I’m Sorry | I’m back?

Hey there… *dodges stone*


. Here goes nothing.

Its been a while I’ve written anything and like I noticed yesterday , unlike maby writers that suffer the dreaded “writer’s block”, I faced a writer’s wall and no, that was not meant to be funny.

So, amidst school work, life and its travails, extra curricular activities and sleep, I found little or no time to engage in my favourite past time. Unfortunately, it coincided with the period I was running the series “Joshua Fela” and I bet it hurts you more than it hurts me that I couldn’t continue.

For weeks, I fought with the ‘spirit of not  completing stuff’ and this is not the first time its happening. Remember the series “Seven”, my JAMB exam and a host of other important  activities I left undone. To myself and anybody that got affected by my shortcomings, I’m deeply sorry.

This is not an effort to try and make excuses… No, far from it. I’m just here to say I’m sorry. No more running, no more hiding, you’re free to kill me or mete out any punishment you deem fit.

Still, I’m still grateful I have you guys… I really am.

* * *

By the way… I stumbled on Instagram a while back and as much as I told myself that I was in it for the fun, it was a very big lie. Like most people, I was in for the “likes”. I mean, who doesn’t like being admired or loved?
So it was a lil bit sad when I post a picture and then see a total of likes after 1 month… 9!!!…. Damn, that’s sad. Anyhow Sha, my handle is “damstylee”… Just saying. -_-

Well, that’s that.
Would I say I’m back? Errr… I don’t know… But let’s see how things turn out in the following days.

Mike Dammy

Joshua Fela – Episode 2 “Nath”

Last time, it was my story. Today, Its Nath’s.
If I don’t make you see it in this perspective, you may never get why I have a story in the first place.

    True friendship is not formed at eye level, its formed from the bonding of hearts.”

I learnt this the hard way.



“Nath… Nath.”

I opened my eyes to see my roommate calling me and gently tapping me. He’s wearing a tank top, even with his skinny frame, a pair of trainers and some gay looking shorts. I squinted in disgust and shook my head in pity.

“What?” I replied still sleepy.

“Its saturday morning.” Josh replied.

I continue staring at him and he stares back. After a while and it seemed like we were in a staring contest, I had to break the disturbing silence.


“Dude, we jog on saturday.”

“No, we don’t.” I objected. “You jog on saturday, I take strolls.. And even if I’m gonna go jogging, I aint following you dressed like that.”

“Like how?” He sounded puzzled and examined himself.

I paused to think of what cruel word to use. It musn’t be too harsh but it must hurt.

“Like a gay human being. People are going to think we are a couple and with the way you carry yourself normally, it won’t be hard to disprove it.” I turn my back to him and face the wall.

After a while, Josh chuckled and I could bet he was shaking his head and staring at me pitifully.

“Stop staring at me.” I said still backing him.

“Ode! Be forming psychic there, I’m not staring at you. Just know you’re missing a lot. Most of the guys are jogging.”

“What guys?” I asked. I turned my head just in time to see Tope, Lekan and some other boys walk in. They are all wearing the same type of shorts. They were chatting among themselves and consistently laughed out in short bursts. Tope’s laps were bulging out and his crotch appeared like it would pop out anytime. The sight was repulsive and disgusting.

I stared at them for two seconds until I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to get out of here and I rummaged my mind for an escape route. Suddenly I jumped up and rushed to the toilet with my hands clasped over my mouth.

Over the running water, I heard Tope’s voice. He asked Josh what was wrong with me but I didn’t quite hear Josh’s reply before I heard the door shut behind them.

“Good.” I said as I walked into the room. “Some peace and quiet at last.” Pretending has gotten a lot harder this days, I need to get out of here and soon. But first…

I picked up my Q5, opened my contact list and scrolled down to Abigail. What excuse do I give her this time?
It took me seconds but I finally got one. Algebra has got to help me here.

The call rang out loud. After the fifth ring, I figured she wasn’t going to pick but voila! she did.

“Hello?” Her angelic voice sounded over the phone.

“Hello.” I replied trying to sound as calm as possible.


“Yea… Its Nath.”

“Nath darling” she called me darling \ O /… “Its seven in the morning, I need to sleep.”

“I’m really sorry.” Sorry kor “I just needed to talk to you urgently.”

“Oh God.” She complained. “And it can’t wait?”

“No… I just want to know if you will be free this evening.”

“What for?”

“I need you to put me through our last Algebra topic.”

“Nath. You’re the best at algebra in our class. In fact you’re the best in the freaking school sef!” shit! Algebra.. Dude, you couldn’t think of something else

“I know.” I say still trying to maintain my composure. “I just really lost it last class. Please, can you help me?”

“Errr… this evening… I don’t know o. What time?”

“Four… No Five.” Josh would be around the cafeteria by four. Last thing I want is for him to see me with the love of his life

“Okay.” She finally agreed. “Where?”

“The cafeteria.”


“Thanks a lot.”

“Don’t mention. And Nath?”


“Please, don’t keep me waiting.”

“I won’t. Thanks Ronke.”


“Bye.” And she dropped.

“Settled that. Now…” I stop to think

Now, I need an excuse to give my stupid roommate when I return.


The cafeteria was hot and the gigantic bright light bulbs were not helping matters. It did help in one thing though; she had gotten increasingly uncomfortable and with each passing moment unbuttoned her shirt exposing her cleavage. It was already turning out to be one of the best days of my life when she stood up to leave and I was employing every trick in the book to get her to stay.

“What can I say, I’m not very handsome.” I said continuing our discussion. We had been here just ten minutes and I was done with my assignment so we were just chatting or rather, I was trying desperately to keep her around. The sight of her chest was too awesome. I couldn’t just let her leave. Just ten minutes! You couldn’t bring up a better plan Nath.

“No, you’re not.” She replied oblivious of what she just said. Or was she?

I searched for solace in her eyes that would betray what she just said but I found none.

“You are joking right?” I asked teasingly.

“Nope. You’re not handsome.” She looked away from me and waved at some of our course mates. I wave at them too and they waved back.

“Ronke, you know that’s mean right?” I finally said down casted

“What’s mean?” She replied lost and out of place. I stared at her and she remembered our discussion.

“Oh! You mean the not handsome part? Its true now, you’re not handsome. Josh is more handsome than you.”

“What?” I exclaimed in surprise. “Josh? You’re joking right?”

“No, I’m not. Josh is handsome, you’re not. Come to think of it, where’s Josh? You guys are always together.”

Her slightly saucy attitude was beginning to piss me off.

“I don’t know.” I reply disgusted. Stupid bitch! First, you call me ugly, now you’re asking me where Josh is. Nonsense.

“You know I’m standing right in front of you.” Her voice dragged me back to the cafeteria from my brief visit to my subconscious.


“You looked like you were planning my murder. Is it because I said you are ugly?”

“Your murder?” I replied while trying desperately to conjure a smile. “What are you talking about?” I adjusted my smile and tried to see if it looked genuine through her pupils.

“You were staring and making faces at me. You’re even faking a smile right now.” Her hands were on her hips now and she was staring directly into my face.

“Really? I swear I did not know.” I asked still feigning ignorance. My eyes examined and I scanned her appearance for a brief second before returning it to her face as fast as I could.
I hope she didn’t notice

She was a real goddess I had to admit. No wonder Josh was in love with her. Her dark hair was neatly combed and slightly dropped on her shoulders. Her eyes spoke volumes and it fit perfectly on her almost perfect face. And her lips! Those lips! If I could just lean in…

A slap on my face brought back my consciousness.

“What?” I exclaimed. “Why did you slap me?”

“You were leaning in to kiss me, idiot! Perv!” She hissed and turned to go in the direction of the female dormitories.

“I’m sorry!” I shouted after her. “I did not know what I was doing!” My eyes remained glued to her frame. Her backside was sending crazy signals to my brain and you know what.

I must bang this girl. Even if its the last thing I do


Back at the dormitory, Josh was playing Fifa. As usual… that boy really needs to get a life. I shut the door behind me and head straight for the loo. After I was done with my private business, I stepped out of the toilet into the room. Josh was first to speak.


“Yea.” I answered scornfully. He didn’t notice though.

“Where were you? I came back from jogging and you were gone. By the way, Jogging was fun.”

Yea… Gay jogging. “I went to see your babe.”

“Ronke?” I noticed the excitement in his voice.


“For real?”

“No idiot. Why would I go and see your babe? Am I that jobless?”

He paused the game to turn and look at me. “You’re just not smart. But on a serious note, did you see her?”

“No.” I replied abruptly and He resumed his game.

“Alright. I have been looking for her for a while now.”

“Well that’s your P. I can’t be looking for her for you. I’m not the one in love with her.”

“Why the beef though?” Josh said still engrossed in his game. “Its not like I can control my…Goal!… Sorry, its not as if I can control my feelings for her. She is just amazing.”

I know right. “Yea right.” I muttered under my breath.

I changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and collapse on my bed. It is 7:30pm. Not too late. Tomorrow was Sunday anyway. Josh would want to go to church. The idiot better not wake me up. The services I’ve been going to for the past two years should be able to last me till I die.



“Don’t tell me you’re sleeping. Its barely eight.”

“I know. I’m just tired from today’s work.” Work? Seriously? I really need to improve on my lying skills. This boy might start to read in between the lines soon. Thankfully, he bought it.

“Na you know o!” His voice sounded funny. “I wonder what kind of work you do on saturday. Its not like you have a babe you’re chyking.”

I managed a smile and turned over to face the wall. “You would soon know”. I muttered and tried to doze off. Its all quiet for a while until Josh broke the silence.

“You know you forgot your phone right?”

“Yes I know.” I emphasized the anger in my voice and hoped he got it. “Josh, please let me sleep. I’m tired.”

He did. I sensed he wanted to say something and even though I hoped he would say what was on his mind, I wasn’t ready when he did.

“Abigail called.”

Abi… What? Oh Shit!

To be continued


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Joshua Fela – Episode 1

Well.. Well.. I’m back and so are you.

Welcome. *bows theatrically* 😀

Okay, I know I said yesterday that I was done with blogging and writing, I lied. X_X… Not on purpose though but I don’t think I can stop doing something I love. I’m kinda like Jack in Titanic and I’ll continue dying 2 save Rose if its all I do… (Hmm… That’s not a smart example though).

Anyhow sha… The truth of the matter is I’m not done with writing or blogging and I’m not sure I ever will. A big thank you to the folks that told me I was bluffing yesterday, you guys gave me something to think about.

So, for my comeback party, I’m starting a series. Its not gonna be conventional. Its not gonna be my ‘type of writing’ but its something new and I love challenges.

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That said.

Bye…. :d

Sorry… Enjoy!

    I guess I was bluffing

    I guess I was bluffing



My name is Joshua fela and no, I don’t mean the popular musician/activist Fela. I’m not related to him but my father said our family is as important as his. I have a feeling he was lying now.

So, I’m here to share my story. I could have done so before but I think its much easier when you’re looking at if from a different perspective.

    • I’m happily married but my wife is no more.
    • I am the best father in the world but my kids don’t know me anymore.
    • I have the best friend in the world but he has not come to see me in ages.
    • I’ve got the best family in the world but it seems they are beginning to get over me.
    • I’ll be 25 tomorrow and I can’t get married. Not that I can help it.
    • And finally, I’m dead.

But most importantly, of all the things I’ve listed above, only one is true but I’ll leave you to find out which.

Joshua Fela_ Original photo sourced from Google

Joshua Fela_ Original photo sourced from Google


Red light blinks rhythmically in the distance, the blackberry phone vibrating with each notification. Nath looks away from the Purple Hibiscus he was engrossed in to the phone and after assuring himself it was a Ping and not a call returns his attention to the novel.

“Chimamanda…. You’re good mehn.” he says to himself while trying to not disturb his sleeping roommate. He looks over to Josh and sniffed; the result of getting beaten by the rain.

He had disagreed with Josh’s plan of going over to the school’s sports centre for a swim but got forced by the same. Unfortunately, the rain chose that fateful day to bless the earth’s farmers and now he had a cold to tend to.

“Peer pressure… No brain.” He says in the sleeping boy’s direction.

The door bursts open and a ‘man’ in his early twenties steps into the room.

“Nathaniel!” He barks. “You don see Lekan and Lanre?”

“Yes I have.” Nath replies still reading his book. “They just told me to tell you not to barge into people’s rooms, stupid!”


“Idiot.” Nath mutters under his breath

“Did you just diss me?”

“No o! Diss you ke? How can I? With your 6-perks and chest, you wan make I die?” Nath replies.

Delighted, Tope flexes his abs and puffs out his chest in response to Nath’s sarcastic compliment.
Nath just shakes his head in pity.

“Ehen… So you have not seen them?”

“God! You’re so dumb.” He whispers

“You say?!”

“Nothing.. nothing..” Nath quickly adds.

“Okay.” He looks over to the sleeping teen and smirks;

“Sleep no go kill Josh! Did you guys work all night?”

“No o, we only went swimming yesterday.”

“Swimming?!” Tope’s eyes light up with the news. “With babes?”

“Err… no.” Nath replies embarrassed.

Shaking his head, Tope hisses and turns to leave the room.

“You guys are just gay geeks. Get a life please!”

“Yea Yea… Cool story bro.” Tope replies after him.

Tope just sniffs and walks out muttering something to himself while Nath returns to his former posture, his hand still clutching the book. He struggles to read afterwards but couldn’t as what Tope just said had struck a chord in him and he rummages over it.

“What the Idiot said is true though. When am I ever going to get a babe or better still get laid.” His trousers bulge at the thought of having sex and he attempts to clear the thought off his mind to no avail.

“You see, young man down there,” he says to his slightly erect penis. “Until I get the liver to talk to babes, you are not getting any action… So its either you help me or we remain stuck forever”

“And No,” He responds to his ‘penis’. “Josh cannot help. That nigga is too busy daydreaming about that his stupid crush”

He turns to look at Josh who is smiling in his sleep.

“Ode! I said it! The mumu is dreaming about her again.” He walks towards Josh and jabs him in the leg. Josh jerks up and looked around quickly.

“Dude!” He exclaims. “What the heck? I’ve told you to stop waking me when I’m having my afternoon nap”

“What stupid nap are you talking about? Stay there and be deceiving yourself as if the girl would come and meet you in your dream.”

“What girl?” Josh asks

“Ronke of course!”

“How.. How did you know I was dreaming about Ronke?”

Nath sighs and walks away.

“Answer me now.” Josh calls after him.

“Because you do so every time! You’re so obsessed with this girl and you can’t even walk up to her to say Hi. I bet she doesn’t even know you exist and yet you sit here and waste your whole day dreaming about her.”

Josh shrugs and says, “I don’t see what’s wrong with that”

“Dude!” Nath clasps his head in frustration. “We have been coursemates for almost two years now. She sits three… No two tables away from us and yet common Hi you cannot say. You’re just a stupid coward”

Josh takes a long pause and laughs hysterically. “Why is it paining you? Its not as if you have a girlfriend. You barely even talk to them”

“At least I’ve not had a crush for two years.” Nath snorts.

“See Nath, I know its not easy. Its never gonna be. We are the geeks of this generation and geeks don’t have hot girlfriends in school”

“Says who?” Nath replies. “Bill Gates had a girlfriend, and a hot one too”

“Yea, I know.” Josh replies sarcastically. “I’ve forgotten you guys are pen pals. Please say hi to him for me the next time you guys talk”



“See.. See.. I don’t have time for this. I need to finish this book. Chimamanda has got my heart.

Josh hisses. “Yea right. Boring Writer”

“What do you know? Ordinary GST you failed, common English language and yet you have the guts to criticize a writer. Olodo”

Josh casts a glance at him and hisses. “That is for your pocket. Stay there and enjoy your boring book while I enjoy Fifa.” He walks over to the Playstation console and switches it on.

The game starts running and Josh jeers and makes comments to disturb Nath on purpose. Nath looks over a couple of times as his attention is slowly captivated by the soccer game.

“What kind of boy is this?” He mutters under his breath. “I really need to finish this book.” The words are barely out of his mouth that electricity was interrupted. He looks up at the now blank TV screen and bursts out laughing.

“Now, let me see how you’ll enjoy your Fifa. Nepa! God bless you!” He exclaimed.

Josh doesn’t reply and just returns to his bed to continue his favorite past time.

“Ode! Be dreaming about her there. Don’t go and look for something to do with your life”

“F*ck you!”


The alarm rang through the classroom and everyone looked in the direction it was coming from

“Tope!” The Lecturer bawled.
“How many times have I told you to keep your phone off in my class?”

Tope looked on in ironic shame. A smile played along his lips and it betrayed his attempted apologetic stare.

“I’m sorry sir”

“Don’t sorry me. This is the last time I’m going to condone this. The next time this happens, you will be banned from my class. And I mean that literally.”

Tope looked on in confusion, his mind desperately trying to decipher the ‘big’ word Mr Durojaye just used. He stabs at Josh with his leg and asks’ “Abeg Joshua, what is lite..litera..lly”

“Jesus” Josh gasps while Nath holds himself from bursting out in laughter.

“You don’t know the meaning of literally?” Josh asks.

“If I did, would I ask you?” Tope whispers back.

“Ok o.” Josh sighs. “Literally is used where…” He stops to think. “Nath, how do you define literally?”

Nath chuckles and holds his breath to stop himself from laughing. Then he bends over and whispers; “Literally is a special type of word used to confuse idiots.”

Both of them burst out laughing and attract the attention of the lecturer.

“Nathaniel Bassey! Joshua Fela! Get out of my class.”

“We are sorry sir.” They chorus.

“I said Get out!” He shouts.

They look up to see the blood shot eyes of a visibly angry history teacher and hurriedly pack their stuff.
As they exit the classroom, Josh casts a last glance at Ronke. Her ebony hair slouched over her shoulder and her hand was fiddling with her pen in obvious boredom.
At the last second, she looks in his direction and he quickly looks away.

As they walk along the corridor, they continue their discussion.

“Tope is dumb.” Josh says

“Dumb is an understatement.” Nath replies. “How won’t you know the meaning of literally? Did he skip secondary school?”

“I wonder o! I can bet that alarm would still ring again. He has no sense. I wonder how girls fall for him.”

“Because they are dumb too.” They both laugh.

“Not all girls sha. Ronke is a very…” The sound of the alarm followed by Mr Durojaye’s voice cut him short; “Tope! Get out!”

“Ode!” Nath exclaimed. “There is no hope for him”

“I second that”

They giggle and run off towards their dormitory.

To be Continued next week

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Meet the Influential; The Renaissance Set; Emmanuel Iruobe

A big sorry from we on for not posting the “Meet the Influential” interviews as we promised. We have no excuse whatsoever, sincerely.
Anyway! Today, we introduce a well bred soon to be Covenant University graduate; Mr Emmanuel Iruobe. Please read and be inspired as he shares a bit of him with us.

The interviews are running in no particular order, so this is not some sort of ranking whatsoever.

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• • •

Mr Emmanuel Iruobe

“Soon to be” B. Sc Graduate of Electrical Engineering

Writer. Public Speaker.

Emmanuel Iruobe_Meet the Influential

Emmanuel Iruobe_Meet the Influential

Mr Emmanuel, Thank you for accepting our invite to be interviewed under short notice. As is the custom, please do introduce yourself briefly so the readers might know you better.

I am a great benefactor of God’s Graces and multipartite Wisdom. A young graduate with a tremendous drive to, first of all develop and utilize my full potential, and secondly to severely impact the world with what God has put in me. I have huge interests in Leadership Development and Personal Effectiveness; these interests have driven me along the lanes of massive personal development of myself and others.

It’s no news that you were selected as one of the few to get interviewed by Damstylee because of your exploits as a student council chairman and also because of your public speaking and birthing Legacy. Sincerely, how do you feel to have been selected as one of the few?

These are not achievements, anyone could have done them. I feel humbled and privileged to be of any worthwhile contribution to the society at large. Service is about the only rent we can pay to be living.

You are one of Covenant University’s most influential students in the Renaissance set. Why do you think people are looking up to as one of the next generation of leaders of this country?

I don’t know for a fact that “people look up to me as a next generation leader of the country.” The role I carved out for myself was merely ensuring that the next generation leaders had sufficient philosophical orientation to exhibit premium Leadership.

You are known for starting Legacy; A Leadership Syndicate set to catalyze the Leadership Revolution that is greatly desired in the country via a plethora of strategies. Where did the inspiration for that come from?

It came after I heard for the first time that honourable members of the national house of assembly fight during their sessions; till date, this ranks among one of the greatest shockers of My Life. I grumbled a bit, and then decided grumbling was not a productive response. The Holy Spirit took over with diverse inspirations and the rest is history.

It’s been a while since you were the student council chairman and you are still very influential to both the student council and the school’s management. How did you achieve that?

Again, I don’t see it as an achievement. I believe the only acceptable justification for living is how much value (or service) one adds, I kept adding relevant value in the areas that were of priority to both units. But again, anyone could have done this, and many have.

I have known you to always have something running; no idle moment, no time wasted. With that philosophy still active, what are you working on now?

I’m sure my first response above answers this: I am looking to discover more of Me and serve humanity in greater dimensions. Skills are necessary for effective service so I’m working on a Skillset Development Initiative which is a key highlight for 2013. Along with the SDI are 5 other plans I’m running simultaneously, all in a bid to better position myself to serve.

It’s obvious you would end up as a public speaker of sort, is that where it all ends or is there another career you plan to indulge in like say, the course you studied in school?

No human knows my end! All I know is: as I get a leading to explore newer initiatives, I would seize them with the might of all I have within. From the little I know, I doubt Public Speaking is the end, I believe it’s a means to the end; and so is the 5-year Engineering program I studied at Covenant.

I have heard you speak and trust me; you’ve hit that spot not many speakers have ever dreamt of hitting. How did you get so good in what you do?

Let me refer to Dr Oyedepo: “Excellence is not necessarily a function of expertise but a commitment to continuous improvement.” I wasn’t born this way; I just kept learning everything I could lay my hands on and listening to the best speakers on the planet. I knew I had something for speaking and I was determined to comb the earth to learn how to do it better, I still am!

If there was a question you were hoping I would ask because you would have the perfect answer for it, what would it be? And what would your answer be?

I don’t have a perfect answer for anything. But if you ask me the two most important things a graduate must indulge in, I’d say God and a continuous focus on the future with the necessary planning and capacity building to get you there. Mind you, if you want to excel, don’t go building capacity in the things you are not cut out for, look for things you are passionate about because passion, as I have come to realize, is a greater fuel source than anything crude oil has ever produced.

Your inspiration and zeal for what you do is amazing. Where do you channel it from and why hasn’t it dwindled yet?

Even if God were to stop inspiring people, look around you, there’s enough reason to keep doing stuff that can profit humanity. Do you know just how many people are, shelter less at this very moment? Huge potentials are wasted because they do not have the necessary finances to fine-tune their raw talents via education and the likes, and I could have been like them! I do a cross-country road travel from the West to the South of Nigeria at least once a year; perhaps the zeal will dwindle when I make that trip and don’t see anything that pricks My Heart.

If there is anything you want your friends, followers and admirers to learn from you as you graduate what would it be?

The most important thing about you is the reason you wake up every day, the reason you were sent to the earth. Find it, and keep doing it till the day you die; nothing else matters as much as doing what you were engineered to do, NOTHING ELSE.

You have spent five good years in this school. Briefly share with us how the experience was.

Overall, it’s been transformational, and somewhat challenging too. My first year was tough, I started here with a financial crisis that crippled my feeding and almost everything else, God helped me. My second year was tougher, I got hit with some of the worse moments I’ve had on the planet and then I got the call to serve on the Student Council at about the same time. Keeping a good attitude was hard, but again God helped me. It was at that same time that the inspiration for Legacy arrived. I got my highest call to serve as a Student Leader in My third year, combining that with academics required a delicate balance that tripped many times but I couldn’t have accepted anything less challenging. Ever since then, it’s been one opportunity after the other, one privilege after the other and so on. Misunderstandings and controversies have come, but that’s part of the stuff leaders are made of.
Coming to Covenant University was a hyper necessary move, I just know it!

It’s not something anybody is proud of, but it always brings up a good laugh. What would you regard as you’re most embarrassing moment as a Covenant University student?

Perhaps the day I was called to address a group of professionals from the length and breadth of the country in the University Chapel and I made a breath-taking mess of it. Lolll… That day taught me how to make impromptu presentations and nail them.
Truthfully, on the body of many stars, you’ll find scars!

In ten years, where do see yourself? What are your aspirations and long term goals?

Service, service, service. In ten years, I’d be running with a clearer vision of my visions and I’d be better positioned to do what I do.

In the nearest future, when it is being mentioned what each graduate of the Renaissance set has done to help rebrand the current image of Nigeria, what would your contribution be?

Aggressive Leadership Development at the grassroots, and financial stimulation of the key rebranding initiatives; except of course God has a better idea.

To the other graduates in the 8th graduating set of Covenant University, the Renaissance set, what do you have to say to them?

You have gold in you, never forget that. You have a brain and a network of like-minded people, never forget to leverage on them. You have a God above you; never forget to ride on Him. Do not forget the cause that we drive, don’t!

You would definitely be missed, what parting note would you leave behind for the non-graduating students?

One day, maybe within the space of an hour, the opportunity to kick-start your vision will come. It may come without notice and you may not see the potential in it because it may come disguised. If you are thoroughly un-prepared for it, you will miss it and have to wait for a long while, if you are partially prepared, it could be the start of a meaningful journey; but if you are thoroughly prepared and seize it, you will be amazed at how fast you move on the trajectory to relevance!
Preparation means you’re connected to God, you’re aware of what you want to do, have a plan of some sort to get you there, built the capacity and skills required, and you’re constantly sharpening and updating them.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Congrats on your imminent graduation.
God bless.

Mike Dammy

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The awesome fantasy of being in school

If you indeed clicked this link with joy at how someone has finally joined you on the scanty queue of how awesome school life is, please shift before I slap you. If you however open this with the look of huh? Fantasy in school?! He even added awesome… this guy must be nuts! If this was your reaction, *chop knuckle*

I can’t over emphasize how over rated school is. From Nursery school, it’s been tragic and trust me, only students can understand this, so no offence if you’re a little bit old and you disagree with me, I’m not gonna beg you, I’ll just ask one question; Did you like school when you were my age?

I put down a million bucks (really, I have it) that your answer would be an emphatic NO!

So, lemme restructure the title of this post;


The UNAWESOME fantasy of being in school

Now let’s start.

DISCLAIMER: If you have folks or relatives that are professors and inventors, I mean no offence to them in particular. As you know me, I’m just being truthful.

Moving on, I’ll be handling this in stages or whatever you want to call them… *shrugs*;


  1. Who the h*ll invented Maths??!!

Was he high or something? I heard once that these inventors enjoyed what they did. Einstein, Newton, Faraday; these guys always felt some sort of ecstasy when they engaged in what they loved. Don’t get me wrong, I’m cool with that but what am not cool with is why I have to suffer for what they have done. I want to grow up and be a writer and architect, how does (dx/dy) or the Pythagoras theorem set the path for me?!

So, if your dad or mum teaches maths in the university, I’m literally pissed with them. If Homo erectus was cool with his spear and caves, why can’t we be? What’s the big deal about being Homo sapiens?

2.  Chemistry!! Argh

Guess why I never chose to fill any engineering course on my JAMB form. Do I have to say more?


3.  Physics *dies*…. Moving on.


4.  And last but not the least, Classes and Exams.


What is the big deal behind exams anyway? Someone once told me “School is a necessary distraction” and I totally agree with the statement except for where he added “necessary”…. No offence to all the graduates out there but nah, it aint necessary. Before you kill me, just know Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg are on my side of the fence; so Shoot.


Now that I’ve stated my point, I hope I’ve convinced and not confused you that education is overrated and if I was granted the option of living a life like Bill Gates’ or going to school, I’ll be on the pinnacle of the conference table in Microsoft’s headquarters right now.

I do hope I’ve not stepped on anybody’s toes; this is just me ranting and frustrated with school life, projects, assignments and all of it.

In order news, 69 days to go…  July 26 is still a Reality.




Our Silver Linings

A billion scenarios and I have been tempted to take a leap off a skyscraper or cut myself so I can bleed to death. Life is very cruel as we all know but then it also has silver linings; lots and lots of them. My silver linings have been the people around me, actually their actions towards me, voluntary and involuntary, planned and unplanned, good or evil. Be it a gesture, an advice, an insult, a smile, a lie or a kiss, something has always kept me going, kept the fire that burns in me today still alive and I owe it to all of these people, in other words, everybody.

I dart back to the winter of 2007 and my mind can still paint that picture that was created in my head that morning and I would love to paint it in your minds now.

SS 1 and I had fared badly in my tests again, everybody was worried, everybody except me. I had given up on life, gotten so visionless and settled with the mindset that I was never gonna be successful. Maybe live an average life but definitely not efficacious, maybe just end up like my neighbors who had been living in the same two bedroom apartment for decades.

I was a great dreamer though, my brain could create pictures of a successful person; they were never just of me and so I delved further into the abyss of depression.

 The day a thief is going to get caught by the owner, no matter how much he plans and avoids the traps that have been set for him, he would still get caught.

That’s a quote used frequently by one of my colleagues, and I concur with him. You can’t stop destiny no matter how much you try and that’s exactly what happened that fateful morning.

My mum drove me to school as usual, and it seemed like the day was going to turn out like every other day but I was wrong. Instead of turning back when I alighted from her car, my mum parked the car, got down and walked into the school dragging me along. It wasn’t the first time that was happening so I wasn’t bothered.

She met my teachers and they exchanged pleasantries before they started their conversation. I was less interested in it so I diverted my attention to my classroom where my classmates were staring out of the window at us with looks of bewilderment.

I had not been gone long and I switched my attention back to my mother and the teachers just in time to hear her say this;

“Dami is not a dullard. I’m very sure of that.

To my understanding, when his brother reads, he assimilates about 50% of what he has read, whereas Dami can go as far as 80% or more. His current grades are definitely below his ability, he is much better than this.”

It’s been five and a half years now, but I still hear that statement like it was yesterday. So throughout that day in school, the words of my mom kept playing in my head. Part of me was happy for her faith in me, the rest was angry at myself; for letting everybody and my mother down, especially myself.

Maybe she lied then, that didn’t matter. What really mattered was that my mom, my silver lining, believed in me. Her statement turned my life around, it made me discover who I truly am.

Today I’m a student of architecture in the best university in the world, an 87% grade point average, a writer, a speaker and most especially a grateful son. And she made it happen.

So are you at a crossroad? Are you lost in a world of rejection and hatred or have you given up on yourself. Do yourself a favor; get a sheet of paper and write a list of the people who you think believe in you; your parents, a bro or sis, family, a girlfriend or loved ones. If your sheet of paper is still empty, write God.

When you’re done with your list, make a resolution to prove that person or people right and stick to making sure you fulfill that resolution. You are here for a reason.

Some people make the world special just by being in it. I want to be one of such people, I hope you do too.



My wonderful childhood memories

I don’t think I’ve named this post correctly. “No childhood memories” would have been better. Obviously, I have childhood memories, but the fun and important ones are very few.
My childhood was a very boring one. I’ll ascribe the blame for it to my parents and I. They’ll take most of it sha and I will only agree to take part of it because my bro has had the same experiences and he took advantage of it way better than I did.
The story I’m about to share is a pitiful story, some might shed a tear and some might wail. Its simply a short story of my memory-less childhood. The part of shedding tears and wailing is a joke though and you should check yourself if you do cry.
Here goes;
My parents are the protective type, too protective infact. I never got to do what other kids did. I never got to learn how to ride a bicycle; I have no idea on how to swim. I don’t know the directions to the amusement park, even the one at Apapa, Lagos because I was never taken there neither do I know how a zoo looks.
I was never allowed to go on excursions from school except on one occasion in primary school where we visited the beach, and trust me, mumsy freaked out about it and I knew that was gonna be my last. I also got my trip to olumo rock later in secondary school cancelled at the last minute by mumsy.
I hardly got toys as presents on my birthdays or any other type of holiday whatsoever. The ones visitors gave me were confiscated and kept till I outgrew them. Attending birthday parties of friends was also out of it, except on very few occasions.
With years passing by, I gradually lost the enthusiasm a kid should have normally and since my father loved reading, he would make sure I followed suit. So days on end, even during holidays, I was reading one book after another. It got so bad/good that I’ll read out loud every poster, billboard or name I see on any building during any journey.
As expected, I was always coming out top in every class in my primary school. At the end of Primary 4, my mates were preparing for the holiday , but ME? Nah! I was studying for the common entrance. So I was ushered into secondary school from primary 4 at 8 years old. Tragic!
One part of my childhood that didn’t die though was my stubborness and skill in annoying people. I call it a skill cos I was so good at it, I took a letter of warning back home after my first week in nursery school. And I’m serious, it really happened. 😀
So I carried this trait into secondary school. There, I met kids from different backgrounds and fitting in wasn’t easy at first, but with my skill, I did fit in later on. I however used to get lost when other kids discussed about toys or consoles they had. Since I had none, I had to listen in awe to their conversations and started wondering what kind of parents I had.
Soon enough, I got distracted and started trying to catch up on the childhood memories I never had and my grades started dropping like crazy. SS1 came and I happened to get a FIFA 04 game cd. I spent a whole lot of time playing and I got promoted on trial to SS2; that’s when my eyes opened. So, I quit searching for the memories and accepted my fate and I’ve been doing that ever since.
Today, I’m a teenager with very few childood memories that include fun in them. Fun to me now is chatting with my friends, playing video games or doing what I’m doing now. My life revolves around books, books and books.
One good revolution in my life though is the caliber of friends I have now. They have succeeded in giving me those memories I craved for in the past. The likes of Bankole Lanre, Ajayi Moji, Moyo Juyi, Babatunde Mayowa, Oyelola Tobi, Olorode Bimbo, Comfort Samuel, Tola n Tade, Osem, Sowole Jesse, Odukoya Ife, Mide Deju, Ayobolaand a whole lot of others. What would I be without you guys? Special thanks also to Oyekanmi Seun for proof reading and editing this post.
Back to my story, I quit the stubborness some years back but I still enjoy annoying people. I’m still in love with FIFA and I would love to learn how to swim. Writing is also something I really really love doing. I never used to show anybody what I had written but after I read Funto’s blog “obafuntay.com”, I got the inspiration to start this one you are on. You should read it too. It might just inspire you the way it inspired me.
Finally, I have you. Yes, you reading this right now. The fact that you read and comment on this blog gives me much joy and “Ginger” to do more and better. Thank You very much.
With all these in place, I might have missed out on childhood memories but I aint gonna miss out on teenage or any kind of memories left! ;).


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By the way, I hope nobody cried. 🙂