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Christened On Tuesday

12, November 1985

Dan stared at his reflection and smiled at himself. His black hair lay curled on his scalp and some of it covered a scar on the left side of his temple; one of the many souvenirs from his brief stint at the military school back in London. The tough, white, khaki uniform stood on him like it was an extension of his body; his well-toned muscles and abs fitting perfectly in the well ironed shirt. The immaculate naval uniform shone in the morning light that was slowly creeping in through the massive windows in the high head room living room and asides the gold ring on his finger he would have passed off as a single, handsome, well to do Briton.

He stroked his moustache in a circular motion and scanned his chin for stubbles. When he was satisfied there was nothing, he ran the comb in his hand through his hair again and yelled for his wife to hurry. Today was his son’s christening and he wasn’t going to miss it for the world… or go late either. The folks in this part of the world probably had a bad omen attached to attending one’s child’s christening late. They always had one omen or another for every situation.

Just last week; Wale, their Yoruba valet had commented on how their journey to see the United Kingdom ambassador to Nigeria in his office in Victoria Island would be a futile one. He had asked why and the stout man had mentioned something about a bad omen with meeting a person of the same sex first when one was off on an important business or mission.

He laughed the man to scorn and carried on towards VI from his Surulere abode only to find out that the ambassador had left for the airport for a flight to the UK barely thirty minutes before his arrival. He strayed longer in the embassy and emerged later all smiles to the stunned Wale. He however pondered on what the local man said on their journey back home. Maybe omens existed after all and one would probably stand against them if Jane didn’t get her ass down now.

“Darling we’re going to be late.” His voice boomed in the house and after the echoes, all became quiet again. The curtains fluttered lazily as a gentle breeze oozed into the room from the gardens and caressed their light fabric. Dan hesitated for some seconds as he waited for a reply and raced up the stairs taking three steps at once in long strides.

“I’m coming baby.” Jane replied as he scaled the last flight of stairs.

“You said that twenty minutes ago dear.” Dan said, trying desperately to mask his frustration. She laughed and appeared through the master bedroom door in a dashing mauve-blue dress. He halted in his stride and smacked his lips in respite as he let his eyes run a thorough investigation of her body. The short dress delicately stopped some inches above her neat knees and a gentle slit showed those well shaped thighs he always craved.

He saw her grin and traced her line of sight to the bulge forming in his well ironed trouser. She smirked and he wiped the naughty thoughts growing in his head and diverted his gaze to the baby. The sight of the christening gown infuriated him and his face squeezed into a frown.

“What’s with the white dress? Is he supposed to look like a girl for his baptism?”

She laughed and waved him away. “You’ve obviously not seen any christening ceremony.”

He scratched the back of his neck absentmindedly and shifted as she walked past him and down the stairs.

“Actually, no. So that is what they make those poor children wear?”

“My baby looks charming in it.” She retorted. He opened his mouth to say something witty and shut it when she put up her ‘say something stupid first’ look. Accepting defeat, he feigned a smile at her and followed her down the stairs.

“I love this girl.” He uttered under his breath.

“I know, I love her too.” Jane said without looking at him. He started saying something when the front door opened. Both of them froze and Solomon yawned oblivious of the visitors.

“Rose! Mum! Dad!” Dan exclaimed and hurried down the stairs, past Jane and Solomon and towards his once immediate family. Rose smiled and accepted a hug from him. She pecked him gently and released him to greet their parents.

“You guys didn’t write to say you were coming.” Dan said as he hugged his mom and shook his dad’s hand.

“Oh! You expected me to miss my nephew’s christening.” Rose said and took Solomon from Jane’s arms. She exchanged kisses with Jane as Solomon watched; his young mind probably trying to fathom why the only familiar female he knew was kissing a stranger. One that had roughly the same nose he had, only bigger. He stretched out his hand and Rose took it in her palm. She let him wrap his tiny fingers around one of her fingers and the whole house ‘awwed’ in unison.

Dan engaged the older Mr. Grundy in a conversation as the women took turns to make faces at the newest addition into the family. The men slowly got engrossed in watching the women play with the baby and a knock on the door startled them. Dan turned to look at the visitor and gasped.

“The christening! We’re late!”

“Yes sah.” Wale said still standing at the door. “I was just going to tell you that sah.” The young, dark man added.

The family rushed out of the house and took their respective places in the two Peugeot 504 cars parked in the vast compound. Rose joined Jane and the baby in the car Wale was to drive and Dan stayed with his parents in the other ride. They said a brief prayer and drove out of the gate, their destination; The Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina.


* * *


The liturgy was shorter than Dan envisaged. After minutes of pleading, the priest reluctantly agreed to perform the ceremony.

The family watched some pews away as the priest carried Solomon to the font. The baby trashed in his arms, obviously bothered by the unfamiliar hands and finally resorted to crying when the same hands refused to let go. The priest hushed him and smiled warmly in his face. Solomon stopped wailing and watched the ‘strange’ man in the immaculate apparel quietly. The priest took some water in his right hand and sprinkled it on the forehead of the white baby. The chill swept through Solomon’s body and the resounding wails filled the entirety of the cathedral.

A tear ran down Jane’s face and Dan pulled her close in an embrace as the priest completed the rites.

“I baptize you; Solomon Walter Grundy in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

To be continued… Married on Wednesday

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Memoirs of God #2

Memoirs of God by Mae

Memoirs of God by Mae


I apologise sincerely for not posting under the series ‘Memoirs of God’ on Sunday as promised. I have no excuse whatsoever, so please forgive me 😀

Anyways, today’s post was meant for Sunday but still enjoy and be inspired.



I bless God for the gift of another day……

not just another day but a day where I am hale and hearty and surrounded by the people I love and most importantly a day with the most important one, the Holy Spirit. I woke up today with the usual habit of having to drag myself out of bed. I slept quite late even though I knew there church was today………

I woke up to the usual sound of my hall officer’s voice screaming for us to wake up. Well this gist is not the highlight of today’s post…….moving on It slipped my mind already that Sundays are usually the determining points of my week. I went to the service without anything in my heart……..

I could be quite forgetful. I thank God for the best friend I have, he always reminds me one way or another…..and his way of reminding me today was by using my pre-service meeting. I opened up my heart to him during that meeting and told him I was not leaving the service without a touch. This God is just too kind, sweet and faithful…..just when u think all hope is lost, he shows up in the most unpredicted way to answer you.

I had been having issues with my project; I got stuck just at the concluding part. The Holy Spirit had been giving me a nudge to talk to him about it but as we humans are, I chose not to talk to him about it. I just had this thought in my head that really would he be able to help me? Oh how we belittle this awesome fellow Jesus asked his father to give us. Just in this service, like he was talking to me directly from the pulpit with his eyes on me, he said he is about to visit someone concerning her project.

The charge for today’s service was about the anointing.

There’s something about the anointing oil. My chaplain made a statement of truth, ‘it’s only when you get understanding that your life will change’. It struck me there and then that I had heard about the anointing but I dint understanding the mystery behind it. I thank God for today’s service because my God of wonders visited me via his anointing. 1sam16:13 says, ‘so Samuel took the horn of the oil and anointed David in the presence of his brothers, and from that day on the Spirit of the Lord was upon him in power. Samuel then went to Ramah’.

The rhema I got in this service came from this verse. It hit me then that as long as I am anointed and since the anointing carries the spirit of the Lord therefore I carry the Spirit of the Lord. Nothing and absolutely nothing is impossible for me to do and become. There’s absolutely nothing like being in the presence of God and him opening your eyes to the secrets of his kingdom. I forgot to add that the Holy Spirit made me smile today by reminding me that he knows everything.

All we all need to do is ask and he will share with us what he knows. Remain blessed…….xx




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Memoirs of God by MAE

Hello there!

Mike Dammy here :D… But keep calm, do not get your hopes too high, I aint writing this one though… Sad shey.. I know…

Anyway, We on here are introducing a new creative/Inspirational Writer. She would be on here on Sundays and Tuesdays. I would have like to continue my intro but i’ll leave her to do the rest.

So, meet MAE in “Memoirs of God”


Memoirs of God by Mae

Memoirs of God by Mae

Ever felt like you’re alone in your own world. Ever felt like no one would understand no matter how much they tried. Ever felt like something is wrong. Ever felt you haven’t done enough. Ever felt like giving up cause u think you can’t do it, you have given your best already. Ever get this empty feeling like you don’t matter. Ever felt like no matter how much you try it doesn’t get better. Ever felt like losing hope because no matter which way you go it’s not working. Ever felt like you’re not living you just exist. Ever felt like your dreams are more than you. Ever felt like time is running out and nothing is happening. Ever felt like you’re only talking it and never living it.

Well i felt all of these and much more. I felt i didn’t know which way to go cause no matter which way i went i just got stuck. I try my hands on so many things yet none gave me joy. I was confused cause my life no longer made sense to me. It felt like I was losing it and there was no one to turn to. It felt like there was absolutely no one to share this with. It felt like my troubles were eating me up. It felt like i had so many people around yet no one. It felt like everyone was running and I was standing wondering which way to go. It felt like this and it felt like that. I couldn’t even find the words to describe those feelings. They just came and when they did i just felt numb. I felt empty. I felt down. I felt indifferent. I felt lifeless.

All of those emotions and more were things I felt at a stage in my life that I couldn’t explain. I am sure you might be wondering why all of these emotions for a young girl like me.

But then something changed. I no longer feel all of those things. I am now a hundred percent sure that someone cares. Someone greater than my imaginations. Someone my mind cant understand or comprehend. Someone my mind drifts to when i feel all of this. He said to me i will stand by you when no onez there. I will love you till the end of time. It might not seem like it but i am working out something great in you and through you. You are perfect he says. You are the most precious amongst my treasures. The very hairs on your head i know. You are engraved on my palm. I know your very make up. Those days when am down, i lay on my bed cover myself up and have a good cry but at the end i smile cause i know this person cares. I smile knowing there is hope. I smile knowing i have a friend who is greater than even a brother. I smile knowing am not alone.

He didn’t promise that i won’t fall but he said he will be there to catch me when i fall. He dint promise that it will be easy but he said he will be by my side through the tough times. He dint promise me a smooth road but he said he ll carry me through the rough ones. He din’t promise me the whole world but he gave me him, who owns the whole world.

Sometimes i cry at the thought of the love he has for me because i don’t understand it. Sometimes am afraid i can never love him like he loves me. Sometimes am afraid i will always let him down. Sometimes am afraid am not up to the standard.

But at the end i remember, he is not looking for a perfect person, he is not looking for the person who has no wrong, he is not looking for the person who has a hold of everything. All he asks is for a heart to believe him and then trust him. A heart to love him not by itself but by his own love. That’s all he asks.

That He, is God(father, son and spirit) and he is the smile beneath my smile.

My name is Ajayi Mojisola Elizabeth but on here I will go by the name Mae……don’t bother about how I came about the name. It has romance attached to it tho. I will be a regular on here sharing with you my daily experiences with God (the Holy Spirit). I hope an insight into my life will give someone hope to hang on. Remain blessed………xx



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