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Episode 7

Episode 7

Welcome to the Seventh and last episode of SEVEN. Sorry for not posting this earlier..
*bypassing all formalities and going straight to the point*

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Episode 1

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Episodes 3, 4, 5 & 6


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She shuddered at the sound of the twig that snapped under her weight and paused to look around  for the umpteenth time. Her eyes registered no emotions as her eyes glimmered under the moon light. It that been ages she came here and it still felt the same way.

The silhouette of the tombstones in the distance sent a chill up her spine and she wondered why she never came here in broad daylight. The only time she did, her wailings had halted a nearby procession and the widow of the deceased was visibly shaken. She cast a long glance into the woods while playing the events of that day in her mind and was brought back to reality with the heavy breathing of the Labrador some distance away. She smiled at it and it wagged its tail expectantly. Twelve years she had visited here and all of those days, she had met the stray here. She had grown a liking for him and he obviously felt the same way.

She sticks her hand in her bag and brings out a nylon full of bones and tosses it in the animal’s direction.

There you go boy.. I hope you’ve missed me.

It ignored and resorts to feasting on his new meal. After watching him for about half a minute, she surged forward. She could see his tombstone now and the marble still gave a glossy appearance compared to its surrounding neighbors.

Neighbors in death; she thought. How ironic.

At the foot of his tombstone, she knelt.

Bishop Ayomide Damiel


A man at peace with even his enemies, no wonder the Lord loved him.

She chuckled at the irony of the short description of her Grandpa. No wonder the Lord loved him…  She couldn’t contend that though.


• • •




Light beamed at him from every direction; he uses his right hand to keep out the glare from his eyes while his left hand clutched the microphone tightly.

My last sermon… he thinks… It’s time

After  while, his eyes get accustomed to the light and he beamed a smile which made the fifty thousand congregation cheer. They clap in unison and echo out his name.

A couple of blind men jump up at the uproar and immediately receive their sight. Their screams and amazement attract the attention of the other worshippers in the church to the Healing section of the auditorium.

The spirit is moving.. he finally says. He closes his eyes and lifts his hands to accommodate the move of the comforter. Give him space, he said… and watch him work.

About thirty minutes later, no sound could be heard anywhere in the auditorium , the congregation was seated and the only people standing were the ushers and himself.

Good morning Church.

Good Morning… they reply

He nods his head lightly at their response and continues.

Today, I’m introducing to you; The power in his name, but first, let me tell you a short story.

The congregation focus on him with absolute concentration. He looks over to the Minister’s family corner and sees her. She was staring at him, gingerly mopping every word that came out of his mouth.

Nifemi.. he says under his breath, pay attention, this is where it ends. At that instance, she nods her head like she had heard what he said.


• • •


He stares in amazement as blood drips from his bound wrist to the drawn image below. Everything was blurry now and he could barely see his nemesis. All he could hear were chants that were startlingly understandable to him.

What language is that? he manages to ask.


Your chants, what language is that?

well… the devil answers. he hesitates and his countenance is obviously disturbed.

It’s a mixture of Aramaic, Greek and some kind of supernatural language. something you wouldn’t  expect man to ever understand.

Then why do I understand you?

You do?!

I guess so. It just sounds like my local dialect to m… his statement is interrupted with his coughs and his body aches with the sudden movement against the barb wire.

I don’t know. then he quickly adds, …probably cos your human nature is quickly leaving you and your real form is emerging.

Real form?

Yeah… thought I told you; you weren’t human.

Oh, you mean the Angel gist.

It’s not gist.. it’s true.

Okay. and he stops to think as the devil resumes his chanting.

Wait! what’s the difference?

Between what?! His nemesis visibly irritated with the continuous questioning asks.

My human form and the angel form.

Well… you get more intimate with things of the spirit basically.

Like with other angels and stuff?


With God too?

hmmm… you think I would fall for that again?

You already have.

huh, how? He looks up to see the bound man and watches him mouth some words. His eyes clearly read the instance where Ayomide’s lips say Amen  and he curses as a bright light flashes from nowhere. He covers his eyes with his both his hands to keep out the blinding light and opens it seconds later. The light was gone and there was Ayomide or whatever was left of him standing right in front of him.

His form is different. Flames seemed to ooze out of his skin and his eyes shone. His apparel was a sparkling white robe and his feet seemed like they were made of a precious gem. He stares in amazement as wings emerge from the rear of the quickly forming angel in front of him and they tower at ten feet. He smiles as a memory flashes through his mind and the eyebrows of the creature in front of him rise in enigma.

Why do you smile? His stance is daunting and his charisma heavenly.

Cos I remember what I used to be


• • •


He rounds up the benediction and blesses the congregation.

An Amen said in unison closes the service and people begin to disperse out of the different entrances to the auditorium. She runs to him and he carries her and hugs her. He then holds her face to his and rubs his nose against hers

I hope you were listening.

Yes Grandpa… Is that where the story ends?

No.. We’ll finish it together tonight.

Yaay! she says delighted. I can’t wait.

Me too. He smiles and puts her down.

I’m coming home, father… Ten paces later; he pauses and looks to the heavens through the open airspace in the auditorium.

Don’t tell me you have another plan up your sleeves? He waits for an answer.

Seconds later, when he doesn’t get any reply, he snorts.. In everything, Let your will be done.


As the clock strikes nine, he stands up from the dining table and proceeds to his office. Moments later, Nifemi gets down quietly from her chair and follows in his footsteps.

She meets him staring into space and couldn’t help but notice the tears glistening against his skin courtesy of the fluorescent light directly above his workstation.

Grandpa.. she waits for a response and get none. After calling a few more times, she tugs at his night robe and he shudders. He looks at her and throws her a smile.

Why are you crying, Grandpa?

He rummages his mind for an answer and gets none.

Well.. he finally says. I’m going to see God soon.

Really?! she asks enthusiastically. Can I go with you?

No, dear.. you stay here on earth and fulfill your purpose.


No buts, he interrupts her. You can’t go with me. I’ll still be here so you won’t miss me.


Yes, Nifemi.

Okay Grandpa.

He heaves a sigh of relief. Care to join me finish the story?


Okay. he carries her over to the sofa and sits while carrying her on his right lap. Where were we then?


• • •


Your true self? Ayomide asks puzzled.

Yeah… I used to look like you… actually better. With that, he lifts his hands and utters some incantations.

I really don’t care if you’re an Angel or not, you’re going nowhere today. I’m taking down to the pits of hell tonight.

Ayomide slowly shakes his head and calmly says; You still haven’t learnt.

Learnt what?

That you don’t touch His anointed… Does that ring a bell somewhere? He gestures by putting his fore finger to his head and slightly bending his head to the side.

Where do you get this courage from?

Well, am an Angel in the vast army of angels solely devoted to pleasing God, why won’t I be sure of his protection? In fact, I think your time is up. He stretches his hand forward and a two edged sword appears in his palm.

Off to go to your damned abode!

Slowly, the devil starts vanishing starting from his feet. Quickly he mouths some words under his breath, puts his hand behind him in a sign of submission.

I’ll be back for you… and your children…. and their children….

yeah, yeah…  I’ll be expecting you.


• • •


Spittle dribbles out of the girl’s mouth to his night robe and he cleans it off with a hanky. He stands up while carrying her in his arms and advances to her bedroom. In her bedroom, he places her gently on her bed and drags the blanket over her body. He regulates the air conditioner using its tiny remote and drops it on the side stool beside her bed when he was satisfied with the temperature of the room.

When he returns to his office,  he sits on his rocking chair and picks up his bible. He puts on his reading glasses, opens the book and starts to read.

How long have you been there? He asks without looking up.

Hmm… a couple of hours I guess. Listened to the end of your story, good story telling skills you’ve got there, but I can’t help not notice that you didn’t tell her how you became man again.

She does not need to know that. He looks up to the reaper now. His Spirit would teach her if she needs to know it.

Okay. Without further ado, you know why I am here… any last words?

Ayomide ignores him and flips to the Psalms. He opens to the chapter that had kept him going all these years. He clears his throat for the last time an starts to read…

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

He maketh me lie down in green pastures

He leadeth me beside still waters

He restoreth my soul

He leadeth me in the path of righteousness for his name’s sake

Though I walk  through the shadows of death, I will fear no evil

For thou art with me………..


• • •


The barking of the Labrador jerks her back to reality and she turns back to look at the dog. She sees him facing east of her and notices the hair on its body upright and its tail erect. She quickly searches her bag for a flash light and her glasses case. She hurriedly removes them from their case and puts them on.

She then peered into the woods and sees the finger pointed at her. She takes time and realizes its a fore finger that is being pointed and immediately, she knew……


The End?



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Countdown to The Finale of SEVEN: Episodes 3, 4, 5 & 6

Welcome back to the Countdown to the last episode i.e. the finale of the series SEVEN.

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Episode 2

Episode 2


• • •

Episode 3



Make sure its ready. Yea, and that too.

Okay then. Talk to you later. God bless you.
And he drops the receiver.

He stares at the sleeping child through his spectacles. Spent some time wondering if he should continue or stop.

After a while, he continues he says .
Its not as if she even understands

Angry with rage, he rushes towards his nemesis fists clenched and nostrils flaring.
As he gathers to land a blow, he halts, or rather his body halts. His hand hangs in the air and his other arm and legs stand paralysed. Nothing was moving except his eyeballs which stared at his adversary with fright.

Fool.. His nemesis says
You can’t blame me for her death, she had to go.

But why? Ayomide replies, surprised his mouth could still move.
First Funmi Jakande, now Seun.

I understand friend, I understand your plight, but it was necessary… His nemesis says.
I met her a while ago, some days ago to be precise, one week ago, yea? Yes, one week. He nods his head as to confirm to himself what he just said.

I still don’t understand. Why did she have to die?

O ye of little understanding. He says shaking his head absent-mindedly.
I’ll have to take it from the start then; you had better sit down.
He snaps his fingers and the paralysed body moves itself until it sits on a rock. He smiles as he sees the bewildered look on Ayomide’s face who is baffled as to how his body is manipulated.

I’m gonna kill him when this is over. He thinks to himself

Trust me, you won’t be the first to try… Neither would you be the first to fail.

He startles, but just prevents himself from asking how he could read his mind. Realizing this, the hooded nemesis manages a faint smile.
This is gonna be easy.

Twenty-three years ago… He starts, in your mother’s hut. The night she died, I could have sworn you saw me lurking in the shadows but you didn’t. That was good news though but it didn’t really matter since he rejected me, so I went for someone else.

After a short pause, Ayomide asks, did u kill my mother?!

Shhh…. His nemesis hushes him softly.
You don’t talk until am done. He whispers and snaps his fingers making Ayomide’s lips hold together tightly against the owner’s will.

Fifteen, no fourteen days ago, he continues…. I was with the chief’s daughter, she was quite cooperative actually… Seven days ago, I was with…. Her. He points to Seun’s lifeless body.
Do you understand now?

His dumb audience shakes his head blindly. His mind was obviously lost with this new revelation.

He heaves a sigh of frustration.
I wonder why He protects you; he mutters to himself casting a quick glance at the heavens.

Okay then.
When you were seven, I was ordered to reap your soul. I tried but he didn’t let me, so I took your mothers’.
Two weeks ago, I met the chief’s daughter, threatened to take her soul unless she agreed to set up a date with you seven days from them. Seven days passed and the big guy stopped me again so I tooke her.

Same thing happened last week. I met her.. He gestures to Seun’s body again…and threatened to kill her unless she got you out of jail. I made sure the day fell on the seventh day. she did her part of the bargain but I still couldn’t reap your soul. You know the rest of the story. He says, shrugging his shoulders indifferently.

Ayomide signals to him, drawing his attention to his muted mouth by pointing at it.

Oh.. Okay! He snaps his fingers again and Ayomide’s mouth is released from his control.

I’ve heard you and I’ll pretend am not angry.
But I have some questions;
One, why are you trying to kill me?
Two, why do you need someone…. No.. Why must a woman be around me before you can kill me?
Three, who is the HE you keep talking about?

His nemesis grins and shakes his head.
You see, the way…

Sorry… Ayomide interrupts. I don’t know if its just me but what’s your deal with the number seven? Seven day… seven years… What’s it about?

First, for your first question, I don’t know why you should be dead but its pretty important to my superiors, and I’m just following orders.


Yea, my superiors.

Like who and who?

Errr…It’ll be a lot of stress to go through but our boss is death nd his subordinates are bi…..

Death?! You’re joking right?… He bursts out laughing, falling over the rock in the process.

His adversary stares blankly at the laughing man.
After seconds of doing this, he continues’
As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted.. He looks at Ayomide while saying this and the latter had to hold his mouth with his hands to prevent himself from laughing again.

…I necessarily don’t need a female. Anyone would do, so far you have feelings for them.

Thirdly, HE… He points at the star laden sky, …is the HIM that keeps saving you.

HIM? You mean God?

Yes. That’s not what we call him though, but that’s none of your business.

Still puzzled, Ayomide says, but.. but I barely know him. It was my mum that used to speak of him when she was alive. Infact, we were talking about Him the night you killed her. He looks at his nemesis angrily.

Yea, yea... The hooded figure replies uninterested and intentionally ignoring the look on Ayomide’s face … I know. That’s what baffles me. Apparently He knows you better than you know Him and He must have something big planned out for you hence my failure in reaping your soul. I bet my superiors know what its about too.
Lastly, and this is where am coming to, seven denotes perfection right?

Yes. Ayomide replies nodding his head in accordance.

Okay… Reaping souls is like an art and….

Art? Reaping? You mean like a Reaper?

Exactly! Now you’re getting me.

But we only hear of reapers in stories and myths.

True.. Congratulations on meeting one in your lifetime then, he flashes a fake smile.

This is strange. I don’t believe you one bit. He follows that with a look of contempt.

Well, you don’t have to. Infact, you won’t have time to understand.

How so?

You see, my superiors figured He was gonna save you again so there’s a plan set out already for next time. I won’t be coming back, someone else would be and trust me, you’re gonna die.

What if He saves me again?

Trust me… He smiles.. He can’t.
So, if I were you, I’ll set my house in order.
Oh, I forgot, you have no home anymore. So stay alive then because in seven days, someone more brutal than I would ever be is coming for you.

More brutal?
What else can be more brutal than… Say…. Death?

Exactly.. That’s what’s coming.
.. He whispers.. That’s who is coming.

Death? Who?… Please be serious..

Hmph…Good luck.
And he vanishes into thin air, with the words seven days echoing in the woods.


• • •

Episode 4

The sun rays hurt his eyes and he uses his hand to shield his eyes. His other hand clutches a hand stitched bag that had a black book sticking out of it.

His hut should be somewhere here he says to himself as he scans the environment with his eyes dark from the shadow cast on them by his hand. He then sees it in the distance and hurries towards it. The thatch roof wasn’t properly constructed and he saw the palm fronds losing at the edges already.

Anybody home? He says. Hello?

Who’s there? a voice answers, its origin somewhere around the hut. Ayomide walks around and is a little bit shocked when he sees an old man walking towards him. The man is almost bent over and he supported himself with a walking stick, the effect giving him a look reminiscent of Quasimodo. His legs couldn’t spread apart that much making his walking pace worryingly slow, that befitting a snail.

Good day Baba. Ayomide says and prostrates

Good day my son. The old man replies acknowledging him by gently tapping his bowed head with the tip of his walking stick.

Rise up.

As Ayomide rises up, he asks, I’m looking for Baba Ifajire.

I am he who you seek. Why do you search for me? The old man replies

I need your help Baba. My life is in danger.

What do you mean my son?

Sir, I met a grim reaper and he said….

A grim what?! Baba asks, his voice registering shock as well as disbelief.

A grim reaper sir.

You lie, my son. Nobody sees a reaper and lives to talk about it.

Baba, it’s true o! He said I have seven days to live, that Death himself is coming to kill me and this is the third day already.

Haa! Baba exclaims …Ojo ti fe lo tan! (Your days have almost ended)

Meet me inside now, and he turns towards the rear of the compound.

Ayomide rushes back to the entrance, and crouches to go through the door as it was too low to accommodate his six feet one frame adequately. Entering the room, he meets the old man already dressed in a revolting traditional herbalist outfit. The black and red costume looked repulsive as well as scary.

How did he get here so fast? He wonders but the herbalist’s tense mood made him keep quiet and just watch on.

Incantations accompanied with the sound of the gong rent the air as Baba complemented the noise with matching footsteps. He occasionally uses the ” ….” in his hand to stroke the statues and idol images in the altar. Some were small, others quite large but all carried a similar frown, obviously the work of the same artist. Probably the Baba himself Ayomide presumes.

About half an hour later, the herbalist stops and sits on the mat gesturing to sit as well.

Show me your palm. Ayomide stretches out his left hand towards him.

Right one! Baba barks and Ayomide tenders his right palm. He puts a cowry in the outstretched palm of the troubled youth and continues chanting the incantations. Sweat was beginning to build up on his body and long streaks ran down along his chest and stomach making his body appear more grotesque.

After a while, the old man opens his eyes and looks towards Ayomide, his pupils were teary as he feared the worst for the toddler who hadn’t even tasted life.

Getting past the threat of a reaper is an unlikelihood, getting past that of Death is impossible, He says

Ayomide sulks in his seat and clasps his head.

I’m finished. He manages to say. This is the….

However… The Herbalist interrupts, …there is yet another way. Nobody has quite accomplished this feat in ages but it is said King Hezekiah of old escaped the threat of death.

Ayomide’s eyes light up with hope at this revelation. They later dim out when he recalls the words of the reaper “You won’t be the first to try…. neither would you be the first to fail”

He recounts this to the herbalist and the old man takes time to explains the faults in the statement.

He said you won’t be the first to fail meaning many have failed, not all. If nobody had succeeded, he would have said something else. Maybe, “you would fail like everyone else or you won’t be the first to survive”

That’s true sef… Ayomide says agreeing with the herbalist’s theory.

However, that’s the threat of a reaper not death himself. Some reapers have been killed but I really don’t know if the spell that’s would work on one would have the same effect on death himself.

Baba wait… Ayomide asks confused. lost here. How are we supposed to make death suffer death?

My son. there are many things of the outside world we humans can never understand. Even if it doesn’t kill him, it should have an effect.

Okay, well said.

There is a clause though. Baba interjects

What sir?

You need to find a warrior who has seen a reaper before or else this spell wouldn’t be potent.

Baba, now you contradict yourself. How would a warrior who has seen a reaper be alive if nobody of recent has survived his threat?

The herbalist lets out a sly laugh. This chap still has a lot to learn, he thinks.

My son, reapers are everywhere, in battles, burials even in forests but the battles and wars have the highest attendance because of the number of people that would die as a result of the fight but some soldiers do survive, that’s if they are saved early and their wounds aren’t fatal.

Oh… okay. Where am I going to find such a warrior then? It could be anybody. Ayomide says

Baba Ifajire sinks deep in thought and after a few seconds, he looks up and enters a trance. Ayomide stares in amazement as he watches the old man’s body remain stiff, even his eyes were not blinking.

After a while, he says, Ogunjimi Babatunde in the Kosoko village. He has seen a reaper once. in a battle he fought some years back.

He then snaps out of the trance and looks at Ayomide, did you get it?

Yes, Baba. He then repeats the name a couple more times so it would stick to his memory.

Baba Ifajire the hands him an amulet; a small object wrapped in a red cloth with a small rope attached to it.

See to it that you have this around your neck anywhere you go.

Yes Baba. Thank you Baba. He stands to leave, dusts his hands and pants and bumps his head on the lintel as he passed the doorway cursing silently because of it.

When he got out of the  hut, the sun is scorching hot but he ventures into it anyways following the path through which he came. The herbalist pokes his head out of the doorway and blesses him as he disappeared on the horizon.

May the gods of our land come to your aid. He whispers when all he saw was the head of Ayomide and retires into his hut.


• • •

Episode 5

Ayomide runs through the woods at a blinding pace; his lungs are burning and his heartbeats outrageous. He dosen’t stop though and runs farther and farther into the woods. He stops after some time to listen and see if he could hear the footsteps of Babatunde but all he hears are the hoots of the owls and croaks from the frogs in the nearby swamp.
After hearing nothing resembling the footsteps of his companion, he continues running, his hand clutching the leather bag on him tightly.
After running some more miles, he collides with a body that was hidden in the darkness.
His joy knows no bounds and he feels relief after realizing it was Babatunde he had run into.

Thank God. He mutters while trying to catch his breath.
How did you get ahead of me though? I thought I left you behind.
He places his hand on the shoulder of Babatunde and the body swings away from his grasp. He manages his surprise and looks up to see a knife tied to a rope stuck in Babatunde’s head. The body was suspended from the tree and was dangling from it.

What? He screams.

He turns to run and is halted by a hooded fellow. The moonlight gave him a menacing look and where his face was meant to be was pitch darkness.
The Critter put a hand to Ayomide’s head and his long fingers dug into his flesh. He then says some incantations and Ayomide watches in shock as his soul gradually crept out of his body.
The pain was overwhelming and he cried out in agony.
In desperation, he stuck out his hand and a hand dragged him up.

He opens his eyes to see Babatunde’s eyes prying over him.

Ayomide nods in affirmative and hurriedly sits up.

I saw you struggling and figured you were having a bad dream, so I woke you up.

Thanks. Ayomide says in a low tone.

Don’t mention. He goes over to the other end of the hut, drags a clay pot out and pour for himself a white liquid inside his cup, also made of clay.

Palm wine? He asks

No… Am fine. Ayomide replies

Okay then. He gets a stool and places it right at the entrance of the hut, his big frame blocking almost all the light coming into the hut.
Wanna talk about it?

Huh?…. What did you say?

I asked if you wanted to talk about the nightmare?

Oh that… No.. Never mind… It was just about a fight I had at the stream once.

Really? Babatunde asks sarcastically

Yes, its nothing…Ayomide replies unaware of the sarcasm in his host’s voice.

Alright then. He finishes his drink, tosses his cup in the corner and heads for one of the mats in the hut.

Its time for me to sleep. You should do the same, tomorrow would be strenuous, especially for you. He winks and the moonlight catches his face at an angle that made him look like a sea pirate.
Ayomide notices this and stares in amazement.

The latter gets uncomfortable and asks; why are you staring?

Ayomide quickly snaps out of it and apologizes.
His host shrugs his shoulders and lays to sleep. He falls asleep quickly, too quickly Ayomide figures.

When he was sure Babatunde was deep in sleep; his loud snores assured him, he stands to leave the hut and only looks back when he was basking in the moonlight.
The subtle rhythmic movement of Babatunde’s back due to the rising and collapsing of his ribs made him smile for a reason. He was grateful to this man and was still very much surprised at how fast he got his acceptance to join him in his quest.

It was yesterday and he had struggled into the kosoko village after walking for two straight days. He had begged for food and water but nobody obliged to his pleas except Babatunde and that was only after he had explained why he had come. On normal circumstances, he would have suspected foul play but then, what chances does he have , he was gonna die in less than three days.

After walking for a while, he climbs the branch of a mango tree and balances himself on a branch.
He digs into his bag and brinks out the black book that was in it.
Quickly dusting it,


glistened on the cover of the book. He hesitates for a second and opens its cover for the first time in twenty three years. The first time since his mother died.

A page was book marked and Psalm 23 was highlighted with charcoal marks. He remembers how his mum loved reading and how that particular passage always comforted her. He then leans forward, sticks the book into the moonlight and starts reading;

The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want
He maketh me lie down in green pastures
He leadeth me beside still waters.
He restoreth my soul.
Even when I walk through the valley of death
I shall fear no evil…..

I won’t do that if I were you. A voice interrupts
Huh? Ayomide looks up and sees the hooded man.

What the? Not you again? He says jumping from his seat. I still have two days left.

You believed a reaper?

Well… Yes… He said you people had dignity.

The succubus laughs out.
I’m pretty sure he never said that. It also works well for me, since you guys haven’t prepared at all.

Guys? What do you mean? Its just me.

So you lie to the devil. How do you think we found you easily? Why do you think the herbalist told you to go look for him?

Him? Babatunde?

YesThat man has been looking for death for years, he led us to you.

You lie! Babatunde is my friend and we are going to kill you when the seven days elapse.

The hooded man shakes his head slowly.
The other reaper said you were smart, I disagree with him on all fronts.

So wait… Ayomide says…his voice stuttering.. You are death?

No o! Me ke? Death is way bigger than me, he’ coming soon though, had to stop at Babatunde’s hut first.

At that moment, a scream rents the air and the bats and owls take to the skies in the wake of it.

Ayomide gasps… That’s Babatunde!

I know.

What’s happening to him?

You mean what has happened?.. He’s dead of course.
Then he pauses. Oh.. My Boss is here.
The hooded fellow then prostrates in Ayomide’s direction.

Why are you prostrating to me?

HE’S PROSTRATING TO ME… A voice thunders behind him.

He turns around to look at his doom and hits the ground with a thump.

Oh shit! Dozed off again… Thank God! He wipes his face, picks his bible from the ground and dusts it.
What the hell was that? It seemed so real.. I hope Baba…. Shit! Babatunde! He bawled and ran in the direction of the hut.

On getting to the hut, he looks inside but the hut’s empty. He runs around the compound, yelling “Babatunde” as he runs but nobody answers and as he’s about to give up when a shadow rises in front in him.

He looks up and sees Babatunde bound in barb wire, suspended in the air. His body had been battered and one eye socket was empty. Still shocked and scared, he jumps in fear when he sees a figure in the distance. Its hand was raised and the fore finger pointed in his direction.
He pauses for a minute and strains his eyes to see the face of the advancing figure and as the figure came into the light….


• • •

Episode 6

Oh shit… Oh… Oh shit… No… You can’t kill me like this Ayomide pleads as Death advances on his position. He kneels down and raises his hand in submission.

Okay.. I have agreed. You can kill me… But on one condition.

Death lets out a sly laugh.
You’re giving me… he beats his chest …Death…a condition?

No… Its not like that… See it as a… He pauses to think.
Favour!… Yes, see it as a favour.

Nope. Death replies briefly. He is standing right in front of the kneeling man.

Please.. If you’re going to kill me, at least tell me why.

The hooded man halts and ponders for a while.
Okay. Ayomide’s face light up in delight.

Ayomide heaves a sigh of relief as his request is granted, he looks up to see his adversary and staggers backwards when he sees the face of Death. That’s if it could be called a face.
The hood gave it a defined shape as the shape you would call its head was formless. No eyes, no nose, no mouth, no physical features, it just was the replica of a big bag of dark smoke.
Ayomide recalls the darkest smoke he had ever seen, that of burnt bamboo but this took the word dark to another height, and the slowly descent of the moon helped no matters as he could see much less than he saw before. How was I supposed to kill this?, he reasons.

Okay, Death starts …too many times have we seen revivals happen right under our noses; the Moses revival, Paul’s revival, even His son’s revival. He points at the heavens. …all the…

Ayomide clears his throat softly disrupting the speech of his nemesis. Death shoots him a look of contempt, he sees no eyes but his heart burns with fear.

Sorry o! All this people you mentioned, Paul, Mo…who?

Moses. Death corrects

Yes, Moses.. Who are they? How do they concern me?

Death looks on confused. He directs his gaze to the book in Ayomide’s right hand and asks, what do you do with that book?

Ehmm… I just started reading it. Are all these people in the bible world?

Bible world? How dumb can you get?
Everybody, I mean everybody in that book lived, including me.

You’re in the book too? Ayomide asks puzzled.

Of course. I’ve lived through time. Only Him.. He points at the sky, ..His son and the angels have lived longer than I have.

That means you were before the Devil? Ayomide says

No, he is a fallen angel. Got kicked out by Michael before they created me.

All these names you call, Michael, Paul and Mo… Nevermind… How are they my business?

As a mat….

Wait! Ayomide interrupts him.
What’s the name of God’s son?

The smoke disorients a little at the mention of what Ayomide says and he pretends not to notice.

I can’t say it.

Wait… I’ll remember… Read it sometime yesterday. I think it was…

Don’t say it! Death commands

Jesus.. That was it! Jesus!

At that, Death stumbles back, the smock scatters haphazardly and Ayomide looks on confused. Soon enough, he regains his composure.

I warned you not to say….

Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Ayomide screams. That’s your weakness shey? Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! He dances around the obviously shaked Death and keeps chanting the only one name that seemed to have given him a chance at surviving.

After a while, he removes a pen knife from his cloth, transfers the bible to his left hand and the weapon to his right. I musn’t miss this. This might be my only chance.
He steps forward and stabs Death in its heart and the wounded creature falls back clutching its chest. A red flame burns in the wound and black liquid oozed out of it. After staggering for a while, it spins and falls to the ground. It burns off completely until a little patch of black powder remains on the ground.

Ayomide makes sure he’s gone and let’s out a shout. He skips in joy and dances like the mad man the children used to watch dance in the village square.

I have killed Death! He screames and celebrates. After a while, he feels dizzy all of a sudden. He holds his head with his hands to prevent it from ‘falling’ and ends up falling in a heap.

• • •

Ayomide coughs because of the smoke in his nose. He strains himself to open his eyes and feels a migraine in his head. His hands and feet couldn’t move, I’m paralysed! He concludes.
Above him, he sees a symbol; a triangle inside a triangle embedded in a circle. There was some markings and drawing of animals in the symbol; snakes and scorpions, the ones he could see clearly.

Oh, you’re up.. Good.

The voice sounds familiar and he gasps in fear when he sees Death looking down on his body.

What the? How come? You were dead!

Death laughs and shakes his head. So you believed you killed Death? Even God will not kill me.

But..bu..but I saw you die.

No.. You couldn’t have, you were sleeping.

Its not possible.. Ayomide argues, he tries to move his hands and sees that they are fastened to a tree with barbed wires. His legs too. And he was hanging from the tree.

Wait o! …How… did I get up here?

Don’t rush me.. Death replies, one question after the other.

But..but.. It felt real.

Yeah, it had to. I needed you engrossed in it so I could finish this. He points at the image. Ayomide could see it clearly now. It had shapes of bulls, snakes, scorpions, and a line of people, slaves as he saw it tied to each other.

When did I sleep? There was no break.

Hmm… Remember when I pointed at you.

Ayomide has a flash back and recalls what hot it happened.

As for how you got up there, remember your friend?

Who? …Babatunde?

Yes. got up there the same way he did.

Ayomide tugs at the wires but the more he pulled, the more it dug into his flesh and he cries out in agony.

I won’t do that If I were you.
Death says

He could see clearly now. He sees Death’s face and also sees the bible in one corner.
That’s out of reach, he concludes.
He continues his search for an escape route with his eyes but gets distracted when a dart of smoke shoots up from the centre of the image. The smoke has the shape of a dog, or is it a wolf, he quickly analyzes.. It has fangs and its eyes were red as blood but as it stretches to get at him growling in the process, the smoke retreats.

What was that?! That thing had teeth! Sharp big teeth!

Death laughs. Aloud.

Of course it does. That’s a hell hound. They are waiting for you down there.

At that, he walks to the center of the triangle, spreads his legs and looks upward at the bound man.
This might hurt a bit. He says grinning.

He starts chainting incantations. Smoke emit from the image as he does and Ayomide suddenly feels a sharp pain.

Argh, he grunts. What are you doing to me?

Reaping you of course!

But why is mine like this. Tinuke and seun didn’t go through all of this. They just died once.

Death giggles. I don’t get to do this a lot but I’ve enjoyed it every single time.


I’m guessing none of the reapers mentioned it. Do you think its easy to reap an Angel?

Angel? His voice is overshadowed by his cries as the pain becomes immense.


To be continued.

Contrary to what we posted last week, the last episode of seven would be posted On Wednesday, 27-3-13.

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Countdown to The Finale of SEVEN: Episode 2

Welcome back to the Countdown to the last episode i.e. the finale of the series SEVEN.

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• • •


SEVEN _ Episode 2



• • •


Granpa! The little girl calls out as she runs into ths private lounge of her mother’s dad.
Its morning already. You said we were gonna continue the story.

Just give me a few minutes.
Sit on the sofa and I’ll join you soon.

Yes Granpa. And she goes across to the freshly dry-cleaned sofa and sits on it, waiting earnestly for him.

He hurriedly sips his tea, puts on his glasses and joins her on the sofa.
He sits beside her, gestures for her to sit on his lap and as she did, he continued his story.


You.. you… you just shot that guard down with your fingers! Ayomide stutters.
He struggles to break off the chain holding him down and fails to make any progress.

Umm.. Yup! His hooded counterpart replied.

How the hell did you do that?

Umm.. I really don’t know. I just put my hand up this way and pull the trigger and.., at that moment another guard dropped dead.

The mob disperses quickly at the turn of events, every man to his house.

He’s gone rogue! He has a demon! He’s an ogbanje! Were some of the yells that emanated from the frightened crowd.
The chiefs and nobles stay back with the king on his order.
“You dare not leave!” He had ordered earlier.

Well, its time for me to take my leave. The hooded man says.

You were there, at the stream.
I remember now. You were the one at the other end of the stream. You kept staring and she was scared of you.


Yea, yea, it was you, you were there, you saw me do nothing, she just slumped.
You need to testify in my favour. Please! He kneels down in front of his nemesis, his hand clasped in front of him like he was in prayer.

You’re missing something here. You’re the only one that can see me, He whispers as if to prevent the guards from eavesdropping on their conversation.

Damn… True.

Actually, I can make anybody see me but I’ll pass.


He laughed at this instance. His laughter still as scary and enchanting even at a reduced volume.

What makes you think I want you out of here?
How are you sure you in this situation has not been my plan all the way?

At this instance, it dawns on him.
His mind flashes back to the day it happened. They had walked farther into the forest because of the scary man who wouldn’t stop staring.
They had stopped to kiss and were already undressing when she suddenly stopped and dropped dead.

Dropped dead.. She dropped dead! Just like this guards!
You killed her!
He bursts out, but his companion was gone.
He looked around to make sure he wasn’t anywhere around and fell to the floor, his hand supporting his head as if to prevent it from falling over.After multiple bursts of sobs, he yells out.

His noise distract the king and his delegates from their intensely debated meeting.
They turn to look at him and quickly return their attention to their conversation.

That boy is bad news; one of the chiefs says
He just killed two people, just like that!

I say we kill him, a much older one decides

I agree with Otun, the first speaker adds

Balogun and Otun, we don’t know the extent of his so-called powers. Who knows, he might be a wizard or something worse. The Kabiyesi adds

Maybe a god?

Impossible. gods don’t appear in human form.
This boy can’t even be a god. I knew his father when he was still alive. One elder says

I was there the day he was giving birth to, he was a normal child. The head midwife adds

So where did he get his powers from? The king finally says.
First, he was talking to himself, now, he can kill without using weapons. Who knows what he is capable of?

We should kill him then. Balogun infers
If we don’t, the people would call you weak and start worshipping him.

True. True. The delegates say in support of Balogun’s statement.

Okay then.
Midnight; bring his head to me on a silver platter, I’ll hang it on a stake in the town’s center.
Balogun, make sure there are no slip ups.

Yes my lord. Balogun replies.

We meet tomorrow when all these is settled.

Kabiyesi o! They say in unison, prostrate accordingly and depart to their respective homes.

Two guards then drag Ayomide to his cell. Their hearts in their mouths the whole moment and they didn’t calm down until his cell door was bolted and locked.
At that they heave a sigh of relief.

Thank the gods o! The first guard says
Did you see how he killed Remi and Tunde? It could have been us o.

I saw it o. Osho alagbara lumo ye (That child is a strong wizard).

A bang on the metal door jerks Ayomide from his slumber. Someone was struggling with the lock and wasn’t making much progress at that from the noise.

Who’s there?

Its me… Seun.. A feminine voice replied.

Seun. Ayomide whispered.
What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here.
What if you’re caught?

I won’t be. I can’t leave you here.
One of the palace guards told me they plan to kill you at midnight, he gave me the key to the cell sef and directed me here.

After much struggle, she forces the door open, he steps out, kisses her on the forehead and they dash into the forest, the moonlight silhouetting their bodies against the trees.
They continue running for hours, her small feet betraying her sometimes and for a while he had to drag her so she could keep up with his pace.When they were at a considerable distance, they stop and lay to rest at the foot of a palm tree.
Panting profusely, she asks; did you really kill her?

No, I didn’t. I can’t. That’s why I couldn’t look into your eyes yesterday during my trial. I was so……
She puts a finger to his lips and hushes him. He obliges and he bends over to kiss since she was considerably shorter. His hand find its way to her back and her hand tries to untie the rope that held his trouser but she suddenly stops moving.
Surprised, he looked at her face and she was staring with terror, her torso slightly pushed forward like if she had been stabbed in the back.
Pronto, he remembers where he had seen this look, he searches around the forest expecting to see his hooded nemesis and finally saw him standing a few metres away from them, arms crossed over each other and a frown on his face.

You can’t do this! He pleads
Not her, please!

And at that moment, she screams out and drops to the ground dead.


To be continued.


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Countdown to The Finale of SEVEN: Episode 1

It’s a known fact to avid readers of this blog that a series, “SEVEN” to be precise, was never completed.

I really do not have any particular excuse as to why we didn’t post the seventh episode but you could say we were a little bit apathetic. But after many pleas, persuasions and a couple of threats (seriously!), we’ve decided to end the series and any other thing that’s part of it.

So the seventh episode of SEVEN would be posted exactly a week from now i.e.  25th of April… and we will be dedicating the seven days between now and that day to posting the earlier episodes of the series.

This is to enable new readers and old readers alike to catch up and remember the plot, story and characters of the series.

Now, we publish the first episode.

If you missed the prologue yesterday, you can check it here —>>>

NOTE: Posting the old episodes is just to help refresh your memory.


SEVEN _ Episode 1

• • •

Yes! Grandpa. She replies enthusiastically .

Okay then. We better get started before its time to do your chores.
He then carried her and placed her on his right knee, kissed her on her forehead and they sought to finish the story his life was centred on, the story he would soon finish.

Peeping from the door was a couple, the lady wrapped in the embrace of her hubby.

He’s going to finally finish it.

I know. And they share noise less kisses before retiring to their bedroom.

You ready?



He must die!!! The crowd scream in discordia harmony.
Who the hell is he? Our children are not safe with him alive! are some of the rants that flooded the air.

The village guards try to shut them up by wielding their sharpened swords in reckless abandon.
But the crowd couldn’t be shut up. They had had enough. The murderer had to go.

They soon stop screaming in respect for the King when he walked in.

Kabiyesi o! They say in unison as they all prostrate, man and woman on the burning red clay floor heated up by the burning midday sun.

He takes his seat, gestures for them to rise and gives charge to the village town crier to go about his business as the guards go in to get the accused.
Shortly afterwards, a man drenched in his own blood is dragged into the arena; the crowd scream out and hurl stones and sticks at him. Most missed but a precise stone caught him on the forehead causing his head to fly backwards in an awkward manner; this was accompanied by another set of jeers.

“Today, we are here to decide the fate of this man; Ayomide Ifakunbi The town crier announces after their jeers had died down.

He has been accused of murdering the daughter of our elder, Baba Jakande.
Her body was found in the ofa stream and witnesses have come forward to say he; Ayomide was the last person they saw with the deceased before her corpse was discovered that fateful day.
Today, we decide whether he is guilty or not.”

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! The crowd vociferate.

Silence! The king’s right man screams out.
Can’t you see the king is present or are you all blind? Where is your respect?!

The noise reduces but some murmurings could still be heard in the crowd. Somewhere beside the throne, the accused raises his head to look at his accusers, his face but a shadow of its former self and eyes trying to find solace in the fearsome mob-like crowd. He soon finds her but her tear laden eyes make him look away almost immediately as he couldn’t stomach the shame he felt.
In the midst of all the hullabaloo, a dreary fellow moves through the crowd, his face covered by the black hood with his finger and toe nails also painted black rendering his appearance more grotesque.
He continues his advance through the crowd, his attention not at all moved by the uproar around it is focused on Ayomide. He later stops at the side of Ayomide who is startled at the strange man’s appearance.

“Who are you and how did you pass through the guards?” He waits for a reply but the strange man’s gaze is fixed on the crowd now, his palms rubbing each other in a sinister manner complementing the black hood and overalls.

“Hey there! I’m talking to you!” His voice attracts the attention of the guards and the royal cortege.
They stare in amazement as they watch the accused speak to thin air.
“I think he has run mad.
He’s faking it. He must die!
What if he’s not?”

“Silence!” The king bass voice booms, causing the whole arena to be rendered still and quiet, the only noise coming from a crying baby somewhere in the crowd.


“My Lord!” The accused replies dropping to his knees.

“Who are you talking to?”

“This scary man, Sir…” And he points to the strange man.

“Who?!” The king asks again confused as to what the accused is talking about since he just pointed to thin air, he looks at the chiefs and royal cortege but they are as puzzled as he is. The crowd start to murmur now, as an argument ensues causing two distinct divisions.

“He must be mad! The gods have caught up with him!” One division says.

“He is pretending jor! Can’t you see he’s smiling? That’s how those criminals act.” The other division decipher.

At the other end of the crowd, Ayomide continues to question the stranger, while trying desperately to hide the fear that was welling up in him. If these people could not see this man whose silence is spooky as well as bewitching, he must be going crazy.

“Are you going to answer me or what?”

“Why do you want an answer?”

As much as he wanted to hear the man talk, he couldn’t hide his fear as the man turned to look at him, his eyes reminiscent of dark bottomless pits. His mind began to play out the pictures he had as a kid when his Grandma taught his sister and him from the bible.
Still frightened as hell, he turned to run but he was wrestled to the floor by the guards few feet away. His pleas for them to see reason futile as the crowd jeered the guards on.

I don’t want to sit near this man.”
He wails pointing the ring finger of his right hand at the image of the man who was oblivious to all eyes but his.

“He is mad! He has gone crazy! The gods have heard our cries! They have punished him!” They rejoiced in loud voices, some already engaging in celebratory dances.

Some minutes later, after the noise had died down, he is chained to a pole and sat where he was before.

“Why did you try to run?” He heard the strange man ask.
“Do you think you can outrun me?”

“Who are you?” Ayomide replied, trying his best not to gape at the succubus beside him.

“You still don’t know?”

He then turns to stare at the baffled mob, “You would think he would remember after all He did for him”


At that instance, he raises his hand, his fingers intertwined in a gun like fashion and directed at one of the guards securing the mob.

At the supposed “pull of the trigger”, the guard drops dead, making that section of the crowd run helter skelter and Ayomide leaping away in fear.

“Do you know now?” He asked finally, his expressionless face giving nothing away.

You! Ayomide responds

To be continued

• • •

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Countdown to The Finale of SEVEN: Prologue


It’s a known fact to avid readers of this blog that a series, “SEVEN” to be precise, was never completed.

I really do not have any particular excuse as to why we didn’t post the seventh episode but you could say we were a little bit apathetic. But after many pleas, persuasions and a couple of threats (seriously!), we’ve decided to end the series and any other thing that’s part of it.

So the seventh episode of SEVEN would be posted exactly a week from now i.e.  25th of April… and we will be dedicating the seven days between now and that day to posting the earlier episodes of the series.

This is to enable new readers and old readers alike to catch up and remember the plot, story and characters of the series.

So tonight, we start with publishing the prologue of the series.

NOTE: Posting the old episodes is just to help refresh your memory.

We also apologize for not posting this earlier.

Without further ado, I introduce you to “SEVEN: The Prologue”





• • •

Eyelids opening slowly to the rays of sunlight hitting them, he struggled to help himself up while using his hand to shield his eyes from the slightly eclipsed light which had a certain flickering to it because of the gentle wavering of the branches of the trees and the leaves on them. Quickly, he surveyed the surroundings, a quizzed look in his eyes denying the belief that he knew where he was.

“Where the hell am I?” He asked rhetorically while dusting the bottom of his pants.

“Good question I would say, very good question.” A voice replied, echoing in the woods and sending birds and other flying insects scampering into the air, their streamlined bodies creating awkward shadows in the sand.

Startled, he swerved around looking to find out whose voice he just heard; it sounded familiar but he had no clue as to where he had heard it before. He soon noted he was standing in what seemed like the centre of the woods, the nearest trees were about seven miles away and they seemed in a form of radial distance like an explosion had happened right where he was standing.

“Who are you and why am I here?”

“Hmm… To your first question, you know the answer, you just seem to have forgotten and I’m surprised you have… To the latter, you would soon find out. I’m quite surprised you haven’t noticed some things about yourself.”

Noticed??? About??? And then he saw it, his wrinkles, his beard, even the limp in his left leg, they were all gone… he was young again!

“Is this a dream?”

“Well James, you would have to figure that out yourself.”

“Seriously?!” He snarled. “Stop playing games with me, where are my… Wait! How did you know my name?”

The unseen speaker burst into laughter, his laughter as menacing as his voice, and it all created a creepy feel to the forest.

“I know more about you than you would ever know, naive bastard!”

“Just so you know, seven days from now and I’ll be coming over to take you to where you rightly belong.”

And no sooner had his statement ended that the branches of the trees moved in unison and grabbed him feet and arms, piercing their thorny stems into his flesh causing him to groan in agony. After dangling him for what seemed like eternity, they hurled him into an enormous pit, one that was right beside him the whole time; he was shocked he hadn’t noticed it but it didn’t last for long as the branches let go of him and he was left to fall into the hole with his back first and he watched as the light from the mouth of the pit slowly faded till it was a speck, the words of the mystery man still echoing through the walls of the hole and not long after, he gave into the darkness until he was jerked out of his slumber with a thud.

He opened his eyes and was back in his bedroom, the wrinkles and beards were back; he sat up and pondered on the dream he just had. Saying a short prayer, he stood up, put on his flashlight and directed it at the table calendar and then it dawned on him.

“The sixteenth!”

“Seven days!”

“I’ve not even told the story! And I promised to.”

He started pacing up and down the room, he had no time, in fact his time was up. He needed a listener and fast too.

“What about Sade?” He asked himself

“Or Jeff?…  Sandy?….  Joke?…” and then he heard him, the voice that had directed him for years on end “…Nifemi…”

But she’s too young, he replied and waited for a reply which he didn’t get and  he consented, she’s but a child anyways., she wouldn’t understand. Shrugging his shoulders indifferently, he headed to the room of his granddaughter, the limp in his left leg was back now and it gave him a crooked look as he struggled to drag his heavy frame along the floor.

When he got to her room, he bent over her, kissed her on the forehead and waited for her to wake up..


“Yea, Grandpa.” She replied still sleepy.

“Wanna hear a story?”


• • •

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