To my Coursemates by @DatTallDude

Took me a while to pen down a disclaimer for this post so I didn’t border trying :d.
It really doesn’t need one because it speaks for itself.
I do hope the people to which its addressed feel the same way because I might have cried if it concerned me.
Anyway, Do Read, Cry, Laugh but never forget one thing, True Friendship Lasts Forever


So I left school yesterday and as I moved my luggage out of the room for the last time, I was on one hand happy because it was indeed the very last time, at least I didn’t have to clean up after my roommate SOLOMON anymore and teach him how to arrange his locker, but I was sad at the same time, as I looked at OSATO on my bed and realized I might not see my little black boy again till October. My heart sunk and a slow song playing in the background might have made me cry like CHIDINMA and TOYIN did on that day :). I could feel my heartbeat in my mouth as I shook TONY and DONALD for the last time before I entered the cab that was to take me home. I had never felt as lonely as I did on my way home that evening.
I started recounting all the moments I would miss and now cherish more than ever. The long gist with the guys and the jokes that brought my 6-pack rearing their heads out of my shirt with laughter, the insults we rained on people and one another that brought mantles on people’s heads, ONYEMAECHI‘s laugh that made everyone laugh again… I recounted everything as the cab drove away from the comforting walls of CU. I realized that life was going to be more difficult without these wonderful people in my life. Not because things were going to be done easier and faster, but because we always found and find a way to laugh in every situation. Always!!!

But I loved every moment throughout the four years, every damn moment. From the days when boys and girls had separate sitting sections and no-one miraculously crossed the other’s part, to the day when TOYIN tore the attendance sheet and no boy was courageous or well-built enough to confront her, all walking away grumbling like the men that wanted to stone the prostitute in d bible. I’ll miss everything. From the girls I never spoke to, to the one I sometimes spent up to 10hrs of my day with. Yeah, y’all know that one -__- .I’ll miss UCHE OKOYE, my over-able course rep; I salute your courage, your outspokenness and your will ma’am. CHIOMA OKAFOR, the Egyptian queen. How the sound of my voice made you understand what you were reading better is the best thing anyone has said about my voice (and I hope you were not whining me sha 🙂 ). They say we look good together. Well, you never know, I might just get my shit together quickly enough to steal you from your father’s house before all these rich, beautiful-ladies-thirsty men do -___- .And AKINDELE TOYIN, my friend for ages! Your confidence weakens me; your ability to relate with everyone wows me also. I hope we get to finish up our New Horizon business so I could get to see you smile more times. And while we are there, there’s one thing I will always keep out of your reach… My ass! -___- . To Mrs Dilz, my gangster friend, never knew you could shed tears … EVER!!! But you did and showed that you had a heart asides the one with which you love that Asaba boy! That side of you, I like. The gangster side, I love :D.

To my baby ONI IKEKHUAH (hope I got the spelling sha 🙂 ) I’ll miss the motherly attitude on the inside of you my dear. Will never forget you depriving me of biscuits and cookies till a certain time determined by only you during TTG -___- , and I hope I get to see you again so I can toss you up in the air one more time :). KUPONIYI OLUWADARASIMI!!! Kupsy Dee of life! What can I say about this adorable, smart daughter of mama Kupsy huh? You brought out a side of ABRAHAM that I thought we would never see and made AYO look like a good comedian -__- . Keep laughing Kupsy, it’s never too much. And to ADELABU KEMI the Samsung ambassador, you better tell me when the Indian guy arrives so we’ll come for the introduction :). Haha! DAMILOLA IDOWU! le smallie of life!!! your cute handbags left me wishing I had a girlfriend I could get one of those for. Don’t worry, will contact you when I have one (and I hope it’s soon sha 🙂 ). TOYOSI ANDE! you cute little black beauty! will miss our ‘not-that-high fives’, so happy you hit that first class. You deserved it! And to AJAKAIYE UNIQUE my realest G, keep being real sis, and stop dreaming cos you’ll never be as tall as I am even if you stand on the chair in chapel! -__- . And to ONIMOE ANN (Tony), a cast in one of the blockbuster movies made during our stay, my own Kim K, I’ll miss your hug dear, every boy that has hugged you before will miss your hug :). To SUZZIE, my TTG partner, better tell PH boy that I’m here if he messes up. I respect your courage and ability to stand for what is right dear and I’ll keep bugging you when I need an advice :p. OPARA CHIBUZOR my nigga! always acting all tough but I know there’s a soft spot in there, even softer than we imagine. Keep being you my G! 🙂 . And to DUNNI KASALI my name sake (@dattallbabe). You are everybody’s friend for a reason… your smile brings them closer. I’ll miss you dear.

Haha!!! ODUTOLA MAE my bride, saw you on my first day of resumption in CU. We were all pursuing registration in the chapel when your file fell and your papers scattered all over the floor. I quickly stored the surname from one of the papers as I beheld d beauty, don’t know if you remember this, but I do. I’ll miss you Mae, I’ll miss my bride :D. And to ADIGUN OLAMIDE, my family friend that has left a single nigga like me alone because she now has a boyfriend, God will find a babe for me. Will miss you Hun :). Yes! TARE MAJOROH, I see you when you pray and errrm… I see the spirit move. Thank you for that MIS shirt once again, for the initiative and its success. And to KELE-NZEH PRINCESS, some say we are dating, others say we will date, I say we know what we are. I’ll miss you and you know it, just making sure you don’t blow my head off for not stating it here :). And to those I have not mentioned, I’ll miss you too cos whether you like me or hate me (LAIDE -___-), you have been a spectacular part of my journey through CU. I’ll miss you all deeply :’).

Wherever you are, reading this, please give a minute silence to the memory of Mrs. YEJIDE AJAKAIYE, it’s more important than everything I’ve been writing since. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

Adekanbi Adedipo David. (@dattalldude on twitter)
Graduate of Management Information Systems, Covenant University.
Class of 2013.

Empowerment for flight

With about few days to the 8th convocation ceremony of Covenant University, it becomes expedient to write this piece. The convocation ceremony has been known with the caption: “the Release of Eagles”.
But come to think of it, what is most peculiar about the eagle bird? The FLIGHT! Thats the major peculiarity! It soars up high into the sky with “dignity and confidence”.
I remember going for a conference last month in Abuja, when I took cognizance of the scene of take off of the airplane. The plane on getting to the run-way, appears to be wagging like a snail, but at take off, the supersonic speed goes beyond, as it soars into the airways!
We are at that phase of destiny, after this phase of schooling, where we are positioned to take flight in whatever field, calling, idea, career or industry.

But what makes the airplane soar at such altitude and speed?
A journey approximately nine to ten hours by road, is squeezed to a 45 minutes journey by flight! What a wonder!
We are raised as the New Generation of Leaders. For the fastest possible form of Manifestation, what we need is a flight!
It will soon be recorded of us as seen in Isaiah 60:8…”Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows?”
It’s the Renaissance set! What a prophecy! Please don’t see this as a slogan, see it as a prophecy over your destiny!
The Renaissance set: the rebirth; I have this confidence, that via this set of eagles, the prophecy of Isaiah will be a reality…”And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in” (Isa.61:1-3)
Obviously, there is a requisite enabling for every phase. It’s called empowerment!
For example, a baby child graduated from crawling, to walking to jumping and running, all at different stages of enabling. He could only take fluid at some point, but via the enabling of his growing teeth, could now take some degree of semi-solid and onto solid foods.
What am I saying? Every new phase demands a new order of enabling.
Empowerment simply means enabling, a propelling force/power!
There is the empowerment of the Spirit of God to gain supersonic flight in life!
It is an Anointing from the Holy One
The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me (Isaiah61:1)
The Holy Spirit is our combustion fuel for flight! Constant Infilling and renewal keeps us in flight!
The airplane gets to contend with a number of forces, the force of gravitation, the waves…but for the jet to remain in motion, it requires a higher force! Thus, the indispensability of the Holy Spirit! He keeps us soaring against all forces contrary to our flight, He supplies the required enthusiasm, zeal and passion, He keeps you in form and in shape, He overshadows you with divine insights and wisdom, He guides your steps in and through! You need the empowerment of the Spirit of God for flight!

Thank God for the coming convocation, the release of eagles…but what happens after you are released?- FLIGHT!
Evidently, flight is in various levels/altitudes, dependent on your order of empowerment.
Hey, don’t run another man’s race, your take off must be on the right track! Discover your Run-way and stay there! That’s the impetus for flight. God said, He will lead you in the way that you should go! So, seek out for divine direction!
But there can’t be any considerable speed of flight when in the midst of a wrong company. They will creep one’s motion, iron makes iron sharp!
Thank God for flight, but the accelerator and the sustenance of flight is Integrity! A stand for God, if we must beat them, we must not join them…a stand for truth!

Can’t wait for the release of the 8th set of Covenant graduates! Indeed, something is loaded and special about this set!
Go forth and Soar!
I pray that each one will take flight into the fulfillment of God’s plans and purposes.
Congratulations!!! Renaissance set of 2013

Abraham Owoseni

Young Breeds Ministries

Meet the Influential; The Renaissance Set: Chidi ‘Lex Ash’

Well, we are back again. Sorry for not posting anything yesterday, the network was hectic. Today, we celebrate another ‘soon to be’ graduate from the Renaissance Set; Popular photographer; Mr Chidiebe Ashimole or as some of you might know him; Lex Ash.

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Mr Chidiebe Ashimole (Lex Ash)

“Soon to be” B. Sc Graduate of Estate Management

Photographer. Musician.

Mr Chidiere Ashimole

Mr Chidiere Ashimole


·        Mr. Chidi, thank you for accepting to be interviewed by us. Many know you as Lex Ash, some; Chidi and a few (If there are any) don’t know you at all but I’m not sure they know your real names. Please, can you introduce yourself briefly?

Lexash Photography

Lexash Photography

·        My name is Chidi Ashimole, and well, the “Lex Ash” came from my middle name “Alex” and surname. I guess it easy for people to know the persona more than the real name eventually. I am the second of four, and I am a graduating student from Estate Management in the prestigious Covenant University.

·         You are one of the few that got nominated for these interview sessions. Sincerely, how does it feel to have been nominated?

·        To be nominated in this capacity, I consider a huge honor because in all sense of it, I’m not sure I’ve done anything to deserve it. I’m just one smallish random guy, with a very Big God.

·        Lex Ash has become quite a popular name in Covenant University but you have not always been this person. Behind the whole Lex Ash persona, who is Chidi Ashimole?

·        Chidi is simply a gentle, calm never-getting-angry guy, who loves people. I consider myself very artistic and creative though because I could just sit down and be imagining a whole lot of stuff. I like to think and do stuff with my hands… I also love to listen to people, organize events, play once in a while, read novels, watch movies, just your random every day guy sha.

·         The first time I noticed you was when you performed No other choice by Tye Tribbett in a Sunday service about four years ago. Next time I saw you some years later, you were armed with a camera. Has photography always been your career choice?

·        As I said earlier, I consider myself very artistic. I write (poetry, stories, articles, speeches etc.), sing, play a number of instruments (Not expertly sha, but I know my way around them), act, draw, calligraph, graphically design, and a number of stuff I can’t remember. To talk of photography as a career choice for me will be quite limiting ‘cause I have so much more planned. These are just the tips you’ve seen.

·        With the way you’ve blossomed in such record time on the Covenant University frontiers, it’s hard to imagine that there were stumbling blocks along the way. Did you have hard times on your rise to stardom or was it a smooth sail?

·        Everybody gets hard times. Because of my stature, it was easy to write me off as unserious, especially when you look way younger than your age like I do. I also had to rent cameras, and people can use you to do shakara ehn… But all in all, I have God and there’s no one else that has the power to open doors like Him. As for blossoming in record time, I don’t know about that oh #laughs

·        Are you planning to make a career out of this or is this just a hobby?

·        It’s a part of a much bigger plan. I plan to put together a media agency that will definitely include photography as a major part.

·        You covered the wedding of the Ogahs’ i.e. Mr Steve Ogah and formerly Miss Love Oyedepo. How did you get the contract and how was the experience?

·        People think famzing is a bad thing. What others may call famzing, I call marketing and acquiring connections. I’d always wanted to meet her in person and as she also told me, she’d been wanting to meet me for a long while as well.  So we became friends and when the wedding stuff came up, I told her it would be an honor to be a photographer from her personal point of view and she agreed. The experience I can explain from two views. It was exhilarating that day, so many people wanted to take pictures of the daughter of the grat Bishop Oyedepo, and small as I was I was practically pushed around. But those kind of obstacles are no excuse for getting your shots. At the end of the day, I turned out to have directed the photoshoot and it was fun. I ended up sleeping for 10 hours after that. I enjoyed myself so much but was tired in the end. I give God all the glory.

·        It is hard to see a really cool picture taken in Covenant University now without your logo standing firm at the bottom corner of the picture. How does it feel to be Chidi ‘Lex Ash’ now?

·        I feel it’s God. I also feel I’m nowhere near there. I feel humble to be given the honors I get when I do such insignificant things. I do believe there’s so much work to be done. And I believe that life is in phases. This is an early one.

·        Amidst all the photo shoots you’ve handled, is there one that you’ll say got your attention and intense concentration the most and why?

·        I recently had a kind of photography training that I invited a lot of people for but few showed up. I invested a lot of time, money and resources into it, and at the end of the day, it was still a success for me because though few people came for it, I put my best into it, and they can all confess that it was a nice time they had, And the pictures I took that day where some off my best pics yet. All that missed must have known they did.

·        If there is one person you would love to have a photo shoot of, who would it be?

·        That’s hard. I love people. So I can’t categorically tell you one now and…. #laughs… But I’d say it would be an honor to have a photoshoot with Papa (Bishop David Oyedepo). It would just be a greatest honor. Come to think of it, he has come for a shoot I was doing before. He laid His hands on me. And I got a picture with him. It wasn’t easy…

·        With your wonderful voice and carriage on stage, is there any chance that you might end up in the music industry rather than the photography industry?

·        Why do people think I have to choose? I intend to do both, and way more.

·        Come July 26, you would be an Estate manager, a photographer and a musician. Which of these professions are you planning to major in?

·        Of all those, Estate Management is not on the queue… I have little or no interest in it. Ok, maybe when I have made a lot of money, I will interest in Real Estate like Donald Trump or something.

·        You have spent five good years in this school. Briefly share with us how the experience was.

·        I can boast of this anywhere, Covenant University is the best ever. You cannot be a graduate and not be redefined or have a renewed mind. The environment is partial, it picks only the most impressive and smartest minds and the geniuses I have met are indescribable. There are so many of them, For instance, I know a guy who between his SS3 and year 2 had learned to speak French and Spanish fluently, all on his own, I mean who does that? Agreed, C.U has its ups and downs but which school doesn’t. Abeg, this school makes mad sense joor.

·        Everybody has them, but I bet not many know yours. Do share with us your most embarrassing experience as a student in the school?

·        My Lecturer once flared up at me in class. This had never happened to me before. I was honestly asking a valid question and because his class was boring initially, he had caught me using a tab earlier. He had seized it, but apparently, that singular incident absolved my right to ask questions in class. I guess I can call that my most embarrassing moment. It’s never happened before.

·        In ten years, where do see yourself? What are your aspirations and long term goals?

·        In ten years, my media company will be a pace setting giant of a company. I say will because it’s more than hope for what is to come. The name Petal Links Media Inc. will be a household name as regards media in Nigeria and across the entire continents of the world. If God could give me as little as Covenant university, and I was able by His grace to conquer it, The world should not be that hard, I do serve The God, you know.

·        Moving on a global perspective, what roles do Mr Chidi and Lex Ash hope to perform as true patriots in order to enable Nigeria achieve a better reputation?

·        My passion in life is helping people with all I know how to do. Nigeria happens to be where God sent me to do it. I take the concept of Nigeria as a Brand that needs a new face. If we can show the world that we are not mere jungle people in animal clothing, jumping about like savages as the entire world probably envisions us to be, but the productively refined, high class mentally advanced creative individuals that we are, Nigeria will be rebranded. And I intend to contribute from my quota in my own little way by pushing the brand that is Nigeria in the positive light that it is.

·        To the other graduates in the 8th graduating set of Covenant University, the Renaissance set, what do you have to say to them?

·        This set happens to have some of the best crop of minds and valuables the world is about to see. The world is not ready for us, but we are coming anyway. I see the renaissance set taking seats at the top positions of every industry because we’ve been empowered in this line. Go take what you own, people. The sky is where we’ll be looking down at when we are starting.

·        You would definitely be missed, what parting note would you leave behind for the non-graduating students?

·        Non-graduands, let this set set the pace for you as you come behind us. You’ve so much to live up to and enjoy to be in the place we once were. It’s no mistake that you are here at this time because God has ordained all this. My parting note is this, “Never let your challenges define you or deter you from pushing yourself where you should be or are going. Let them rather be stepping stones to achieving your goals. Allow God use you for His Glory”. With this tip, nothing is impossible.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Congrats on your imminent graduation.

God bless.


Mike Dammy

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Meet the Influential; The Renaissance Set: Ajayi Adebayo

Good Morning or Evening as it applies to you.

As we promised yesterday, we are kicking off on the Meet the Influential Interview Sessions today and this morning, we have our first Man of Influence; Mr Ajayi Adebayo. An almost Ex student of the department of Chemical Engineering.

The interviews are running in no particular order, so this is not some sort of ranking whatsoever.

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Mr Ajayi Adebayo

“Soon to be” B. Sc Graduate of Chemical Engineering

Writer. Public Speaker.


Ajayi Adebayo_Damstylee

Ajayi Adebayo_Damstylee

Mr. Bayo, it’s quite a privilege for us on here to have you accept our proposal to interview you. As the custom, please introduce yourself better so the readers would be more acquainted with you.

Bayo’s Response:

My name is Ajayi Adebayo Ebenezer-success; I am the president of “Success Within International”, a sustainable learning performance coach, a dynamic speaker and a writer.  I have a full blown passion for teaching about creativity and excellence in a very practical way. I got a mandate from God to help stimulate others to succeed and improve their lives via the knowledge of God’s Word. I will be graduating with a first class degree in chemical engineering come July 26th 2013.

You were selected to be interviewed because of your exploits as a writer, speaker and possibly a spiritual mentor.

Success Within International

Success Within International

Sincerely, how does it feel to have been selected?

Bayo’s Response:

I feel privileged to have been selected as one of the most influential students in the renaissance set. God has simply qualified me.

I would have loved to wait until later for this but I have to ask this now; you are known as Success to many people but according to you, it’s a name you adopted in 100 level. Please share with us how that happened?

Bayo’s Response:

Wow, the name SUCCESS was given to me by the Holy Spirit in 300level first semester. It was on Saturday precisely in word study meeting, a student now a graduate called Anjola was sharing about having a spiritually sensitive name having named herself “INVISIVBLE”, immediately after that I heard the name SUCCESS. The truth is that the name Success has been a catalyst for my engracement in Covenant University.

 Your zeal to write and speak. Has it always been there or did you discover it later?

Bayo’s Response:

Well I love teaching (speaking) since I was very small, but the writing zeal came while on campus having known that I won’t always have a platform to speak but my writings can be seen anywhere when in print.

You have published two books as an undergraduate. A remarkable feat I must admit. How did you go about it and where did you get inspiration to write them?

Bayo’s Response:

I have published three books and not The first one in which I co-authored “GOD”S WORD FOR YOUR ACADEMICS” came after hosting an academic seminar on campus and I felt we should package the seminars into a book format. But the 2nd book “MENTAL ILLUMINATION” came during my Industrial Training program and it was done under 3months. And the 3rd book “SUCCESS HANDBOOK” in which I co-authored is a publication of my organization. Am a product of GRACE.

Okay, let’s get to reviewing your books; Success Handbook. What is the book about?

Bayo’s Response:

Success handbook is a catalyst to life’s reaction which will stimulate everyone that comes in contact with its success rate. In it, you will learn strategies that when applied will ensure your transformation in life. It covers various sectors, such as: Core Values, The process, Activating your mind, Enemies and Life nuggets

What about Mental Illumination?

Bayo’s Response:

The book Mental Illumination is a product of Divine inspiration and research. The book is focused on translating impossibilities to possibilities, failures to success, weakness to strength, and ideas to reality via the effective utilisation of Mental Power – “The Mind”. The book contains points which will enhance the illumination of the brain via, reading, thinking, physical tips and the Spiritual Catalyst. We all still need to improve ourselves constantly. Abraham Lincoln said “I do not take seriously a man who does not advance positively from where he was yesterday”; making this book a must-read for everyone.

Your books were handed out as gifts to the Attendance unit final year team for their diligence during the TTG sessions. I dare say that was a real honour. How did it feel watching your books being given out?

Bayo’s Response:

I believe life is all about impact, so when I saw my books been giving out, all I could see what impact been made.

You have been an active member in the Word study unit for virtually of your life as a Covenant University student which is astonishing. You are also reckoned to be very responsible and humble. I’m guessing this didn’t all start in CU.

Bayo’s Response:

I love Word study Unit, I have passion for teaching generally and word study unit serves as platform for that, I was made the welfare officer when I was in 300 level this also foster and increased my love for the unit. Humility is a virtue that everyone should possess; humility is simply the acknowledgment of God in every single phase of life.

Once again, Congratulations! You are in the renaissance set, the 8th graduating set in Covenant University’s history. Having spent four years in the school, how would you describe your experience as a student?

Bayo’s Response:

I spent 5years due to the duration of my program “Chemical Engineering”. My experience in Covenant University is simply a lifestyle of GRACE AND GLORY. Coming to covenant university is the best decision I have ever made, thanks to my parents. I have learnt a lot of things; spiritually, morally, academically and also leadership wise. The 7 Core values of the institution will be my watchword for life. Spirituality, integrity, Possibility mentality, Capacity building, responsibility, diligence and sacrifice.

 Everybody has them, but I bet not many know yours. Do share with us your most embarrassing experience as a student in the school?

Bayo’s Response:

Well my most embarrassing moment in Covenant University is the day I scored 3/70 in a test and my name was called by the HOD.

A trivia question, if you had the chance to come back to earth and start all over again, would you take the same actions you have taken in this one and why?

Bayo’s Response:

If am to come back to the earth, I am going to follow the same path I had taken but will be more diligent and time conscious.

In ten years, where do see yourself? What are your aspirations and long term goals?

Bayo’s Response:

In the next 10 years, I should have completed my masters and PhD program and happily married. I should have also been a professor by then. My organization should have also gone global.

Moving on a global perspective, what role do you hope to play in restoring the image of Nigeria?

Bayo’s Response:

I hope to cause a revolution in the educational sector of the country. I have passion for education and I believe that once a nation can instill will power and commitment to learning in her nation then the nation is set for a global transformation.

 To the other graduates in the 8th graduating set of Covenant University, the Renaissance set, what do you have to say to them?

Bayo’s Response:

To my fellow graduates in respect of what you are graduating with,  I want you to know that THE RACE HAS JUST BEGUN and never forget the 7 CORE VALUES. Thank you and see you at the top!


Thank you for your time and consideration.

Congrats on your imminent graduation.

God bless.

Mike Dammy

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July 26th Special: The Renaissance Set

It was just like yesterday when I drove into Covenant University for the first time on September 9, 2009.

My shirt was huge!

My tie was massive!!

My suit gigantic!

But one thing that stood out was my smile, it was enormous!

Even with all the beautiful ladies and fresh guys around, I couldn’t hide my excitement, I was finally a University student, a “Big Boy” and my school was the revered CU. It didn’t take me long to blend in with the norms.

Striped shirts with striped pants…  A NO-NO!

Fat ties… Nope!

Brown belt on black shoes or vice versa… Definitely not!

All this I had to learn and learn fast if I had to grow among the ranks but I’m still not that high among the ranks. I mean, CU boys spend well! And it shows in their dressing, their comportment, their swagger; I’m not being boastful, but I won’t trade those boys for anything in the world.

Now for the girls; they were Angels. Starting from ***** to *****… :p. you were expecting names shey… nah, I don’t need to mention, they are all Queens and no, I am not exaggerating. Going to lecture halls, the chapel or café alongside beauties like that boosted my confidence level a billion times than it ever was. September 2009, I was the epitome of shyness, July 2013, Confidence is my watchword. I have indeed matured to an Eagle and I am ready to soar and dominate my world (Not like Hitler though).

Before I forget what I am here for, let me quickly focus.

Today is the 8th of July 2013, a mere 18 days from the grand day. The day the graduates from the Renaissance set are released as Eagles to soar. I don’t know about the other graduates, but I sure as well don’t want to leave now but like our Father, the Bishop David Oyedepo said; The world is waiting for us, we can’t afford to fail it. Come the 26th, about 1,500 students would be clad in green gowns and hats and after the “everything-everything”, we would be blessed and sent forth. There would be tears, there would be weeping but one thing I am sure would always be on my mind and the other graduates is that;

This is my family.

This is my Alma mater.

This is destiny unfolding and I have to take charge.

This is another phase, another level in life and I cannot afford to lose my purpose.

Those are the happy thoughts though, for the ones who have truly let the school pass through them, this would be what they’ll also be thinking;

This is the end of an era.

I will miss my course mates.

I will miss my friends who have now become my family.

I will miss the chaplain of life, Pastor Victor Oluwadamilare.

I will miss the best registrar ever, Pastor Ubong Ntia.

I will miss the freshest Vice Chancellor ever, Prof C.K. Ayo.

I will miss the best Chancellor you would ever get anywhere; Bishop David Oyedepo and

I will miss Covenant University.

Tears are welling up in my eyes as I pen these words down. I can’t help but thank God that he brought me here and he gave me the grace to be bred here. I won’t deny, Covenant University has changed me. I am now more purposeful, more focused, more dedicated and I have a better relationship with The Almighty God. All these Covenant University gave me and I say the biggest THANK YOU ever.

Now to why I am here, I have 18 days to go. 18 days to impart Covenant University as it has imparted me and this is one medium I plan to use.

Over the course of the final days leading to the D-day, July 26, I would be posting interviews of what I would regard as influential Kings and Queens in the graduating set. All the people that would voice their views and opinions on here would be people you’ve admired at one time and especially in this final session. Non graduating students also have the chance to learn from this exercise as this people would be sharing their ideologies, thoughts and views about themselves, Covenant University and life in general. You really do not want to miss this. :d


Meet The Influential: The Renaissance Set

Meet The Influential: The Renaissance Set

Starting from tomorrow by God’s grace, each of this interviews would posted on here for you to read and lean from. And please do share your comments and opinions. Vulgarity and foul language won’t be permitted though. Again, emphasis has been made to draw a thing thing line between being “Influential” and being “Popular”.

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Till then, stay blessed and to all the graduating students;

Congratulations! We made it!


Mike Dammy


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