I’ll take it back

Sometimes we are stuck in that valley; dead center in the midst of towering mountains, lost, cold and devoid of inspiration. Every man has this moment of tribulation where it seems like his peril is just a step away.
I know I’m pretty much exaggerating my situation but yes, I was stuck and devoid of inspiration.

Until someone agreed to share her write ups with me and like a light bulb, a pretty slow one.. Still took me a while before I picked up my pen but she did inspire me even though I never quite appreciated her for it.

So miss Mimi Oriame, thank you for your indirect surge of inspiration.
Do have a Happy Birthday and I pray you have a super-awesome day inspiring tons of people like you did me. To think it all started with me meeting you cos I was hyper as a result of my injections. Lol. 🙂

Congrats again and Have a wonderful day..!

P.s.. I know I suck at poetry but thats the only genre I’ve been able to write anything on for now. I won’t say I dedicate it to you but you sure helped me in picking my pen again. Thanks.


I get blinded by very little
I could boast of that
But so much has changed of late
The tingling has ceased
The sparks that littered the air non-existent
Her smiles don’t keep me in awe anymore
And slowly, a monster beckons in me
Threatening to engulf what makes me
What’s left of me

* * *

Things were awesome yesterday
Now life runs in a cycle of grey
As the colors fade out of my view
Leaving me to this mist of nothingness
The gust strikes my heart time and time again
Yet, I feel no chill
But emptiness
A void of blankness
I miss what makes me
I miss the warmth that accompanies her stares
The glee in her eyes when they look into mine
The shivers in my legs when I feel her touch

* * *

I fear I’m broken
Loneliness continues to bite at my insides
Tearing me up bit by bit
And I cannot but hope for a remedy
A miracle
Else I’ll reside in this abyss that is loneliness
Devoid of colors and stars
Missing her warming touch and tender kisses
The world I’ve grown to love
I miss it all.
I want it all back.

Mike Dammy

I’m still a learner shey?


A Criminal’s Statement by @PsychicOluBukki

A Criminal's statement | Sourced from Google

A Criminal’s statement | Sourced from Google

    The man is my husband
    Well supposed a husband
    His life is a short story
    I threw him out the storey

    You may chain me down
    but If He is raised by Jesus
    I will put him back down
    by the name of Jesus.

    He wooed, he promised
    We vowed, we married
    All over there’s boxers league
    but I became his audition.

    The union’s offspring are spectators
    He’s a beautiful liquid downer
    He mouthwashes with dried leaves in paper
    come evening his dragging feet announces.

    These were not his ways
    Battery medal was not a honour
    Arose shameful sensual torture
    The little ones would sob
    but sure not to cry.

    Money was not a compliment.
    This man became useless
    Perhaps not to the authority
    To me, the union and the children
    He deserves death.

    I hope the survivors know peace
    after my capital punishment.

Julian Ogunleye
Ff @PsychicOluBukki on Twitter


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#Food For Thought

Food for Thought _ damstylee.wordpress.com

Food for Thought _ damstylee.wordpress.com

Listened to a song of late; #Food for thought by Flow.

Even though it’s a rap song and i could barely understand what he was saying.. even with headphones…. (Rap’s not really my thing.. x_x), it still got me thinking. You should download it though, It’s really good. This link would lead you to the download page –>> http://t.co/xd1Mp3ck2E .

Anyway, I got thinking and lots of things flashed through my mind; things man has found a way of ignoring, things that deserve our Thank You but never get them. So I put my pen to paper and wrote some sort of Rap-Poem-Ode write-up. Call it anything you like but I’ll rather you just see these sentences you’re about to read as lines of wisdom from a grateful mind. Many of the thoughts are abstract but should be easy to understand with a little effort.

Enjoy and be Inspired! 😉


• • •

The wise that acknowledges his wisdom

wishes for his folly.

The warrior that disregards fear…

knows nothing about the art of war.

and the man who lives to serve..

is indeed a Leader.


How many worlds do you live in?

How many lives have you got?

Don’t mind the cat, he’s just bluffing.

He really aint got that much time.

The Almighty has a say in everything

And you’ll be called up when its time.


To err is human, to forgive is God.

It aint your right to become God.

Mr./Mrs. “I don’t forgive or forget”

Your fate’s gonna be like Nebu

And God help you..,

It’s bitter leaf grass you have in your compound.


I’ve got my life to live!

She had hers to live too

She could have forfeited all the pain and wails

but nahh, you’re here today

and still, you forget how cheap adoption or pills are

Cherish your mum Bro, She’s why you’ve got that life.


Well, I can say whatever I want to say!

your mouth is on a constant recoil

The good, the bad , the ugly

Have all had a taste of your weapon of destruction

Do repent soon Lad

before the Almighty puts “His” to use on you


You only live once!”

True, but you also only die once

So get your head straight,

and put your life in order.

you came to this world with a purpose

don’t let youthful exuberance ruin it for you.


Who the hell are they mehn?!

How dare they ground me?

For f**king sake, I’m 21!

True… but there are still your parents

so, remember in all you do,

The only commandment with a promise.


I’m the boss of all bosses!

I have it all and I run the show!

True, you might be a boss after all.

True, your might be feared and respected.

True, folks might look up to you,

but remember, Your fantasy is someone’s shit.


Am gonna be rich and popular!

I’ll own islands and estates!

A big amen to your declaration

but remember, it comes with a price

Nobody became successful overnight

Don’t expect the rules to change for you.


Well, it’s my picture not yours

my nudes, my body, my dignity!”

Well, for now it is.

But wait till you’re a mother…

and we’ll see if it’s still your dignity

when your son’s surfing through your pics online.


Jesus is real and Satan is the devil

they’ve suddenly become nursery rhymes to you

is there a second chance after death and judgment?

So far, no living being knows.

So use your only chance well

and don’t turn out like the old man

Learning from experience then won’t pay you.


I hope a message has been passed across else there wont be a need for this article.

Would also like to give a Happy birthday shout out to the best brother money can’t buy…

Happy Birthday Tomi Awonowo!

Long life and prosperity.

Bless 🙂

• • •

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Mike Dammy