I’m back!

Hey there! Long time no see. Its being a while that I have posted anything serious. It wasn’t my fault though, exams, projects nd papers were the main culprits.
In the little time I spent away though, I learnt a couple of things that I felt like sharing with you;

1. God loves us and would never fail. This is sure!

2. Procrastination is a devil. Trust me. I learnt this the hard way.

3. Tweeting is a wonderful experience, but when embarked on at the wrong time like during your preparations for your exams or when writing your term paper, it can become a horrible experience.

4. Baseless arguments especially among boys never pay. Whether its concerning football or the newest girl in class, they all end up taking the time that could have been spent doing something more productive.
P.s. They are fun though.

5. Hardwork dosen’t kill. Actually, it does. I always thought it didn’t until I got a severe headache for working too hard and I almost failed an important exam because of that. So, Hardwork can kill. It dosen’t mean you should relax and play o!

6. Placing all your trust in people is not smart at all. Because if and when they disappoint you, just remember I told you so.

7. Girls are the best “best friends” guys can have and vice versa. And wingmen too! 😉

8. When your friend starts a sentence with “No offence”, he or she means one.

9. Life is too short to dwell on useless things.

10. All work and no play makes YOU a dull child. So when you have read and worked your heart out, take time to relax, hang out wit friends, do something fun and refresh yourself.

Thanks for reading, take time to post your comments and see you later!


Don’t miss this OPPORTUNiTY

“Opportunity comes but once”, if you miss it once, you’ll never get it again and willll be miserable for the rest of your life.
How valid is this statement?
I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, it isn’t valid. Opportunities come every time , but in disguises and we are too lazy to know it’s there until it’s gone.
Many teenagers like me dream to be stars in our different professions and specialties. But when we get “little” opportunities to start working towards it, we pass it down and chill for “the Big Break” which in most cases, never come. Rome wasn’t built in a day and even the bible says you should study/work to get approved (2 tim 2:15).
So, YOU reading this post now, opportunies come by these days dressed in suits and office wears, with a briefcase or notepad and until you decide to work and earn it, it will just walk by you and never come back.

Thanks for reading, I hope it will inspire us to work hard. Please drop your comments and share. God bless.