to pulp and raped her one after the other afterwards.
Thereafter, she passed out. It was until they all came out we knew what had happened in the room…and then, we rushed her here…

• • •

In the doctor’s office, five minutes later…

Mr. Ajanlekoko: So, Oga dokita, what you think we can do for my daughter who has chosen to disgrace me in public?
Doctor: I’ll say we run some tests and ensure she’s psychologically stable, as well as free of diseases, HIV in particular.
Mr. Ajanlekoko: Tank you very mush dokita. Is that all?
Doctor: Yes sir. But sir, how much is her school fees?
Mr. Ajanlekoko: About two million o!
Doctor: ehn! No offence o, how did you manage to pay her school fees?
Mr. Ajanlekoko: Na lotto I win.
Doctor: How much did you win?
Mr. Ajanlekoko: About six million naira
Doctor: How much is remaining?
Mr. Ajanlekoko: Nothing o! It has finished!
Doctor: How do you intend to pay for her three more years in school?
Mr. Ajanlekoko: Err… She was supposed to get a sch… Scho… Sche…
Doctor: Scholarship?
Mr. Ajanlekoko: Yes! That’s it.
Doctor: How smart
Mr. Ajanlekoko: You say?
Doctor: Nothing sir…. Never mind.. Sir, I must add that, your daughter is a CERTIFIED LEARNER for lying and portraying a false image of herself knowing fully well that she was by no means an expert in such. She and every other youth must know what they stand for and should also be contented with who or what they are and have. But you sir, your actions have not been wise at all. I’m holding my guts not to call you a fool. Who wins a lottery and sends his child to the most expensive school without planning ahead? Are you a Learner?
Mr. Ajanlekoko: I did not know nau… But, what is it you mean by a ‘learner’?
Doctor: (laughs). You can ask your daughter’s friend outside, she should be able to explain further.


    “Illiteracy is never the problem, Ignorance is”

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