Happy Birthday Dammy

Bon Anniversaire!

Hi everyone! I’m so excited cos its dammy’s birthday today…and mine is in 10 days! Ok, just so you know, its not dammy writing, its Tofunmi( @Mystique561). This is supposed to be a surprise for Dammy, just a little show of our love for Him.

So through the help of Dammy’s very close friend, Moji Ajayi, I got a few of His close friends to send him birthday wishes. But before I open you up to the hearts of his friends, I’ll like to say something to the birthday boy. So here goes…


Dear Dami,

It gives me so much joy to celebrate today, your day with you. I remember when all I knew about you was your twitter handle, I was determined to know you. I mean, you write so well! You gingered me to write more and better! I’m glad I know more than just your handle now. I’m very grateful for you in my life because, you’ve been a very great source of inspiration to me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the blog ‘damstylee’. You’re someone I really look up to and when I grow up, I want to be better than you are now 😉 I hope you have the bestest years ahead. Grow in God, wisdom, stature, love, wealth, joy and have the bestest life ahead. Many more decades to you!




I wish I could write more but…let’s leave it there. As far as I know, Dami is really awesome and has impacted as many people that have come his way. From my research, One thing I found out for sure is that he has funny and great friends who love him so much. (Dami, if you never knew, you  better know now!) Oh! Yeah he also likes to famz too. But then, count it a great privilege if you’re famzed by Mr. Mike Dammy, you won’t remain the same!

Here’s what some of his friends have to say….

Happy Birthday. Now, start thinking sensibly, time waits for no man  😀

God’s grace.

Moyo Juyi.

Dammy was my roomy in 100Level. He was a good friend and he inspired me to have a drive to do better for myself. In general, Dami is a good role model and an ambitious being. Disciplined, Ambitious, Mature, Intelligent, Loving, Optimistic, Leadership skill, Attention seeker (DAMILOLA).

Lanre Bankole.


Dammy… I’m really glad to be one of those who will join you in celebrating your day. I hope and wish that by the virtue of your new relationship with God, you’ll always be reassured of His love for you. And I bet you, you’ll never know a better yesterday. HAPPY BUFFDAE…. LOADZZZ OF LOVE.

Titi Shittu.


The guy who always famzed me, wishing you the best life can offer as you aspire to be the best. From your one and only guy,


Happy Birthday Dammy.

I wish you the best life in years to come; I pray that God will move you from grace to higher levels of grace; from glory to higher realms of glory.

Jesse Sowole.


He’s an inspiration to so many, including myself….

Dami, we just became close and ever since then, I have loved every moment , you really inspire me and sometimes you can be annoying. But all the same, I still love you. My wish is that you really have fun and may you never lack. God bless you.

Ayobola Ogunmefun.

To Dammy,

Dami is a prolific, in-depth, flexible & natural writer that has risen beyond any doubt to be a brand name in Covenant University in short time. He inspires me as a writer. Dami is a wonderful friend. He has a blunt, straight-forward and caring personality that brings to mind how and why someone should be complete. He shapes the mandate of change in Nigeria.  HOPE NIGERIA! HAPPY BUFFDAE DAMOOOOOOM!

Seun Olajide.

Dami also happens to be very annoying…all his friends can testify to that fact 😀

Dami Dami Dami, the most annoying non-blood brother I have. I’m thankful for who you are and what you are becoming. Just to remind you that my father in heaven is not yet done with you.BE PREPARED FOR SOMETHING GREAT.

Bimbo Olorode.

Mike Dammy is just specially loved by some… J

Dami, all my life I haven’t met anyone that can be compared to you; your amazingly proportioned ‘breathing equipment’, your ‘chiking’ skills- successful or not, your emotional/relationship life(*winks), indisputable love for yourself, your cool stories, special Dami moments and most interestingly, your lovely friendship. I wish you all the best in life, joy unspeakable and all the blessings God’s promised you. Happy Birthday, Bro.

Tobi Oyelola.


Mere words cannot describe or quantify how grateful I am to God that I met you. You are my best friend and my most annoying friend. You make me happy and angry at the same time. I thank God for the opportunity to celebrate a great mind like yours. You are one in a billion. Everything I want to say to you can’t be put in words, so I’ll say this little prayer: ‘I pray this day that even as God has allowed you to see it, it will mark the beginning of the greatest days of your life. Many will come to the rising of your star. You are blessed in every way’. Happy birthday, mon ami.





Happy Birthday, Mr. Mike Dammy.

You fans and everyone on Damstylee love you so much!

Thank for reading. Please drop your comments and birthday wishes to Mr. MIKE DAMMY.

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Tofunmi Onaolapo


Live • Laugh • Love

Live, Laugh, Love _ Sourced from Google

Live, Laugh, Love _ Sourced from Google

I happened to be in one of the not-so-‘tush’ parts of Lagos-Agege, Oshodi to pick up some stuff recently. I’m not saying if you reside in any of those places you aren’t ‘tush’ but you know, there are different levels of ‘tushness’, compared to them VGC and Banana Island peeps.

Anyway, as I was observing my environment (as I always do), I couldn’t help but notice some guys and girls on their uniform black shirts with all sorts of inscriptions on them, printed in rainbow colors. You know what I’m talking about, unless if you want to pretend…

Okay, for all of you that’ll like to form ‘tush’ and pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Remember those shirts with stuff like ‘MY MONEY GROWS LIKE GRASS’, ‘I FACE-BOOKED YOUR MUM’?… I’m guessing this is the part you’ll say ‘Oh! I know those razz shirts’ to yourself.

In all honesty, I always wonder why they wear those shirts, it just makes me sad. But at the same time, those shirts could be what they can afford so they shouldn’t be judged.

Back to where this article is heading.

There was this particular guy that just stood out despite the fact that he was on the uniform too. There was something about him that kept me staring at him.

Okay, hold your thoughts right there! I wasn’t staring cos he was good-looking of ‘hot’ like those guys on TV with very well tended hair, muscles and thick packs; Far from it folks, far from it. It was the inscription on his shirt that caught my attention.

I kept staring and pondering on what the shirt read. I can almost bet the poor guy thought I had a crush on him or something, because judging from the way he started to stroke his chin and  the very nasty winks he threw in my direction, that was what must have been in his mind. Reality slapped me on the face and I began to walk. Really, action was needed, and very fast at that. I mean, the guy would have walked up to me to start feeding me with lame lines.

I kept walking, meditating on what I had seen on the guy’s shirt but the market women pushing my slim physique from side to side won’t just let me concentrate on my meditation. Making matters worse were all the hausa and ibo market men tugging at my sleeves. In my bid to try to free myself from the grip of those ibo sellers compelling me to buy their ‘okrika’ shoes and bags (hian!), I hit a lady. The first thing I said to her was ‘RISE ABOVE HATE’

She looked like she was about to beat me to pulp with the stern look she gave me.

‘Excuse me?! What do you mean?’ She barked in Yoruba.

‘Oh! I’m so sorry‘ I replied as I continued my trek.



That was what was written on the guy’s shirt. The phrase just got me thinking and in my opinion, everybody in the world needs to know this. We all need to rise way above hate.

It absolutely pisses me off when someone wakes up one morning and decides to hate a fellow human for no just cause, in fact, there is no just cause to hate anyone, seriously! We were created by love. We live and exist by love- God’s unending love, therefore, who are we not to love?!

Love is the only way we can successfully live life. Agape love- that sacrificial love that sees everyone with respect, that treats everybody right. That love that is ever-willing to give and keep giving without restraint.

Rise above hate; Stand on the high platform of love, walk in love and see everybody above their flaws, as though they were perfect. Love everybody perfectly (at least almost perfectly). That’s how God wants us to be. We are in the world to express His love to mankind.

This love doesn’t envy, doesn’t say ‘me first’. It over-looks offenses (I know some people can be very annoying, but love them still…. Love is joyful.

See beauty in everyone and treat people like you would want to be treated. Take note that I said see the beauty INSIDE not outside only.

The funny thing about hate is, it’s the hater that keeps getting hurt. The hated just keeps living life, especially if he/she knows nothing about the other’s hatred towards him.

How to love everybody is a topic for another day as its another lengthy issue but live with the mindset that anything you’re doing to anybody, the same would be done to you, with the same manner, thoughts, gusto or disgust.

So Folks, rise above the mediocrity of hate and live in the excellence of love, because it’s true love that makes you excellent!


Live • LaughLove 

• • •

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Tofunmi Onaolapo



Bravery: Helping


Before I start, just a little note:

I honestly don’t want to be seen as an Aprokoor ‘Ameboafter this post. I’m a writer nau…I’ve got to write what I see…okay almost all I see 🙂

Now to our question for the day;

Do you think you’re brave?

Keep your answer in mind; you might want to change it after this…


• • •

Be Brave_Sourced from Google
Be Brave_Sourced from Google


It happened one fateful night when hunger and fatigue hit me square in the head after a long day. I dragged myself to a joint where edibles are sold in my school (We call the joint ‘BUTTERY’). Anyway, on getting there, the moment the aroma of my favorite toast came in contact with my nostrils, the hunger was sent deep into my soul (I mean it, I could feel the hunger in there). The imagination of the taste and succulence of the toast left me unaware of my surroundings. In my process of imagination, I bumped into a guy who was apparently more tired and hungry that I was. ‘Oh! I’m so sorry’ I said while I got myself back to reality. ‘Never mind, you’ll be alright’ he said and smiled. ‘Why was he so nice?’ I wondered.

We entered into the buttery and bought the last two toasts left standing. While we were settling our change issue with the attendant, two ladies walked in chatting away and talking about how hungry they were and blah. The moment they noticed the empty counter, the disappointment on their faces said it all. The taller and the prettier of the two girls was so close to tears, in fact, I could see the tears well up in her eyes (I really did see it). I guess her situation was worse than that of the guy and I put together. I felt for her but I was by no means interested in sharing my dinner, not with anyone. While my musings were going on in my head, I noticed from the corner of my eye the guy stretch his pack of toast towards the taller lady. I had to turn my whole body to watch the scene.

What was going on here? I asked myself. He handed the toast to her and told her she could have it. She was first of all forming chic but she took it anyway.

I was dumbfounded. I mean, why in the world would He do that? I just came to the conclusion that there were different possible reasons behind his action. He probably had a crush on her, or cos she was pretty or he probably wasn’t that hungry after all.

Like he knew what was going on in my head, as I turned to leave the place, he called me back and said,

“Just so you know it’s not because I have a crush on that pretty lady or because I’m not hungry I gave out my dinner. But because there’s an 80% percent chance I saved a life by this little act. (He calls the act little, really?!). Saving a life is not just by taking a bullet for someone or doing something spectacular, it’s in the littlest acts of kindness. Think on this”

I got back to my room and actually sat down to think about this (that was after my meal though) and then, it dawned on me that the guy had a very big point.

Many of us are more concerned about ourselves than the welfare of others. We’re just usually boxed in and blinded by our situations. We don’t take the time out to look out for a neighbor, a friend. We hold on to everything, even to our care. If only God could open our eyes to see all the frowns and sorrow hidden behind all the fake smiles, the make-up, the finely tailored suits, we would be astonished.

I think its bravery for you to let go of something you love or want so dearly for someone else who needs it more than you do. So if you think you’re brave by only doing something spectacular in danger, you should consider revising your dictionary.

The author of life says ‘freely you have received, freely give’. Freely give care, kindness, goodness and impress joy upon someone’s life. Put a real smile on someone’s face.

Let’s be brave.I was a first-hand witness of bravery and it has a good feeling (from what I saw on the guy’s expression).

Are you ready to be brave?  Are you ready to take the time to ask about someone’s welfare and not just throw a casual ‘hello’ in the person’s face. Are you ready to give out your last resource to see someone smile, a real smile? Are you ready to leave an indelible mark on someone’s heart? Are you ready to break the walls around somebody’s heart?

I’m ready to be brave. You should be too.

I’ll leave you with what the guy I met the other day left with me;

Think on these things


• • •

So we’ll like you to share your comments and opinions.

Honestly, if you were in the shoes of the ‘nice guy’, would you really share, give out your meal or something dear to you?


Thank you for Reading.

Tofunmi Onaolapo


Join the fight against Abuse


My head’s spinning, and I can feel my heart pounding against the walls of my chest. It’s louder and more intense now. I can even hear it and feel it in my stomach. I think my heart just dropped into my stomach!

My hands are shaking uncontrollably, causing the blood-stained knife in my right hand to drip on the freshly polished white tiles.

I remember how it all happened vividly, as clear as day.


It was in the large and empty house with the gateman sleeping in the boys quarters.

I had invited her over so we could settle our feud like mature women we were supposed to be, but I was too furious to be calm.

How could Amanda say such nasty things about me, her best bud? She gathered those monks she called friends and told tales about me, claiming I sent nude pictures of myself to her boyfriend. Me! It’s not as if the boyfriend is handsome sef… with that his enormous head. My rep, my dignity.. all in the gutters.

My head was steaming hot. I walked briskly downstairs to the kitchen with Amanda pleading her cause behind me.

I opened the door to the kitchen and scanned the room. I needed something suitable for the job. My eyes caught a shining knife with a white handle, Perfect!, I thought to myself.

Without any hesitation, or further thought, I went for it, I did it.

Amanda screamed.

I had stabbed mum’s favorite jar of tomato puree, shattering the kitchen counter in the process and even causing mum’s finest and most expensive china to fall to the ground with each one shattering into pieces as it came in contact with the ground. I had to vent my anger somewhere and mum’s jar of tomato puree had to go for it, I couldn’t bring myself to stab Amanda.

But why had she screamed? She had gone back upstairs into the room when I didn’t pay attention to her plea

I raced up the stairs as fast as I could. I got to my room, the door was locked.


A minute passed, I was still banging the door but no response all I could hear was Amanda screaming. It occurred to me that I could get the spare key. So I raced to my mum’s room and rummaged through her safe and found the spare key.

I went back hurriedly to my room and fixed the key into the key hole.

Shit!” I exclaimed. The other key was at the other side of the door. What was I to do? I was by no means a macho woman. I earnestly prayed for a miracle. I tried again and, ‘click’ the door opened.

What I saw startled me and sent shivers down my spine. The gateman I assumed to be asleep was physically abusing my best friend. She was being raped!

I guess the foolish man was too engrossed in his deeds to notice my entry.

I grabbed the knife I had dropped in the floor in my attempt to open the door few minutes ago, and then, I did what I had seen in movies and read in novels over and over again.

I passed the knife with all the energy and force in me, through his back, very close to his spinal cord.

Amanda had passed out, so I watched the disgusting man groan with so much fear and trembling in me until he passed out too.

Even if I was mad at her, I still loved her no matter what and I didn’t mind watching this man’s death.

I grabbed my cell phone and grabbed my mum’s number and in no time, she was here with the police.

“I’m going to jail”, I thought. I was scared to death, but if that was the price I had to pay to save a life, I was ready for jail.


So many things were involved here: anger, abuse, an attempt to save a life.

Physical and sexual have become very rampant in the society in this present day. Funny thing is, females are not the only victims, males also are. I’ve heard of situations where young males were raped. It seems like being gay is what’s trending now and this is very disheartening.

Nobody should be put through abuse. It doesn’t only affect an individual physical but psychologically and mentally as well. We need to fight against abuse of all sorts.

We should avoid getting ourselves into the web of danger. Learning to speak up is very important. When suspicious movements and irregularities are noticed, someone who can help should be alerted- a parent, an older sibling, your religious group.


If by chance you have been a victim of abuse one way or the other, you have to start by forgiving yourself and forgiving the person who abused you.

Trust God to make you clean and whole again and enjoy the rest of your life.


Let’s all fight against abuse today. Look out for a neighbor and help someone in danger (not necessarily killing the culprit).



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Tofunmi Onaolapo